Friday, December 27, 2019

Life: Friday Ramblings

I am completely and totally obsessed with...
...the sibling bond that has developed between these two kiddies.
They rarely fight, but when they do, it ends in voluntary hugs and kisses.
Pictured here is my son leaping to his death and my daughter reacting concurrently saving him!
This isn't the first time that she's saved his life.  He's a bit of a daredevil and she's a bit maternal.

I am clapping my hands with joy at...
...the fact that we got babies!!  Well, baby lemons, that is!!

I'm left a little depressed that...
...a year's worth of Christmas prep and the day is over in just a blink of an eye.
As much as I say that I'm going to slow down, I'm having a real hard time learning the art.
Can someone make me an organized, ten step list on the art of enjoying life?  Thanks!

I'm a little disappointed that... Christmas tree died almost immediately.
We paid double the average price of a Christmas tree because we wanted to support a local business.
Well, that's the last time that we do that since this is the second year in a row it died prematurely.  Costco it is!

I'm freaking out because... son has been diagnosed with RSV again.  He gets a new lung infection every month.
We went to a new doctor for a second opinion, and she dropped a bomb on us with the word "asthma".
She said it could take (6) months for her to fully diagnose, but I hate the idea of my baby boy suffering.
Here's where we go for a third opinion because pediatricians just don't seem to care anymore!

I'm trying to enjoy...
...the two week break in between classes.  I enjoyed Corporate Finance but am ready for the next class.

My face drops in defeat every time...
...I realize that I forgot to drink my coffee and it's been so long that the coffee pot shut off!
For the record, I started this post with a full, hot cup of coffee.  Now I just have a full, cold cup and sadness.

I'm kind of angry at the entire world because... one ever told me about Google photos!
I've been backing up all of my pictures & videos to Facebook thanks to being free & convenient.
Unfortunately, this method was at the cost of quality.  All my pics & vids were left blurry.
Google photos doesn't make you sacrifice quality for free, UNLIMITED storage.
You can also create "shareable" albums with family and friends.
They also have a great search feature because the app magically knows everything about what's uploaded.
If you knew about this and didn't tell me, don't worry because I forgive you!  Maybe..


  1. So you are a killer of Christmas trees? What a nice addition to your resume :) Those baby lemons should be afraid, very afraid. We have lemons currently too, they're still light green, will be yellow somewhere in February methinks.
    I use Google Drive for storing my work online.

    1. It wasn't me!! I'm pretty sure the nursery sold me a dead tree, two years in a row. Now, if the tree from Costco dies next year, then you can blame me. :)

      How long after flowering did you get lemons? I thought my baby lemons were lemons, until then blossomed into a flower yesterday. :(

      How do you like Google drive? I'm so upset that I haven't used this in the past!

    2. Our lemon is constantly flowering, even now while it has fruit it also has fresh new flowers too, we keep it in a cold room, but it takes many months after the fruit appears for it to turn yellow, we kept it outside throughout summer and spring.

      Google Drive is very basic but it is nice to know that if your computer crashes, God forbid, you can save documents over there.

    3. Oh really? And here I am thinking we'd have fresh lemon bars in a few weeks. :)

  2. Typically the smaller a place, the worse quality you get.

    1. I was hoping it would be the opposite, especially since supporting local businesses seems to be the right thing to do.

  3. I'm embarrassed to admit how many times I microwave one cup of coffee or tea. Thankfully I've noticed many brands of tea no longer have the little metal staple on the tag anymore!

    1. lol!! Your comment just made me look at my half drank cup of coffee and sigh. It must be a women thing. :)

  4. Google Drive isn't bad, but I don't use it. As all it would take is for someone to hack it and then they'd have it all. Although who would really hack the average person, who knows, but they do.

    Great that she looks out for him indeed. Stinks on the Dr. and asthma maybe. Drs. don't really give a crap these days anyway. Either "you're normal" "nothing I can do" "I don't know what that is" or "come back in 6 months if it gets worse" Pfffffffffffffffft.

    1. Oh, and just think. You can spend all next year preparing for next christmas. So it isn't so bad it is gone fast lol

    2. I didn’t realize it was so hackable... well if someone wants my babies pictures so bad, I guess they can hack away.. lol! I mean, they could just ask! I love to share pictures of my little bambinos.

      I think you’re right, it’s time to start preparing for next year. I’ll get my list together. :)

  5. Your Costco sells trees? Ours no longer sells them because they said that the quality is terrible and they lost money on them. We bought ours from Lowes this year and it held up amazingly well with hardly any needles falling off.

    It's not just pediatricians that don't care. It took almost 10 years for someone to listen to me about my stomach pains and by the time they figured out it was my gallbladder, the surgeon said it was the worst one he'd ever removed from a body. Also, when I told my family physician that I was passing blood in my stool (sorry if it's tmi!) he told me that I "must have had some kool aid that was red because you're too young to have anything wrong with you." Turns out, I've been high risk for colon cancer since I was 24 years old. Yes, that's young for it, but not unheard of. Some doctors just suck. I'm sorry your baby is suffering right now, but you are right to go for a 3rd, 4th, 5th, 10th opinion. Don't stop until you get him some satisfactory answers!

    1. Our Costco does and so many people swear by them! I’ll have to test it out next year and let you know how we do.

      I’m so sorry you have to go through that! Doctors suck these days. They always blow things off instead of being proactive which is not the way. I hope you didn’t actually have colon cancer! My mother has been through the ringer with doctors. She blames them for her becoming a cripple. Instead of finding answers, they just kept perscribing high dose steroids. Two adrenals glands and “dead” shoulder bones later, they finally agreed that it isn’t the answer.

    2. You are so right about doctors tossing pain killers, steroids and such at the problem instead of trying to find a cure. It's so frustrating when you just want to feel better and instead get a temporary fix.

      No, it wasn't cancer, though I do have to see the colon cancer doctor for a scope once a year since my illness puts me in the high risk category for it down the line.

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