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List: Holiday gift ideas for your friends and family.

The holidays can be stressful between finances and a serious case of FOMO.
While that's true, the most stress can be in finding the perfect gift for everyone.
I like to give unique, thoughtful, and inexpensive gifts to my closest family and friends.
Year after year that task can become daunting if you wait until the last minute to prepare.

The best way to prepare is to always aware and open to ideas.
I love to window shop and browse local festivals for unique finds.
Throughout the year, I take mental notes on other people's wish list.
Clearance shopping at my favorite stores have also brought me some success.
When all else fails, I go to my favorite online catalogs for some inspiration.
Even still, sometimes my mind goes blank and I have no clue what to get someone.
That's when I rely on other's to give me some great ideas to work with.
...and here I am to be your "other" and supply you with some gift-spiration...

Holiday gift ideas for everyone on your list.

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When I saw this displayed at the book store, I immediately though of my sister in law.
She loves Trader Joe's and is always stumbling across a new product to rave about.
This gift is perfect for your Trader Joe's lover or any organic food junky looking for new recipes.

This gift is festive, practical, and absolutely perfect in every way.
...also, I want one, please...

Those of you that know me know that I have a thing for cookie jars.
Themed cookie jars are practical for storing goodies, great conversation pieces, and a way to get festive.

This idea is gold for the person who loves to entertain and host dinner parties.
The beverage dispenser can be used for something as simple as lemon water or a complicated punch.
Tip- For something extra, fill the dispenser with all the makings of a yummy sangria!

At first glance you may think this is a completely lame gift idea.
Then you'll think of that one person who is obsessed with dental hygiene and the light bulb will glow!

This is a cute way to get the proud nerd on your list something practical.
I can think of several Guardians of the Galaxy fans that would not only love this, but use this
Although, their living partners may not be as happy with it...Luckily, it's just as useful outside!

This is a must read for the book lover on your gift list.
It's a historical fiction novel that will make you laugh, cry, and cheer out loud.
Tip- For something extra, gift it with festive book ends and a book mark.

I'm not a huge fan of single cup coffee makers but they have become overwhelmingly popular.
I mean, how healthy could boiling water filtering through plastic be?  No thanks.
For the K-Cup lover, a pretty and functional place to store all their coffee pods may be ideal!

As a fellow Disney lover, I would completely swoon over this thoughtful gift.
It's gorgeous, festive, completely functional, and would make anyone smile seeing it hung on the tree!

Cologne can be a very personal and expensive gift choice.
This sampler set may be a reasonably priced work around to the dreaded cologne gift.
Not to mention the juniper and sandalwood scent is absolutely perfect.  Gentleman, spray with caution!

Almost everyone loves a great family game to enjoy at game night or during a family gathering.
This twist on a classic game is bound to get the approval of everyone old and young.
Not to mention the laughs...because you will laugh at those real bad drawings!

The baby shark lovers in your life are bound to get a kick out of this decoration!
The kiddies get so many toys during the holidays that it's appreciated when you think outside of the box.

What are your favorite gift ideas this year?


  1. I think I will give my son the gift of allowing him to mow my yard.


    1. I think that's more of a gift for you then him. Does he at least get to keep the lawn mower?

    2. The lawn mower is his, but it's in my garage. He doesn't have to mow where he lives.

  2. The groot pot is a neat idea, never knew that existed. Can't go wrong with a Disney ornament too. And yeah, my drawings would get made fun of as they are completely awful.

    1. I thought it was cute, but then pictured it in my home and was like nahhh.. but it would look cute outside hidden beneath some bushes. LOL Pictionary Air has to be lots of fun. I got it for Luciana and can only imagine how we will laugh with this one.

    2. lol resorting to hiding it under bushes. Geez. It would go great next to that vampire pig thing you got hahaha

    3. LOL Are you comparing my vampire pig to the Groot pot? They are totally not comparable.

  3. I only like cologne samples from this list, deary, if they are good, that is LOL which is rarely the case as all of men's colognes tend to smell the same to me. When I get such colognes I usually spritz the spongy filters in my vacuum cleaner with them LOL not myself.

    1. I'm very fussy with men's cologne. Anything too strong really turns me off. I'm laughing at the vacuum filter comment because I caught my husband doing this as well. It must be a man's thing to do!

    2. It could mean that you gave him a cologne he did not like so he is trying to spritz it somewhere other than himself LOL I prefer fruity smells, I like to smell like lemons, oranges, bananas, cherries, berries, makes me more edible and irresistible :)

    3. In my defense, I have never bought him a cologne before. I'm not a fan of most men's colognes. But, his step mom loves to get him very strong colognes that make me want to gag. ughhhhh I am a fan of Armani Aqua Di Gio. Have you smelled it?

  4. I love all your ideas! So unique. I'm headed to Trader Joe's on Friday. It's not close, so we only make it about 4x/year. I like to give 2 of my kids big baskets full of interesting food items, so TJ is the last place I hit for extras.

    I think the most unique gift I found this year was a Cleveland Indians doormat for my son-in-law, who is a big fan. Nice score from Home Goods!

    1. I got the Trader Joe's book for my SIL and I love it so much that I ended up taking pictures of a few pages for myself. Love the interesting food items idea for a gift. That sounds like a lot of fun and something will definitely get used. Don't you love a gift that's just as fun to put together as it is to use?

  5. Such lovely suggestions. For me, you can never go wrong getting me something to do with tea (my favorite tea, a new mug, etc) or chocolate. When I steal a few minutes to myself, I always like to treat myself to a hot tea and a little nibble of something sweet.

    1. That sounds lovely! I am all about foodie gifts. :)

  6. Oh thanks for share so good ideas darling


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