Wednesday, January 15, 2020

A detailed & Honest review of Disney on Ice presents Dream Big!

This past weekend, we surprised our daughter with tickets to see Disney on Ice.  This performance was called Dream Big which is a fitting title with the show's main theme of courage.  It encompassed a lovely mix of different Disney classics all centered around the main theme.  We sang.  We danced.  ...& we had a ball trying to guess which story was next!  It was a welcomed experience to break up the dead of Winter.

a honest and detailed review of disney on ice

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Review of Disney on Ice

We purchased our tickets from Groupon at a very reasonable price.  The tickets were $20 per person including all taxes and fees.  The baby boy was free at 18 months old.  While the tickets were a bargain, everything past the entrance point was disgustingly priced.

In typical Disney fashion, everything was magically displayed and enticing.  I mean, I'm a full grown adult and I wanted to eat the unhealthy snacks and snuggle a stuffed princess!  The stuffed animals were $35+.  The Minnie and Mickey ears were $25+.  A bubble wand was $35+.  The popcorn, snow cones, and cotton candy were just as pricey!  Naturally, my kiddies wanted all of it.  We settled on a Cinderella necklace for my daughter and a Mickey Mouse bubble wand for my son.  Both items combined were more expensive than our tickets, but they did come with a 2 year warranty which was a pleasant surprise.  My FIL had me rolling when he said the bubble wand had more of a warranty than his new fridge!

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In addition to the overpriced souvenirs, there were overpriced photographers stationed everywhere.  We were looking for the typical "Disney on Ice" sign to take a picture with, but none could be found.  If you wanted to take a picture to remember the day, you'd have to do so with their photographers for a crazy fee.   Instead, we took a picture in front of the vendor selling their million dollar snow cones!  Do you think they were stationed in front of these windows to purposely ruin our sneaky pics?!

I may have been a little turned off by their cruel ingenious marketing, but the show itself was great!  We knew our daughter would be in her glory, but I never expected my son to love it as much as he did.  He was dancing, singing, pointing, and screaming in shock at every new face that joined the stage.  He must have screamed the words mommy and mickey about 2,000 times!

Idea:  Go prepared to the show with this 3-pack light up toy so that you won't feel the need to dig into your pockets and spend a week's pay on a similar toy for your child to wave around at the show.

We were told by different people that my daughter (6 yrs) was too old and my son (18 mos) was too young.  This was complete nonsense as they both had a blast in their own way.  My in laws never saw some of the Disney movies that were depicted in the show, and they even enjoyed it.  I guess what I'm trying to say is, this was enjoyable for everyone and of all ages!

When I was younger, we would see Disney on Ice every year around the same time.  Those shows were a reenactment of one movie in particular.  This performance was nothing like that at all.

In Dream Big, each Disney classic had their own limited stage time to tell their story of courage.  Their story was told through mostly song and choreography, but some narration as well.  In between skits, Mickey & Minnie would come out to introduce the next act.  There was some comic relief with a special appearance from Goofy and some magic with a special appearance from Tinker Bell.

I would highly recommend Disney on Ice presents Dream Big as one time experience.
..just don't let the good prices fool you into leaving your extra cash at home..

Idea:  Go to the show prepared with this Cinderella bubble wand instead of being guilted into spending double at the show.

Have you ever seen a show on ice?


  1. Disney is such a bitch, they're milking everything for monies as if they don't have enough already, I mean they own every cinema in USA and all possible franchises. Such vile tyrants they've become, Walt is turning in his criochamber :)

    1. I love everything Disney, but I have to agree with you on the scams. Everything is so overpriced that it's become unfair.

  2. That's how they get you. Give the tickets cheap and jack up the other prices haha How Disney makes real money with all their movies too. Toy sales. A 2 year warranty on a bubble wand though? lol must be one good bubble wand.

    Enjoying it is the key though. Great all had a blast. No pics show though on the blog, just fyi.

    1. Oh, it was robbery! I couldn't believe the prices on these things. Then they tell you "Make sure to come an hour early." Um, why? So that the kiddies have plenty of time to beg for souvenirs? While that all sucked, what REALLY got me was the scam of the pictures! We always took a picture in front of the show banner as our own personal little souvenir. We've been doing that since I was a little kid. Now they gate off the banners and put a professional photographer there. If you want a picture with the banner, cough up a minimum of $25 for it! Unreal.

    2. Gotta love how they suck you dry after the reel you in.

    3. Yup & noted. My hubby in a small attempt to retaliate said "we're bringing reusable water bottles to Disney in May!" It sounds silly, but in all fairness, we would probably save the same amount that we spent on souvenirs last week.

  3. We took our kids a few times and always enjoyed it. How in the world is 6 years old too old??? That's ridiculous!

    1. I thought so too, but my mom was insisting that my daughter grew out of it. No way! She really enjoyed it. My almost 50 year old MIL even enjoyed it.

  4. I've always wanted to go to Disney on Ice. I'd surely hope on it if I could find $20 tickets here!

    Disney is genius. Reel you in with cheap seats, make a killing on food and souvenirs.

    1. It was cute, and enjoyable even for us older folks. They were purchased through Groupon.

  5. I'm glad the kids had a blast. It must have been so much fun to watch them watch the show. How cool!


  6. Everything past the entrance point was disgustingly priced... I KNEW it! That's so darn depressing. I mean, why does it have to be so expensive? I'd be more that a little turned off. Good to hear the show was great, though.

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