Friday, December 13, 2019

Life: Friday Ramblings

This baby girl was all smiles when...
...she met Santa Claus and his wife at a very special brunch!
She was excited to get some one on one time with the big guy himself.
She sat on his lap and glowed when he gave her a little candy cane to eat.
While she loved that, her favorite part was singing Christmas carols with Mrs. Claus.

The baby boy was also all smiles when...
...he met Santa Claus at brunch and got to yank on his beard for a solid 3 minutes.
If you're wondering, his beard is 100% real!  No fake beard would survive my little beast.

I'm beaming with pride because... little Mushy Face is blossoming academically and socially.
Her parent teacher conference was more pleasant thanks to her want to succeed.
She struggled in Kindergarten on a social level and with following directions.
I'm proud to say that this is a new year and she's killing it!!
Can I brag that she's a year ahead of herself with reading & writing?  I'll resist.

I'm still giggling because...
...I attended my first ugly sweater party and it was lots of laughs!
While I didn't wear an ugly sweater, I invested in one for my hubby that had me rolling.
It was the typical ugly sweater pattern with a giant Grinch head in the center.
The wording was super appropriate for him saying "Resting Grinch Face"!

I'm struggling with...
...being financially responsible and sticking to my budget.
I find myself withdrawing from savings because I have had zero self control with spending.
Here's to getting back on track financially, including adding to our savings account!
This may be why my hubby got annoyed when I complained about his $2 coffee purchase..maybe..

I'm really annoyed at... job.  They have officially crossed the line with my work life balance.
I was irked when I had to work during my pre-approved vacation day two weeks ago.
I was really annoyed when I got asked to join a last minute call 11 AM Thanksgiving morning.
Now I'm just pissed that they it's officially mandatory to work NYE until 10PM to close out the month.
When you work someone to death, they die.  Enough with the monthly panic because I'm done.

We're looking forward to...
...the gingerbread house party at my daughter's school this upcoming week!
She's been tasked to bring Sourpatch Kids and white icing.
Mommy has been tasked with chaperoning and eating all the candy.

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. Ah, and the worst thing is I have a feeling all the governments around the world are pushing the age limit for retirement up and up so that in a few decades there wouldn't even be retirements, we will all work till we drop. I work all holidays myself, haven't had a single free day since last year, methinks.

    1. Don't tell me that.. my MIL complains about working in her 50s. I want to tell her "I'll be working until I drop dead. Why are you better than me?" but I hold my tongue. lol! Dez, that's TERRIBLE. You need to take some days for yourself or you will burn out. Is that you can't take a day or you choose not to?

    2. In my country you need to be over 64 or 67 for men to be eligible for retirement and that only if you have at least two decades of work. Given that most men die in their early 70s here, you literally have no pension :)
      I have to work so much because I'm freelancer which means I never know when I will have books to translate and when not, so when I do have them I have to work work work even if it means working two years in a row without any break, because you never know when you will be hit with a three or four months without any work.

  2. I imagine some kid has ripped a real beard of and screamed "it's a fake."

    While Santa is saying "son of a fu$%#ing b&i@ch" while grabbing on to what's left of his beard

    1. hahahahaha Oh, you know that's happened somewhere..

  3. I hate the current work environment at most places. My husband deals with the same thing. I blame technology because you are now expected to be on call 24/7. There's no such thing as a true vacation from work anymore.

    My daughter who lives with us hosted an ugly sweater party this past Monday night for her Bible study group. She bought a light up Stitch sweater (from Disney movie). It was hideous! Lol.

    1. I totally agree! Then they get you a work phone and work car, and that's it! You're their property 24/7.

      LOL @ the ugly sweater. I ordered matching Grinch sweaters for the hubby and me, but only his came in time. That's OK b/c I wore a festive sweater instead. It said "Merry, merry, merry" in very pretty cursive. :)

  4. Ugg to the work one. On and on and on they work you to death and don't care. Oh, stay safe. Oh, take your time. Oh, you got hurt? Oh, you aren't done? How come? Bunch of contradicting BS all in the name of $$$ and making them look good for shareholders or upper management or whatever. Screw em. Even had one say that they'll come up with a plan for some crap back when. Their big plan? Work longer hours and weekends. A 2 year old could make that plan. Pfffffft.

    Great that she is doing so well. Savings account though? What's that? Every time I think I have such a thing something breaks. Mythical.

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  6. Congrats to baby girl on her academic success this year!

    Don't even get me started on work and vacation. There hasn't been a trip that we've taken that at some point my husband has to stop what we're doing to fix a "work crisis". We've never had a true vacation where work didn't come into play at some point, and mostly the issues could have been easily fixed by someone back in the office.

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  8. In France they're prosecuting 7 executives from Orange over employee suicides - the case states that the work environment is oppressive to the point that it is demoralising and depressing... and so now these execs will do jail time. If only more countries could do the same.

    Wishing you a restful holiday!

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