Friday, December 6, 2019

Life: Friday Ramblings

I'm laughing pretty hard at... daughter's Thanksgiving day collage she made for school.
She did a great job of capturing the highlights, especially her father throwing out the wishbone!
Note- Daddy did this project with her.  I take no ownership of the typos.

I'm totally blushing because... daughter embarrassed the hell out of me in the church parking lot!
In our SUV, Mushy can't buckle herself in because the car seat blocks the buckle.
When I help her, I have to full on dive into the car with my legs swinging up into the air because I'm short.
My daughter chose this moment to yell out "Everyone, look at my mommy's butt!" at least three times.

I'm smiling ear to ear at... pretty the house looks filled with Christmas decor!
The Christmas tree is up and decorated with our favorite Disney ornaments.
Our Disney stockings are hung along the mantle of our fake fire place.
Mickey and Minnie are all dressed up in holiday gear, lit up, and waving to cars passing by.
I grew up with a Disney themed Christmas tree and absolutely love that we carried on the tradition.

I'm really dreading another... trip this week.  It's an overnight stay in the Philadelphia office.
While I really dislike leaving my babies, I have family that lives in the area.
I'll try to make the best of it by having a girl's night with my aunt and cousins.

I'm feeling some sort of way at...
...the snow I'm watching fall down from the sky and sticking to the lawn.
It's way too early for that to start already, let alone stick!

I'm left scratching my head thinking about...
...what to name my newest plant family member!
We had friends over for dinner and they brought us a beautiful new plant.
He's gorgeous with his colorful leaves that make me think of something tropical!
I'm taking suggestions in the comments.  I'm thinking Dean since I already got a Sam.. too predictable?

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. Well the Junior certainly did look dandy in that bowtie!
    My suggestion for the plant name would be Hortensia!

    1. hahaha isn't he a handsome little man?
      How do you pronounce that name?

  2. Crowley should be it.

    lmao too funny that she called that out. But don't worry, revenge will be sweet when she is a teen and you can embarrass the crap out of her. Make a list of times she did it to you and then show her that you have some catching up to do.

    1. ohhh, Crowley! I couldn't believe she did that. As if me hanging out of the car with my legs up in the air wasn't embarrassing enough. LOL I told my husband that I refuse to take that car ever again.

  3. Your kids are so cute! Those car seats are something else. I have one in my car for my 2 year old grandson and it takes me forever to get him in and out of it. Hope your weekend is full of love and no snow!

    1. Thank you! The car seats are near impossible, especially with a boy your size squiring, crying, and punching all at once. Happy weekend!

  4. You have snow already? It's cold here, but no snow yet (Thank you Baby Jesus!)

    LOL, maybe she just wants everyone to be impressed that mommy does squats and has a nice butt?

  5. Your kids are so cute! I laughed a lot about your car seat story, haha

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