Friday, January 3, 2020

Life: Friday Ramblings

I'm anxiously awaiting the results of...
...our office's gingerbread competition.  Winner gets a $75 gift card, and I want to win!
I was all excited for my submission until evil people started telling me how horrifying mine was.
It's a little gingerbread girl with pig tails, how horrifying can that be?

I'm wondering... many people tip their garbage men and mailmen for the holidays?
A friend of ours took a quick poll at a party and I was left real surprised at the results.

I'm really frustrated and down right pissed that...
...I worked my butt off all year long only to get an annual increase of 1.5%.
That raise came hand in hand with a stellar review and a final rating of Exceeds Expectations.
It also comes with news that I'm up for a big promotion from area manager to regional manager.
All I know is, I'm done working late nights, weekends, and extended days with 60-80 HR workweeks.
I'm done traveling weekly, sitting in hours of traffic, and missing precious time with my family.
Now, before you call me a brat, remember this
I've been in my role (3) years and am still $40K below starting salary...
& my manager openly admits it!

I'm laughing and a little depressed at... hubby and I's most recent acknowledgement of our older age!
My daughter's been all about The Descendants and idolizes the characters.
While she's looking at the main characters, I'm all about the main character's dad!
Hubby to me - "You know we're getting old when we're checking out the parents."
We laughed pretty hard at that realization and then sighed just a little bit harder.

We had an absolute blast at...
...the holiday light show at the Bronx Zoo!  At first I didn't want to go, but it was so worth it.
It was beautifully decorated, had a lovely electronic show on the tree, and was full of activities.
We rode on a train, made S'mores, went down a giant slide made of ice, and took a ride on the carousel.

I never realized that I am a...
...real life coffee connoisseur!
Two weeks in a row we bought the wrong flavor.
I didn't realize the packaging was off, but I definitely noticed the bad taste!
Maybe this could be my next big career move?!  I think, YES!

I got scared to death when... hearing suddenly muffled severely on Christmas Eve.
The day after Christmas, I ran to the doctor to have my ear's checked since it was getting worse.
Turns out my ear pressure was off so bad that my doctor was surprised my ear drum didn't burst!
To add insult to injury, I'm not even sick.  The doctor attributes it to allergies.
For reference, normal pressure is 20.  My left ear was at 180 and my right ear was at 115.

I'm in utter amazement that... son at 18 months and 5 days of age did his first tinkle on the potty!
We were laying in bed when he exclaimed "pee pee" clearly.  At first I couldn't believe it, but he insisted.
We ran to the bathroom, removed his diaper, and he did it!  My baby boy went pee pee on the potty!!
I screamed and shouted with praise.  He was clapping hands and had pride written all over his little face.
Well, he really peed on my leg because mommy forgot boy parts are a little different.  & I still clapped..


  1. So you ruin gingerbread like you ruin Christmas trees? :))) We shall call you Jaxie the Ruiner :) I just read a Gingerbread recipe at Blogger which takes four weeks to make!
    I don't usually tip anyone, I'm cheap like that! And our postmen are ebil!
    Ewww, hope your ear is better, sounds very scary. I once did not hear for two days, turned out I had earwax plugging my ear, it was such delight when the doctor pulled it out with a pincer!

    1. I guess this means that you're in agreement with the others. :( I think it's the fruit loop eyes that makes into the ugly duckling of gingerbread men..

      We throw all sorts of things away that probably shouldn't be. That help is a little incentive for them to take it away anyways. lol @ the evil mailmen.. What ever did they do to you?!
      I can hear a little better, but I still hear the running water sound in my ear if I turn the wrong way. The medicine finished yesterday so that's a little concerning. :(

    2. I don't see the photo in the post, for some reason your posts sometime have invisible photos and no titles LOL

      For example, my ebil postman decided today that he doesn't feel like carrying parcels around so he just dropped me a note that I wasn't home (even though I was) and that I can pick up sister Theresa's parcel myself at the local post office. What is the point of postage if I have to venture outside on subzero temps to pick up the parcel? One of these days I will get that postman fired like I did with the previous one.

    3. So he’s evil and lazy!! I wouldn’t leave him a tip either..

  2. No tipping here. I don't think we have a 'regular' mailman and our trash collection is through the city, which I don't think you are supposed to tip city employees. 1.5% seems to be the going rate for raises the past 20 years! Extremely sad!

    1. Our garbage men are through the town also, but we tip anyways b/c they take away those large, bulky items that they shouldn't. I hate to complain when I know that 1.5% is the going rate.. but three years ago I accepted this position way under the starting rate with the agreement that every 6 months I would get 20% until that gap was filled. It's been three years and I've only seen ONE 20% increase.. well, now you can say 21.5% increase!

  3. Nothing like a little pee on your leg! :) Congratulations on your baby boy reaching such a milestone. Diapers will be a thing of the past before you know it!

    I don't tip, per se. My mailman gets a gift card and I leave a tray of water and goodies at my front door from mid November through the week after Christmas for the drivers. I get so much stuff online, delivery guys are forever at my door. This year, hubby and I decided we'll put a mini-cooler out with water during the summer because the one thing that was gone every single day was the water. I thought it would be the chips and snacks but nope, they always had something left over, but the water was always gone.

    Good luck winning your competition!!


    1. He has since pooped on the potty, TWICE. He's way too young for potty training, but I'm not complaining! If he wants to go on the potty, all the power to him. :)

      That's such a nice gesture. I wouldn't expect anything less from you. I bet they take extra care of your packages!

  4. 1.5%... Say it ain't so. Okay, give me the address and I'll have my cousin Vinny take care of business.

    Happy New Year!!!!

    1. Yup!! I don’t even want a raise, I’ll be satisfied with my starting salary after 3 years.. haha

      Happy new year!

  5. I can't even remember the potty training days. I guess that's a good thing.

  6. hahahaha still funny that you got peed on, more so because you didn't know how to aim. Maybe he'll be potty trained sooner than you think.

    Pathetic how your boss admits it and then does nothing about it. I'd say screw it to the extras too.

    I don't think you'll win lol

    I know a few that tip the mail lady, none for garbage men though. Old age hits us all. You are now a 30 year old fart. Right? hahaha

    1. So you’d rather tip the mail man than the garbage man? Oh no, I’m all for the garbage men first so they take my spring cleaning and landscaping garbage.

      A 30 year old fart? Now that wasn’t very nice to say!!

    2. Hey I don't tip either. Equal opportunity non tipper lol

  7. I used to mail our postman a tip at the holidays. He was here for the first 8 years that we lived here. Watched my girls and puppies grow. He moved 2 years ago and now I don't even know who our postal carrier is. They rotate them out so I don't think we even have a regular one.

    Ouch on the ear! :(

    Hurry for the start of pottying on the potty. I am so happy we are past that stage because it can be really trying!

    1. He surprised me when he asked me to go on the potty. My daughter was torturous to potty train so this was a nice little surprise.. and with the price of diapers, it’s very welcomed!

    2. My daughter will be 21 in June, but I still like to remind her it was Dora the Explorer that motivated her to pee on the pot. When she got her sticker chart filled (a sticker every time she went on the potty) she got a new Dora doll.

      That's wonderful that he's asking to go. Sounds like he might be smooth sailing as far as training goes.


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