Friday, January 10, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

I'm feeling empty and really missing our...
...Christmas decor!  Both the inside and the out have been stripped of it's holiday cheer.
I love my everyday decor, but for that first day or two, it's like our home was stripped to its' core.
I never thought I'd mourn an already dead tree that left a mess of pine needles on the floor daily!

To help ease the pain I...
...put out Valentine's day decor.  In my defense, it isn't much but it makes me smile!
We have the most lovely heart shaped wreathe that does a fabulous job of cheering up the front door.
I also adore my festive spoon rest, dish towels, and decorative mug.  They really brighten up the kitchen.

I'm crying real teal tears because... is my manager's last day at the company I work for.
There goes my only buffer between the evil president of the domain and I.
If I thought things were bad before, they are about the get a hell of a lot worse!

I'm ready to throw some punches at...
...our 9 year old neighbor.  Obviously, I would never actually do it.  That would be assault of a minor.
This bossy little snot decided that she wanted my daughter to play with her instead of the other kids.
When my strong minded daughter held her ground, the neighbor tried to drag her by the coat.
She didn't manage to drag Mushy, but she did make her slam her face into the side mirror of our car.
My daughter didn't want to snitch, but it left a giant bruise less than an inch from her eye ball!
To say I'm fuming is an understatement.  Is it assault to wish a day of diarrhea upon a minor?!

I giggle every time that... baby boy calls his spoon a "boom boom" because it's just so silly!

My new favorite under appreciated product is...
...Febreze vent clip air fresheners in Unstoppables.  With this, my car always smells like fresh laundry.
The smell doesn't fade either.  It's so strong, that under the right circumstances, I can smell it outside the car.

I'm dedicated to...
...healthier eating and more activity to lose some of the holiday weight that I've put on.
I'm vowing to stay away from sugars and to cut back a bit on the carbs. 
It helps that it's soup season because they're great to make on a weekend and to freeze for another day!
All I need to learn now is how to eat the soup without adding tortellini.

I'm totally loving the... play yard that we set up around Christmas time.  The best part is, the kids love it too!
Nanny bought us a colorful 8 panel play yard.  It's almost the size the den giving them restricted freedom.
My aunt gifted them with a beautiful, puzzle mat decorated with the alphabet and numbers as cushion.
My hubby won a 50" 4K TV at our holiday party this year.  This was the ultimate addition to their play yard.
Santa gifted my son with a Fisher Price food stand that he I named "Baby Boy's Taco Stand".
Finally we added some finishing touches with a fabric toy bin, a sleeping bag, and a pillow pet!
Since the addition, I've actually been able to work a little on work from home days and clean on weekends!
This was meant for my one year old, but I think my six year old has taken it over like big sisters tend to do..


  1. I agree. The house feels naked without the decorations. I left out the snowmen for the winter as my blah fix. I don't have many Valentine's Day things. I'll have to get some.
    Just wow about the neighbor girl. I'd be calling some parents to warn them you're teaching your kid to throw a punch. My son was getting bullied at the bus stop and I did the usual protocol and called the school. Nothing changed, so my husband taught him to throw a punch. Always keep your thumb out. That's probably not a popular idea, but I refuse to make my kid a victim by not allowing him to stand up for himself. Sorry about work too. Maybe a new buffer will get hired?

    1. My daughter knows how to throw a punch. I'm surprised that she took it. Then again, my daughter is only 6 years old and average size. The neighbor is more than double her in height and weight. Maybe she got a little scared? I'm trying to teach my daughter to stay away from her, but she listens to everything this girl says! It drives me NUTS.

  2. I don't miss the festive decor as I usually buy something cute to put on the table first thing January :) I currently have three fancy ceramic mice dressed in gold winter jackets with hats on their heads on my coffee table, makes me smile every time I see them :) I've noticed that some of our shops have put out Easter things already even though it is in April, exactly on my Birthday :)

    1. That sounds adorable! Isn't it funny how a tiny little nothing makes us smile when we pass it by? That's how I felt about my vampire pig. lol! It's way too early to put out Easter stuff. That's craziness!! I noticed that Target had a whole display of bathing suits out already. For the love of God, it's only January!

    2. Are they cheaper now? Because I've noticed it is better to buy summer things in the middle of winter, you safe hundreds of bucks :) You have my mice over at Facebook :)

    3. No they are reaaalllyyy expensive. The cheapest time to buy a bathing suit here is around September/October. I remember purchasing one for St. Lucia at the end of August and then exchanging it for the same suit half the price in September.

  3. You're calling Valentine Day a holiday? Hallmark has you suckered lol

    That is great that they are enjoying the play area. A great idea too.

    Wishing the runs on a brat kid for a day isn't so bad, but you should let the parents know you aren't going to put up with that crap if it keeps coming.

    Maybe you'll get a new boss that is just as good, haha yeah right, or you could become the boss.

    1. lol It's absolutely a holiday! In fact, it's the only day a year that my husband will take me out. :) Ok, so I'm exaggerating. He takes me out twice a year, but still. Yea, the next time it happens I'm going to knock on her parent's door. For now, we'll wish diarrhea upon her. Not too sure about the boss, but I'll try to remain positive!

    2. haha I'll let you pretend that it is a holiday.

  4. I have my winter decor out which involves various snowmen. I've seen those food truck/stand toys and they crack me up! Boom boom is cute. My grandson calls applesauce 'Apple sops' which always makes me laugh.

    1. I hunted high and low for a Winter wreath, and then decided I'd just take out the Valentine's day one. It will be here before we know it anyways. Love the "apple sops". Too cute!

  5. I would be furious about the bruise on your daughter's face. We kept up Carol's gold-decorated Christmas tree in the back of the house and, of course, the nativity scene she gave me is still on the dining room table. I miss the lights when Christmas is packed away.


    1. Oh I was, although my daughter didn’t even want to tell me about it. She tried to stand her ground but the girl pulled her by the coat. She’s twice her size bc she’s so much older. Then she has the huevos yesterday to ask to play in my house yesterday. Uh no, buh bye!!

  6. I hate how bare the house feels when we take down the holiday decor. I also immediately put up Valentine's decorations so it doesn't feel so empty.

    Sorry your daughter has to deal with a neighborhood bully. There was only one girl in our neighborhood that was similar in age to my girls, so she was all they had to play with. Thankfully, they all got along. I can't imagine how pissed I would be had she caused bruising on one of my girls though!

    1. It's a good decor transition b/c it's not enough to really miss once it comes down.

  7. Replies
    1. right? The worst is when they realize they're saying it wrong and then it disappears forever.. :(


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