Monday, December 9, 2019

List: Ten rules to remember before purchasing a gift.

With the holidays in view, it's time to to talk about the inevitable exchanging of gifts.  They are meant to be lighthearted and fun.  It's not a competition for the best or most expensive gift.  Let's all repeat that together.  Gift exchanges are not a competition.  Good!  Let's say it one more time..  To help keep it lighthearted and fun, I developed a set of rules that I try to follow when shopping for others.

ten rules for giving someone a gift

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Ten rules to remember when buying a gift.

1.  Keep the value of the gift to a reasonable amount.
There have been so many times that I suffered gift guilt when receiving an extravagant present.  Chances are the person exchanging gifts with you is going to keep the value reasonable.  Remember the important gift giving rule to not embarrass them by going overboard, even if the purchase price was a great deal.

2.  Check with parents before a questionable purchase.
Not all parents are OK with their kids getting an electronic or something with internet.  I'm on team #imagination.  Flash back to the time grandma had to return that ipad gift...  Parents may not want a giant jungle gym to take over their entire living room either.  Others may not be OK with a game that revolves around dog poop, literally.  If you remember one rule, make it this one.  Ask before you give because kids will want it.

3.  Remember that this gift isn't for you.
Growing up, it wasn't uncommon for my mom to buy my father something that she wanted.  One Christmas he was gifted the weather vane she wanted and a new set of silverware.  He finally told her that going forward he was going to buy himself gifts to give to her.  The bottom line is, don't make the gift about you.  It's about the receiver.

4.  Keep the gift age appropriate.
This is a great gift giving rule to remember when purchasing for children.  Always mind the ages listed on the box.  While that's true, it also applies to adults.  Keep in mind the age of the person you're buying for.  Don't go buying granny booty shorts or your teenage niece wrinkle cream.

5.  Research a gift before you purchase it.
Sometimes we buy things because they're popular without really knowing what it is.  You should become informed before investing into any type of purchase, including a gift.  Flash back to the year someone accidentally bought their very young cousin Fifty Shades of Grey...  Remember that electronics should be compatible, some things are inappropriate, and others are of poor taste. 

6.  Always have a spare gift on hand.
Every year I make sure that I buy one or two small gifts and keep them on the side.  I try to make them timeless and appropriate for anyone, such as a candle or hot sauce sampler.  You never know when someone will surprise you with a gift, so remember the rule to always be prepared!

7.  Don't buy something that can be insulting.
You'll want to avoid super personal items like soap, deodorant, breath fresheners, or weight loss items.  Never, ever buy self-help books or anything motivational to change someone into your ideal person.  The last thing you want to do is make someone feel bad about themselves with a passive aggressive act.  If you care enough about them to exchange gifts, speak to them directly about the potential issue.

Idea:  If you absolutely insist on giving the gift of cleanliness, try something a little impersonal like this set so that no one gets insulted.

8.  Do opt for something sentimental.
While we appreciate the scarf, a sentimental gift is usually a guaranteed win.  A gift that is specially designed for them is definitely going to make them smile.  It could be a favorite sports team, gear from their favorite show, or a nudge to an inside joke.  Whatever it is, remember the golden gifting rule to choose sentiment over extravagance.

Idea:  An easy way to make a gift sentimental is to personalize it.  It doesn't have to be expensive or luxurious.  The fact that it's sentimental will outweigh that.  Click here for the best deals on personalized gifts through Snapfish.

9.  Don't buy someone life long investments.
Unless the person you're buying for handpicked out the item, don't purchase "lifers" for them.  This includes furniture, appliances, or anything that you wouldn't want someone else to pick for you.  I remember when my in laws bought a dining room table.  We appreciated the thought, but it was horrid.

10.  When all else fails, get a good bottle of wine.
Sometimes you just have no idea what to get that coworker, distant family member, or friend.  That's when you should visit your local liquor store and ask for a good bottle under $25.  If the person doesn't drink, then may I suggest a box of the gooiest brownies one can find!

