Monday, November 4, 2019

List: Ten lessons learned from watching Forensic Files.

Last month, my husband got played  by a 10 year old.   My daughter came home holding hands with a neighborhood friend that we never saw before.  She asked for permission to play in this friend's backyard.  While my husband repeatedly said "no", this little girl managed to somehow twist the answer to a "yes".  As the little girl started to walk down the steps, she turned around and looked my husband in his eye.  "What is your name anyway?"  Obviously shook, he replied with his name and then shut the door.  Immediately, I shot questions out like bullets.

Who is this girl and why have we never seen her before?  Which house does she live in?  Why is she so much older than Mushy?  What is HER name since she grilled you for yours?  
That's when the light bulb lit up above his head.  He threw open the door, raced down the sidewalk, and brought our baby girl safely back home.  After lecturing both of them for a solid 30 minutes on stranger danger,  I sentenced both of them to a week of watching Forensic Files.  Let's just say, I don't think it will ever happen again.

Note-  We later found out that this is a real neighbor that lives just a few houses past us.

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Ten lessons learned from watching Forensic Files.

1.  Don't ever change your baby's diaper in the car.
...unless you have a watchful eye and some muscle standing behind you.  One episode showed a woman abducted and murdered while she was changing her kid's diaper.  She was in a compromised position and unaware of her surroundings making the crime easy to commit.

2.  Always trust your gut.
This is one common theme in almost any episode I've seen.  There are countless interviews from victims and witnesses stating that they wished they acted on their gut.  If you feel unsafe or something's got you uneasy, then get safe, get help, or call the police.

3.  Don't trust anyone.
There are many episodes where the victims simply got played by strangers and lost with their lives.  There are even more episodes where their spouses or family members violently turned on them.  Moral of the story:  Be mindful of the company you keep, including strangers or your BFF.

4.  Always be aware of your surroundings.
The survivors are always the ones that could tell you every detail of the attack.  This includes a description of the attacker, potential travels, the environment, and everything else!  This show preaches that every little detail is a potential clue.

5.  Never leave the door unlocked.
This one constantly amazes me.  I mean, how you do not lock your door?  I've seen many episodes where the crimes begins with an unlocked front, back, or side door.  I don't care if you're too hot, looking for ventilation, live in a safe area, or just crazy.  Always lock up!

6.  Many criminals take a trophy.
Several attackers were caught because of an item they stole from their victim.  There were some episodes where the trophy was identified and led to the criminal's arrest.  Talk about adding insult to injury.  People are sick!

7.  Criminals are usually repeat offenders.
Perform a background check on the company you keep, because history almost always repeats itself.  Don't fool yourself into believing a crazy story was an accident without serious proof.  Whether you're a serial rapist or a serial man who pushes wives down the stairs, it never happens once.

8.  Track who took insurance claims out on you.
I was shocked to learn how many murders were attempted with money as a motivator.  Being someone's beneficiary is sometimes the main motive and other times the decision maker.  Either way, the common joke about life insurance policies is no longer funny to me.

9.  Never sleep with the window open.
Many episodes find the point of entry to be a cut window screen.  This allows for a practically noiseless entry into your home during your most vulnerable time.  Keep all entryways secured and locked, especially while you're sleeping and especially basement windows!

10.  Above all else, never mess with a crime scene.
Everything right down to a drop of blood or the position of the body means something.  If you clean up, put something out of place, or move the body, you could be removing clues!  ...and if you do get the urge to clean the crime scene, you're probably guilty.

Have you ever watched Forensic Files?


  1. Wow, he just let her go? That would be a big no until I knew who she was.

    Oh, I've got a few of those down, as I go to some rather sketchy places, murder shacks and all lol Always being mindful of the company you keep is a big one. Stranger danger is everywhere.

    1. Yessss, go follow the stranger into a backyard and I don’t even know which house it is!!! I mean, hello?! In his defense, I watched the whole thing and this mystery girl was pretty cunning. She played him good!

  2. You needed a forensic show to learn to leave your doors locked? :))

    1. Lol I always lock the doors. I don’t understand how people don’t. My husband goes to mow the lawn and I lock the back door behind him. I find him an hour later standing behind the glass grilling me like I locked him out on purpose. Hahaha

    2. Poor guy :) We don't lock them during the day, but we do of course when the darkness comes. My city, being at the very border with EU is filled with asylym seekers from Asia, so most people don't feel very safe near them. They live in abandoned houses and factories like beggars, some very near my house too, they drink water from public wells, poor sods. I mostly feel sorry for them, as they are usually very young boys, almost kids who just runaway from ISIS and American terrorists, but I can understand how women and girls don't feel safe near them, sadly. It awakes fascism in people, which horrifies me to no extent. They're just poor, lost people running away from war.

    3. I would be scared too. even though they are probably harmless, anything out of the “norm” can be intimidating!

  3. My mom always has her front door unlocked and it drives me crazy! I don't know how many times I've locked my family out of the house (or they have locked me out) because it's just a natural instinct for us to walk in and immediately lock the door behind us.

    1. Too funny! I don’t know how people don’t lock their doors. I read an article once where someone didn’t because they lived in a safe neighborhood. Well, they got robbed at gun point and the criminal told her upon exit (with her cash and designer bag), “you really should lock your doors. The hood is only a few minutes from here.” Talk about adding insult to injury! You get mugged and then told by your mugger how to stay safe.

    2. What a way to rub salt into the wound! I bet she locks her doors from now on!

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