Wednesday, November 13, 2019

A honest & detailed review of Perfect Match Mood Cafe Collection by LeChat

One of my favorite parts of Autumn is the change to darker hued fashion.  I'm not just talking about the "sweater weather".  It's also the time to change your nail polish to fashionably darker colors.  Fall time is all about dark blues, grays, and deeper browns or reds.  It's the time to say good bye to the hot pinks and welcome the warm colors.  Yesss, I love!

When I went for my monthly appointment at the nail salon, they had something waiting for me.  My nail tech gets excited to experiment with gel polish on me since I'm one of the few that still use it.  She said that my short nails with gel polish were absolutely perfect for this new trend.  I'm always on board to try something new so of course I said yes!

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Review of Perfect Match Mood Cafe Collection by LeChat

It's a color changing nail polish that works similar to a mood ring.  The nail polish color changes with your body temperature.  They call it Perfect Match because the gel polish comes with a matching polish for your toes.  This is a double score because I can never get the toes to match right.  Like, ever.  The deeper, darker hue appears when you're colder and the lighter, brighter hue is when you're warmer.

As an added bonus, the polish is scented.  The above polish left my nails smelling like a cinnamon latte.  Eep!

Does the color really change with temperature?

Yes!  Drastically.  Cinnamon Latte went from a gorgeous Autumn red to a pumpkin orange.  See for yourself below.

lechat; mood cafe; perfect match color changing polish

lechat; mood cafe; perfect match color changing polish

 What did you like about Perfect Match Mood Cafe?
I was absolutely intrigued with the color changing effect.  The little kid in me thought this was so cool.  I instantly showed my daughter when I got home.  Yes, she was impressed.  So either I'm the coolest mom ever or the lamest.  Who knows?!  I also am pleasantly surprised at the aroma every time my finger nails get near my face.

While all of the above was fun, there is still one factor that's most important to me.  Since I only get my nails done monthly, I like my polish to last that long.  Hence the short, stubby nails.  The shorter they are, the more room to grow that month!  If the polish chips easily or fades, I'm left unhappy with the product.  I'm happy to say that this polish lasted for a solid three and a half weeks.  It stayed on for the four weeks until my next appointment, but with some minor chipping!

What didn't you like about Perfect Match Mood Cafe?

While the color changing was fun to start, I realized that I may not be a good candidate.  For some unknown reason, some fingers appeared hot and the others appeared cold.  When this happened often I had 10 nails with about 7 different shades.  This looked a little awkward.

Do you have any tips to give before trying the color changing polish?

My only tip would be to make sure that you're equally committed to both colors.  I fell in love with the deep red, Autumn themed hue.  Unfortunately, I rarely saw it.  Apparently, I run hot!  While I didn't dislike the other color, I wasn't committed to it so I was left disappointed.

Despite the few cons, I would recommend the Perfect Match Mood Cafe collection by LeChat.
After all, the cons weren't really product specific but seem to be personal problems with body temperature.

Did you ever try color changing polish?


  1. Scented? Just while brushing it on or after that as well? How interesting that it changes colours. I have a tea mug in the shape of a bear that changes colours when tea is put in it.

    1. It’s something different and fun! If anything else, it keeps my daughter impressed with her hip mama. Lol

  2. So you have hot and cold nails and you like to smell nails? Fetish much? lol the cat has so much ammo. It is getting colder, stand out doors a minute and then everything will be one temp soon enough. Colors? Pffft who needs different colors. I'll pretend it is summer until winter goes away.

    Does sound like a winner though, at least for nail smellers.

    1. Hahahaha. Legit made me lol at “winner though, at least for nail smellers”. Do you think I’m making people feel awkward when I tell them to smell my nails?!

    2. Nah, they can smell in private

    3. LOL After I wrote this comment, one of the guys in the meeting asked me to smell his arm. I obviously obliged b/c I was making people smell my nails.

  3. I saw some girl who wore lip gloss that changed colors.

  4. How fun! I used to have a pair of Doc Martens that would change from white to pink when out in the sun. How long did the scent last? I don't normally paint my nails unless I have somewhere fancy to be. I work with my hands way too much, polish is usually chipped within a day or two.

    1. That’s awesome! The smell lasted for a few days until it gradually disappeared. Normal polish don’t last a day with me, but the gel will last me 3-4 weeks if it’s applied correctly.


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