Friday, December 20, 2019

Life: Friday Ramblings

I'm trying to teach my babies...
...self control!  I gave them the Target catalog and asked them to circle what they wanted.
My son ripped up his book and my daughter circled everything inside the catalog.
They then had to condense their list to (12) or less "wants" for their letter to Santa Claus.
They also got a lecture that just because it's on their list doesn't mean that they're going to get it.
They were receptive and I was left gleaming with pride as they shifted their thoughts to charity efforts!
The best part of the conversation was my daughter justifying why it's OK to  l o v e  Santa!

I'm scratching my head at...
...the Play Doh poop maker.  Why does it exist and why does my daughter want it?
For the record, I totally blame a certain rhyming kitty cat...

I am completely obsessed with... newest read!  It's called the The Alice Network.
It's one of those books that you just can't put down, not even when you brush your teeth!

I missed the point in life when... daughter became a fashionista.  She has high fashion demands and an actual style.
While she doesn't understand "brands" yet, she's definitely letting me know what she likes and dislikes.
She's been rocking lightly used hand me downs for the past 6 years and I think she's over it.
If you're curious, it's all about dresses, sparkle, glam, and bedazzling.  Her style screams "disco ball"!

I'm letting out a huge sigh of relief at...
...the ending of my Corporate Finance class.  While I enjoyed the course, the workload was high.

I was so upset I almost cried when... son yanked on a Christmas stocking leaving a giant gash in my fireplace.
My dark wood mantle is one of my favorite pieces in my home and it hurt to see it damaged.
Luckily my handy husband said he can sort of fix it with furniture wax to till the gash and some paint.
I was upset, but REAL thankful that it didn't put a gash in my baby boy's head!!

I'm seriously thinking of a career change to...
...professional gift wrapper!  I love wrapping presents and it's just so soothing.
If you know of a full time gig doing this, please let me know.  I may even relocate for the right price!

I'm completely appalled at...
...a story that a coworker and good friend told me about his kiddies.
His 7 year old daughter ventured off to a slumber party with a friend from school.
His daughter then came home with stories of her co-sleeping with the children's parents.
What makes it worse is that the father was a cop and divorced from the friend's mother!
It's scary stories like this that will make my babies live a life free of slumber parties and creepy parents.
I officially sentence everyone to fifty episodes of Forensic Files.

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. Omg on the slumber party! WTH??? My kids only slept over at people's houses that we knew well! I think one of my biggest concerns was whether there was a gun in the home.

    Those Santa letters are adorable!! You are going to have a wonderful Christmas!

    1. I'm a mean mommy b/c I won't even let me babies sleep over grandma's house! I have such separation anxiety with them that it's bad. The fear of them getting lost, kidnapped, hurt, or even choking is way too real.

  2. Why is junior yanking and ripping everything around the house? What are you feeding him with? :)
    If I had kids, thank god I don't, I'd be sending them to a boarding school as soon as they would start demanding anything LOL I'd be that parent that pops a present into the fireplace everytime they misbehave :)

    1. That little boy gets into so much trouble! The other day my husband accused me of putting the shampoo bottle in the toilet bowl. I'm like, really?? We gave birth to a wrecker. lol

  3. I love their collages!

    So, you could be upset with the fireplace ding and I totally get that. My heart breaks a little when something around here gets dinged too. BUT... I am also the kind of person who gets sentimental about them too. It drove me batty when the kids would ride hot wheels around the house, their big plastic wheels leaving scratches in my wood floors from them going round and round. Now, it's almost time to replace those floors, but I look at those scratches and remember my babies from 10 years ago giggling and racing each other. The floors have battle scars that remind me of toddlers and innocence. I don't see a scratched floor. I see happy kids and hear children's laughter in those imperfect floors and it will make me sad when it's time to rip them up.

    My niece stuck a sparkly sticker to my door frame when she was 2 (she lived with us at the time). I had a hell of a time getting it off, and eventually left it there. Months later, after she moved back home with her mom, Jason was able to remove it. It was ugly, but it broke my heart when it was gone because I thought of that precious baby every time I walked through the door. Point is, one day you will look at that dinged fireplace and remember the curious little boy who got into everything and it will put a smile on your face.

    1. This comment literally made my heart hurt! I can't imagine them growing up and leaving home. When you word it that way, maybe I won't fix the the ding. They certainly won't be babies forever.

  4. I think you have a problem, another one lol, and may need to see someone. Talking about poop and blaming it on a rhyming cat could become a bad condition. You may go 500 times a year instead of 2 lol

    Seriously though, why would anyone want that? Don't we produce enough crap?

    Enjoy being a professional gift wrapper. i hear they are a thing in Timbuktu.

    Now that is creepy about the sleepover. What kind of parent would think that is okay?

    1. lol, I had absolutely zero influence over her gift choice. She decided she wanted the poop Play Doh. She must be hanging out with the cat. I wish it was 500 x a year because then I'd be skinny. :)

      My dream of being a gift wrapper was squashed yesterday when I spent 8+ hours wrapping and then couldn't stand straight for a few hours. My neck still has a cramp!

  5. Kids will ruin anything, especially when they're young.

  6. Poop maker. Poop maker. I'm trying to get my head around it. When I had Play-doh it came in a can and I made it into shapes. I never thought about Play-doh and poop. Why would anyone create such a "toy"? I'm glad your baby didn't get a gash in his head. He was just curious. Co-sleeping? I don't think so. Keep those kids at home forever.


    I used to tell my daughter that she could date when she was 30. It didn't work.

    1. Poop is in, Janie! I'm assuming this mean you haven't heard of the new craze called "poopsies" or the new game called "Doggie Doo Doo"? I'm not sure why, but I do know that poop is in! (I can't believe I'm saying that..)

    2. I guess I don't know that poop is in because my children are well into adulthood. I asked my son recently if he likes the superhero movies that are so popular. He said, No--because I'm an adult.

  7. Merry Christmas de ar Jax with all yours !! xoxox

  8. How you doing Jax?

    Aside from creepy parents and damaged mantle pieces?

    I'm glad to hear that your kids will have a realistic take on consumerism - keeping instant gratification at bay (especially in these younger generations). Also - there's nothing keeping your daughter from having some glitter/bedazzled poop *just an idea* haha!

    1. I’m doing alright, a little burnt out, but who isn’t? How are you doing?

      Hahaha bedazzled poop? She will love that one!


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