Friday, January 24, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

chiweenie in the snow; cute chiweenie; chiweenie; rescue chiweenie; dog playing in the snow

I breathed a sigh of relief that... finally happened!  My baby girl got her "snow day".
It was the tiniest flurry ever, but produced just enough snow for her to play with.
She got her much desired snow day and we didn't have to deal with any major accumulation.
This is a perfect example of compromise, & all thanks to Mother Nature!

I'm laughing by myself at...
...what I saw while browsing my Google Console dashboard today.  
I look here periodically to see what keywords brought Google searchers to R&W.
The eighth most popular keyword was "Mushy Tushy" and I just can't stop laughing at it.
I'm curious to know why someone would search this term and why it populates my vampire pig.

I got bags under my eyes because...
...I haven't slept in about 8 days all thanks to stress and life choices!
I need to learn to be thankful that I'm fortunate enough to have options.
Then I can just stress about my lack of sleep and ugly dark circles around my eyes.

I did a victory dance when...
...I learned the news that the president of the company I work for and the HR leader were terminated!
Finally they were held accountable for their injustices and poor leadership.
We can only hope that this leads to an improved daily life for the hundreds of thousands of employees.

I'm getting nostalgic every time...
...I see all the movies and shows I grew up with on Disney+.
My daughter put on Flubber, and I got teary eyed.  Then she watched Lizzy Maguire and I cried.

I'm suffering in silence with...
...a sinus infection that's lasted over a month.
An antibiotic and steroid later, and I still can't hear properly!
I won't google my symptoms, I won't google, I really will not google...

I'm feeling a little guilty about... almond milk consumption.  I go through quite a few gallons of it a month because I use it in my coffee.
After reading an article on how almond pollination is killing off honey bees, I feel a little guilty about it.
I'm the last person to sympathize with a bee, but I recognize how much our world depends on them.

I'm sitting here confused at...
...the point of Snap Chat.  My friend asked me to download the app for some low key stalking.
While it was downloaded, I decided to play with it only to find out it has no purpose.
If someone can explain to me the hype, I'm all ears, but for now it's being deactivated.

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. We do ever so lurv it when the big shots go down! Hope you don't get someone ever worse LOL
    Maybe you have a bug in your ear? Google it, google it.... /wickedcackle/... hope it goes away soon.

    1. Especially this one. He was a horrible person to work under. On our last team meeting he was screaming at us "I'm panicking...If I'm panicking, then you all should be panic. Someone let me hear some panic!!". OMG, you just ruined my life with that!! If there's a bug in my ear, I hope I never know about it. Totally freaking out right now...

  2. Don't look now, but I think snow is coming both of our ways. Boo! I hope your new management is a big improvement. I get nostalgic thinking about how cute and sweet Lindsay Lohan was in Parent Trap. I watched that movie so many times with my kids. Oh for crying out loud on the almond thing! I had not heard that. But I do recommend cashew milk. It's thicker and creamier than the almond milk.

    1. We're suffering a down pour right now, but now rain. It's been so warm this week that it's frightening. Yesterday was over 50 degrees on Long Island. Wow, Lindsay Lohan in the parent trap. I remember that..but I mostly remember her from Mean Girls. Love that movie!! I'll have to try some cashew milk. I wonder if they are less hard on the bees.

  3. I remember my dog hated the rain, but she loved the snow.

    1. The sound of the rain hitting the ground hurts their ears.

  4. Great she got some snow. You know, you really could have worms in your ears. That could be why they won't heal. Just saying hahaha.

    I smile as the kiddos watch some of the old cartoons, but no tears. I bet they are looking for more than mushy tushy's. They like big butts and so on haha

    Snap Chat is soooooooooo pointless.

    1. What's with the worms today?! Papa told my daughter "Wake up earlier or you won't get the worm." All day long now she's been saying, "Papa wants me to eat WORMS, but worms have families too..." Ummm lol

    2. lmao early bird does get the worm. I hear they are good protein.

  5. Eek. I didn't know that about almond milk and honey bees. I'll have to plant some wildflowers to make up for my consumption of it.

    I don't get SnapChat either. Had it for a day or two and deleted it. Guess I'm a boomer who just can't get with the times?

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