Friday, January 17, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

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I'm absolutely in love with...
...the new wardrobe that my daughter was gifted for Christmas!
It's such a fun, pretty way to display all of her dress up clothing without ruining the costumes.
It has a bar to hang the costumes, a full length mirror, shoes racks, and extra storage for hats and accessories.
For a double win, my son can inherit her dress up trunk as his new toy box!
We love almost anything that's pretty and results in organization.

I'm totally not feeling... new class this semester.  I'm taking marketing and it's just gross.
Unfortunately, it's a required class for my degree so I just have to grin and bare it.
With only a few classes left until I graduate, all the classes I've been avoiding are now unavoidable.

I was thoroughly disappointed in...
...the new show, The Witcher!  With all the hype, I was expecting something more fabulous.
The show itself was dark, dreary, and filled with disgusting, bug like monsters.
Although, I am hearing that I have to give it more than one episode.  Maybe I'll try again..

I'm still laughing at... husband's face when my father's birthday gift came in the mail.
The look of disgust that crossed his face when he saw it was a handheld vacuum was priceless.
My father doesn't have one making this a very useful and practical gift!

I'm trying to practice what I preach by...
...not having a mental breakdown that my hubby accidentally bleached our show towels in the bathroom.
I'm trying to teach my babies and husband that a hissy fit doesn't solve anything.
Despite my fake smile, I am totally SCREAMING profanities in my head every time I walk past it.

I'm still walking around sulking because... manager quit and I feel like I've been dumped after a long, serious relationship.
I now report up to someone so high that I'm afraid to even speak to them.  Anyone hiring?  Save me!

I can't stop giggling at...
...the young girls and their Jojo Siwa bows!  
They are bigger than their heads, and yet they rock them every chance that they get.
We got one for my daughter for Christmas, and that's the gift she spoke about for weeks!

I find myself thoroughly concerned with...
...the world right now!  Everywhere you look there seems to be gloom and mass destruction.
Australia is burning down.  Iran & the US are playing power games with real people's lives.
Puerto Rico is suffering from unheard of earthquakes.  It's mid January and Winter didn't even say hello yet!
Here's to peace, safety, and health to all of those living including the kangaroos & sunflowers in the world.
We'd also like add a wish for just one teeny, tiny snow flurry this season to make the kiddies happy!

What are your Friday ramblings?


  1. Say what, say what??? I've watched the first episode of Witcher last night and thought it was absolute perfection, the most beautifully done epic show we've seen in decades, from the sets, story, costumes, art direction, to all the small magnificent nuances in acting and Henry Cavill absolutely shines in his utterly convincing portrayal of Geralt. Maybe, people who don't like epic genre shouldn't watch it? Oh, and the music is extraordinary in it, gave me so many goose bumps throughout the episode.

    1. I watched up to the point that the crowd started running to the castle and shut it off. The show wasn’t easy to follow, and with mom brain, I need cheat sheets to understand anything. A friend of mine is obsessed and sent me a timeline. I didn’t even realize I was watching two different points in time until days later when he sent me the chart! We will try it again, this time with no babies around. Does it lighten up?

    2. I don't think it lightens up, I mean Cirilla lost her kingdom and family, and poor little Witcher is hated by the stupid mobs LOL how cheerful can it be?
      I had no difficulty following the storyline, but I did hear some people did, I don't know why, it is fully linear in the first episode, there aren't any time jumps in it, maybe later on. I am watching also Mexico's HERNAN series right now, the one they did with Discovery channel on Hernan Cortes, and that one really is messed up timewise, every scene is in some other time period, showing first the consequence and only then the cause.

    3. Now you completely lost me. The Witcher’s beginning scene and the scenes with the Queen in the castle are happening in the same timeline or different times? Apparently even the chart didn’t help me!

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  2. Marketing 101 was one of my faves, but we had a fantastic professor. I can't imagine enjoying a show needing a timeline. My husband doesn't know how to turn on our washer, dryer, or dishwasher and I'm fine with that. No clue what Jojo Siwa bows are, but I will google it! Happy Friday to you.

    1. But, it requires creativity and coming up with ways to convince people to do stuff they didn’t intend to! I’ll stick to my numbers. :)

  3. lol well a vacuum can be useful. Poor you having your towels bleached. Swearing in your head isn't so nice now, is it?

    The Witcher's first episode was pretty blah, but it gets better after that.

    HATED my marketing class. Never ever want to take another one of those.

    1. I couldn’t take it anymore. I bought a new one plus one extra just in case. Big surprise, right? But, at least I didn’t make him feel bad for a mistake. That’s very nice, right? Of course it is!!

      I’ll try The Witcher again since everyone seems to think it’s worth it.

      Ugh, I’m only a week in and it’s already the worst thing ever!

    2. lol I suppose that is nice of you.

      Yep, that class and economics I absolutely hated.

  4. Trump's people: "America First!"

    Everyone else: "Puerto Rico is in trouble, they're America too."

    Trumpers: "We're going to pretend you didn't say that."

    1. It’s terrible, they’re still people! How can anyone forget that?

  5. I have only heard good things about The Witcher, but someone did say I had to sit down and really pay attention otherwise it would be hard to follow. I'll probably give it a try this summer when I have a little more down time.

    The world does seem to be in shambles right now, but I also try to look for the good, too. If we only focus on the bad, we'll go crazy with worry.


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