Idea:  If that bottle of wine isn't enough, trying gifting it with this gorgeous accessory.  Every bottle of wine after yours will be thanking you for the considerate thought.

What rules do you follow?


  1. Very true. You should check before buying huge items or things like that and things that are there for a long time, best to let the person get that themselves. But money towards such things is fine by me lol Insulting? I think the cat failed that years ago with his dirty gifts.

    1. Yes!! It’s a great gesture but can lead to very awkward situations. Lol, yea, your zebra thongs. Did you check out pimple Pete for the bambinos?

    2. Yeah, looks like a fun one, but they are still kinda at the stage where they would rather poke the head with fingers or just knock it over lol

  2. It's always nice to remember the rules when it comes to purchasing gifts. I will take notes for sure. :)

  3. I've never got an extravagant gift in my life LOL even my mother used to buy me a small box of biscuits as the sole present for birthdays :) My late father once gave me $50 for birthday and that was the only time he ever gave me a present and also the most I've ever got and it was probably because my mom was in hospital so he felt he needed to do it instead of her. During Christmas I'd buy all of them up to ten presents and put them out for them on Christmas morning only to find out nobody remembered to buy me anything :) That is my poor Oliver Twist story for today heheheh.....

    I'm the best in buying presents as I always try to find something you will really love or use or even something that will upgrade your life. I wanted to buy my sister Theresa an Advent calendar with 20 cute little earrings for each day till Christmas this year, but I couldn't get it on time and I had to send her Christmas parcel a month ahead due to postal delays etc so I stuffed a dozen of boxes of teas for her because I knew tea makes her happy and gives her those ten minutes of tranquillity each day and I think she needs that.

    1. You’re always so thoughtful. I love when people put effort into a gift. It’s not about the money but about the thought which is why I stay away from gift cards! They scream I’m obligated to get you something, but you weren’t worth the effort. Theresa must love that, you guys are so cute!! Why is there such a delay in mail? Is it the same delay to receive or just send?

    2. How lovely Dezzy ♥ You know I am utterly upset at how slow the postal service is and their latest trick, and now you will receive this year's Christmas gift late :( I will start mailing your in October and you can hold it until December if it should happen to arrive early from here on out.

    3. It is the same both ways, Jax :) Theresa sent her gift last year in December and it arrived here at Valentines LOL and I usually have to send her parcels a month or even more ahead in order for them to reach her for her Bday at Christmas :) Our postal service is, on top of it all, currently again on strike, so it is a highly unpredictable business :) And it is also extremely expensive, you would not believe how much Theresa and I have to pay for postage! It is usually three times the amount of what is inside :)

  4. These are wonderful suggestions! My in-laws would always buy me clothes, which I would always have to return due to style or size. It was a hassle with little kids. For some reason, they would buy me petites even though I'm 5'8!!!

    I just bought a multi-pack of grinder seasonings to give out as emergency gifts!

    1. Too funny! I always wondered why people buy clothes without knowing or asking a size. That’s a great emergency gift idea!

  5. People are getting so lazy with letting me know what they want for Christmas. Everyone I asked had a specific "gift card" request. I miss the days of buying actual gifts and wrapping them and putting them under the tree. My oldest has her own apartment, so I got her a gift card to share with her boyfriend since they want apartment stuff, but want to pick it out themselves. My nieces and nephews all want gaming gift cards. I did buy off the angel tree for a tween girl and that was fun. My youngest daughter has all of her wish list items on Pinterest, so there will be gifts under the tree at least for her this year. Of course, Jason and I will exchange a few small things, but now that the kids are older, I guess I'm just not feeling the joy like I did when they were smaller and still believed in the magic of the season like I used to. I think next year I'm ditching everyone and will spend the holidays on the beach in Hawaii instead LOL.

  6. I really enjoyed reading this post becausde I find that is super useful darling

  7. I get Daisy something reasonable that she wants plus some others. Everyone else, oh boy is that fun.

  8. You have a good list of rules. They're similar to mine. I buy very few gifts these days. I tend to stick with popcorn treats, cookies, and gift cards.


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