Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Ideas: Holiday gift ideas for a fabulous lady!

With Christmas around the corner, I'm feeling extra festive!
Playing Santa Claus is one of my favorite things to do so I'm totally glowing.
I love it so much that Santa starts in June!  I kid, I start early to ease the financial burden.
My husband appreciates my love for the holidays because it means that he's off the hook.
His only complaint is that he never knows what to get me for Christmas.
...and buying my own Christmas gift is where I draw the line...

In the past he would venture to R&W for some inspiration.
Every December throughout the past (3) years, my hubby would complain that I quit R&W.
He had to inspire himself and he wasn't very good at it.

In honor of my handsome husband...

Holiday Gift Ideas for a Fabulous Lady

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I love to send cards in the mail or leave a personalized note with a gift.
To ensure that this can happen, I have a card shaped box filled with cards for different occasions.
These cards are fabulous and my card shaped box is nearly empty!

I love a natural look when it comes to make up.
My daily, five minute make up routine involves mascara, lip liner, and chap stick.
This lovely surprise would be a third of my beauty routine every single day!

Ladies, I'm all about a sports bra when I can get away with it!
...and I know that you can totally relate...

There's nothing better than boots in the Autumn and Winter months.
These boots would be perfect for me since they seem to be made for women around 5' tall.

One of my favorite spots in the house, is a bench under a four pane window the length of the wall.
I like to switch out the lumbar pillow on the bench as the seasons or holidays change.
...and this pillow would look lovely on the bench.  Just saying...

These would do a great job protecting my dark wood furniture.
They would also do a great job making me smile being on display throughout the Winter.
It's also worth noting that they are just one piece of an entire Threshold collection!  Wink, wink

Every lady knows the importance of a fully function eye brow brush!
It's needed to brush our lashes, unclump mascara, and groom our brows.

I've felt a certain way about aprons for the absolute longest time.
It's silly to stay away from a very functional item just because of a false representation.
I'm sick and tired of ruining clothes while cooking.  But, I'm not an old lady, I'm not an old lady...

I love the sparkle, color, and versatility of this nail polish.
I'm also a fan of the OPI brand.  I find it to be a strong polish with vibrant colors.

Earlier this year my job upgraded my phone to an iphone 8.
Unfortunately, they didn't upgrade my case so I'm still using the case from my old phone.
It's been doing the job, but it covers the camera in the back which isn't exactly convenient.
Not to mention, this one is pretty and very feminine.  Love!!

This shirt is festive, comfortable, and the saying is totally true!
I'm always looking for comfortable clothes to do chores around the house.

This past Summer I saw my first ever humming bird and I got really excited.
I told everyone about it and they all recommended that I get a hummingbird feeder.
Even if this one doesn't attract another hummingbird, it's pretty enough to look at!
Besides, I do love me some mosaic!  My house is filled with so much mosaic, that it glistens.

What is on your holiday wish list this year?


  1. That is a lovely little cushion, reminds me I need to buy myself a festive pillow, possibly a sparkly one, because what are holidays if they're not glitzy?
    I don't have holiday wishes, other than nobody getting on my nerves at least this winter :) and having work next year.

    1. Isn't the cushion just so pretty? I have one for most seasons and holidays as I like to switch it up..but I don't have one for Christmas! Those are some great wishes. We should send out some warning letters that read "In honor of Dezmond's Christmas wish, please don't get on his nerves." and see if that works. :)

  2. haha the saying is totally true on the shirt indeed. You even put 12 up. Now he should have no problem getting you something. And all thanks to cat egging you back. The cat just got an ego boost there lol

    1. I did put up twelve only because ten didn't fit on the collage well enough. But then I had to change the post from "list" to "ideas". Don't judge me.. LOL Ohh so the cat is taking credit for my Christmas list? hahaha Don't tell Santa.

  3. I like all of these ideas! A hummingbird feeder is a must! We see them at ours in the summer and it's always a treat. The gift card assortment is very useful. I always tell my kids that I love candles and can never have too many.

    1. I saw my first hummingbird ever and got so excited that I decided I needed a feeder so I can see one more. I almost don't believe that I saw it! Candles are always a lovely gift.

  4. What a lovely list! I actually do buy my own gift each year. This is simply because my hubs and I are the hardest people to buy for. We get what we want/need throughout the year and by the time Christmas rolls around, there's nothing left to buy. So, if I see a deal (I bought 2 pairs of Freebird boots last spring at 1/2 off) I buy them, then save for Christmas. Jason does the same. Thankfully, this deal works for us, but I know some people would absolutely be ticked if their partners suggested this.

    1. I think this would be a great idea, but I do enjoy the thrill of a little surprise. My hubby ordered me something and I have a feeling that it's the hummingbird feeder, but I'm controlling my curiosity and won't peek! If I do, I'll be disappointed that there was no surprise on Christmas morning. Although, the perfect pair of boots is really enticing!

  5. I got a new tablet (that's supposed to be From Daisy) from Amazon since my old one died. I asked my mom for a movies gift card. I don't really want much else.

    1. We have done a great job of keeping technology out of our home for the most part. We have a smart TV and our cell phones, but other than that, we got nada. We really try to make our children use their imaginations while they still can.

  6. Love these gift ideas Jax! Im not sure what I want :(

    1. Thanks! You should start a little wish list for yourself. :)

  7. So many great ideas! I just got the eyebrow comb. I need the nude liner. I hate the lipstick outline.

    1. Oh how I'm in a desperate need of an eyebrow comb. I use it daily to fluff up my lashes after my mascara dries. I have long lashes that sometimes break the bristles on the comb.

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