Monday, November 25, 2019

List: Ten things I'm thankful for.

This upcoming Thursday is my favorite holiday of the year.
It's also my holiday to host which makes it something I look forward to even more!
I love that this holiday is filled with family, traditions, and delicious f o o d.
I love that the pressure of presents and expensive gifts aren't associated with the holiday.
I love the smell of the turkey baking in the oven and the look of my fine china on the table.
I love watching the parade and seeing the smile on my babies' faces when Santa ends it.
I love the prep work and spending time with my family in the kitchen getting each dish prepared.
I also love that it's the precursor to the holiday season.
Alright, so I love everything about it.  Whatever.

I know it's a bit early, but I'm feeling festive.
In honor of the season of thanks, here are ten things that I'm most thankful for.

Ten things that I'm most thankful for.

1.  I'm thankful for my family.
This includes my handsome hubby, sassy little girl, and chubby baby boy.
This also includes my extended family, in laws, and best friends.
It may be cliche, but it's oh so true - You all fulfill me and give my life real meaning!

2.  I'm thankful for Thor.
While our little chiweenie likes to eat Mushy's panties and sometimes tinkle on the floor, he's a good dog.
I trust him fully, even with my son when he was the tiniest of a newborn.
Thank you for being the kindest, most mild mannered puppy in our family!
Did you all think that I was referring to the superhero?  It is who he's named for.  Just sayin...

3.  I'm thankful for moving into this home and neighborhood.
When we sold our home and moved to a new neighborhood, we were hesitant.
We couldn't have gotten any luckier with our fabulous house in a just as fabulous area!
I'm thankful for the good schools, friendly neighbors, safe streets, and small town feel of our neighborhood.

4.  I'm thankful for our health.
We are beyond fortunate to say that we are all healthy and thriving.
I pray for my family's health and safety every night and am most thankful for this blessing.

5.  I'm thankful for my talented doctor.
This time last year I was in a very depressed state despite all of my blessings.
A mix of postpartum, the stress of selling my house, and a severe case of diastis recti had me real low.
I'm thankful to my highly referred doctor for fixing the diastis recti and a successful recovery.
I'm also thankful to my husband that made little complaint about the money spent on the procedure.

6.  I'm thankful for coffee.
I'm thankful for my coffee pot, coffee cups, coffee scoop, and Folgers.
Without all of these things, every day would become groggy, nonproductive, and gloomy.

7.  I'm thankful for our steady income.
There are days that I dislike my job and days that I completely despise my husband's.
His new job has me waking up at 4 am everyday to drop off both kids.  I loathe entirely!
Even with all this, I'm thankful for our income that allows us to live a comfortable life.
Without the freedom of my job, I wouldn't be able to be so active in my children's lives.
Without the increase in pay with my hubby's new job, we'd be struggling month to month.

8.  I'm thankful for being born in the US.
After meeting my mother in law and learning of life in communism, I appreciate the US even more.
I'm thankful for the freedoms and opportunities we are given in the United States.
The saddest part was learning how they are brainwashed to believe complete falsities!

9.  I'm thankful for my nail salon.
My nails are thin, weak, and resemble a sheet of paper.
I'm thankful for my nail salon and Bella, my go to person, for helping me look fabulous!
I not only walk out looking great, but they magically make it last for weeks and weeks.

10.  I'm thankful for getting back to R&W.
Without R&W, my life was missing a creative outlet.  I enjoy writing, sharing, and interacting with all of you.
Every comment puts a smile on my face and every post has me feeling accomplished.
There are even a few of you that I'm fortunate enough to consider friends.
Thank you to R&W for allowing my creative juices to flow and thank you to all of you for the friendship!
Just a FYI - I talk about all of you to family and friends like I know you IRL.  It's not creepy...

What are you thankful for this year?


  1. Great when you find a good neighborhood to live, but your version of small town feel lol yeah, I'd believe that when I see it, considering the country was what? 10 trees? You'll never live that down haha

    Health and family are sure things to be thankful for, a great doctor is a when too, as that is rare. Know that all too well.

    You talk about a rhyming cat? Yep, not creepy at all, just rather crazy.

    1. lol, well, we don't really have trues so maybe country isn't the right word. hahaha Yes, my idea of country and yours is very different! I do talk about the rhyming cat. I wonder if they say anything behind my back? The crazy cat lady that doesn't have any cats. :)

    2. haha no trees? Yeah, if you ever come here I'll show you a murder shack or two in the country lol

      Crazy cat lady without cats. There is a winner up there with Psychopath Dater

    3. A murder shack?! I'd like to see the outhouse museum, but I'll totally pass on the murder shacks thank you very much!! lol

  2. Hope you and your family will have the most wonderful Thanksgiving this year! I love the delightful cheesiness of your family photo, the boy will soon be bigger than you LOL kids grow up so quickly these days!
    Dont forget that USA is brainwashed about ten times more than other nations, they feed you with lies and changed facts almost on a daily basis, the feeling of freedom is just an illusion these days.

    1. Thank you, Dez! I'm pretty sure that he's almost my size. You have to see me carry him around. It's hysterical. The best part is, he's so lazy that he demands to be carried everywhere.
      I hope that isn't true, but you're probably right. There's conspiracy everywhere...

    2. He reminds me of my kitten Vlastimir, he has become very fat for a four month old kitten but still demands from me to carry him around, it is like carrying a rock!

    3. LOL yes! I thought when he started walking it would be easier. Instead, he walks to me like "Why are you making me walk?? Carry me, woman!". :)

  3. I'm assuming she's from Cuba. I still find it bizarre I can't travel there legally.

    1. You could have for a hot minute, but then that changed.

    2. Maybe I'm wrong, but you can still travel to Cuba legally. Just not buy cruise ship, correct? We were supposed to go over the summer and had everything booked, but then we got custody of my niece and figured it would be too much of a hassle to get her a Visa and passport before we left. I thought it was still legal to go if you FLEW in? Just not by boat as the US is trying to discourage tourism there and keeping US tourist dollars out of the Cuban government & military hands. If there is a port for the ship, that encourages the tourists to get off and spend money there.

    3. I may be wrong also, but I believe there is a list of 5 different reasons to request visa, so you can go if you qualify. It is different for us because despite being an American citizen with an American father, Cuba doesn’t recognize his citizenship. He was born in Cuba and his mother is Cuban, making him and my children Cuban in their eyes. Even if he went via cruise, he wouldn’t be allowed off of the ship.

  4. What a sweet post! I like your blogging style and thankful I found you through Pat. I'm also thankful for good health of my family. Nothing is more important! My son's fiancée is also from a Communist country. She didn't hear about the Holocaust until my son brought it up one day!

    Wishing you a blessed day full of love.

    1. How very interesting! I wonder why they would suppress history like that? Thanks for your kind words. ...and happy thanksgiving to you and yours!

  5. "I love that the pressure of presents and expensive gifts aren't associated with the holiday" So true, Jax.

    Health is my number one.

    Hope you're doing fine.

    1. Yes, we have nothing if we don’t have health. I’m doing ok, just need to learn to work a little less and enjoy my family. Life is passing me by faster than I can see it go!

  6. So many wonderful things to be thankful for! Your little family and your health being the most important. I hope you and your family have a lovely, relaxed Thanksgiving!

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