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List: Ten essentials for your home office to be productive working from home.

About two years ago, I was told by management that I need to stop "favoring" my local office.  This meant more working from home and less time sitting in my formal office.  I was immediately discouraged because I don't enjoy working from home.  I like getting dressed, socializing, using a desk phone, monitors and a mouse, & did I say socializing?  Begrudgingly, I would take my lap top home a few times a week and work hunched over the kitchen table.  It was very uncomfortable and the small lap top screen gave me serious eye strain.

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When we decided to look for a new home, I listed "home office area" as a must have.  If I was going to be forced to work from home, I needed to be comfortable.  Higher comfort means much higher productivity.  It's science, I think.  Luckily, we found the perfect home with the most perfect space.  One step down from the dining area is a lovely little room.  It's just big enough to serve as a den and informal office.  The room has two full walls of windows and a sky light adding to its appeal.  Suddenly I don't mind working from home so much!  You can find me here often.

It's still a work in progress, but it's got all the necessities of a home office and then some.  This year we hope to get a home for my printer and do something to hide the wires.  Despite being incomplete, it checks off all the necessities on the below list.

ten necessities for a home office; home office necessities; home office essentials; things you need to work from home

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Ten necessities for a functional home office.

It's important to find a desk with storage or a matching book case to store office supplies and paperwork.  I went with the latter.

Idea:  Measure the shelves and fill them with decorative baskets like these to fully conceal office supplies.

To properly run a home office, it requires the use of electricity and electrical outlets.  It's important to have these outlets in convenient locations with extension outlets.  You need several for your computer, monitor, printer, and phone charger.

Post its are great for quick reminders, but a pushpin board is great to hang permanent references.  You can go for a plain one like this one or a super cute one like this one that would look fabulous empty.

Idea:  Spice up your bulletin board with fabulous push pins like these floral ones.

Your desk should be stocked high with pencils, pens, highlighters, sharpies, and even a calligraphy pen!  You never know what you're going to need for a specific task, so keep them handy.

Idea:  Try to write in pencil so that you can always erase.  My go to office supplies are a notebook and a mechanical pencil.  I don't go anywhere without them because half my life is jotted down in it.  It makes work so much easier when it's all one place.

There is nothing more irritating then the dust lingering in the hard to reach places of a computer.  Compressed air makes cleaning out the dust quick and easy!

Not to be confused with the one pictured.  That ones exclusively for show.  A show blanket would be #11.  In my formal office at work, I have a space heater to keep my toes nice and cozy warm.  In my home office, I snuggle with a comfortable to throw blanket.  You can't work with a chill.

Idea:  Be a little extra and swap out your regular blanket for festive ones during the holidays.

These days an assistant is just not cost effective, so instead with get a virtual one named Alexa.  You can use her to remind you things like when to pick your daughter up from the bus stop, set running lists, set alarms, play music, set calendar dates, make announcements, and almost anything else that you can think of.

Idea:  Invest in an Echo Show like this one to put right on your desk.  This way your assistant can now show you visuals.  One of the best perks is using it to see who's at my front door.  Ding Dong.. "Virtual assistant, Alexa, can you please show me who's at the door?".

While you should use your computer or virtual assistant to manage a calendar, one for reference on your desk is a must.  It's very practical, especially when on a call.  "Alexa, tell me the date of next Thursday."  Trust me, noone wants to hear that.  I love this one because it's pretty, small, and stands.

Idea:  Want a function desk calendar AND a sentimental piece of decor?  Make your own desk calendar here by using your own pictures and design.  These also make a fabulous gift!

This underappreciated office supply is a life saver when you have a home office that include a pretty desk you paid for out of pocket.  It protects the desk from a heavy hand when writing, scratches from your mouse, and small spills.  Most importantly, it's clear so it doesn't disrupt the beauty of your furniture.

10.  A lemon tree within view.
Every home office needs a real lemon tree.
...or something that makes them smile when they look at it.

What are your home office essentials?


  1. You should've turned the table away from the wall and put two chairs in front of it so that you can hold meetings with kids and hubs there :)

  2. But then that would block my view of the birds. I bird watch now in my old age... Oh wait, no, that's just what the boredom of working from home does to you!! I would prefer to turn this room into a lovely play area for the babies, but my job demands otherwise. :(

    I would like to get rid of the childish craft collection above the desk, invest in an area rug, and get something to hide the cables that dangle from the computer. In good time...

  3. Yes, you said socializing. Higher comfort means much higher productivity. It's science, all right! Compressed air? Thanks for the tip! Now, I do feel you need a bigger desk. Mine is an 8ft desk, believe it or not and I LOVEEEEE the space. I can sleep on the d%mn thing if I wanted to. Yes! You keep the lemon tree, Ill get myself some lemon tea.


    1. I totally agree! This desk comes with an extension, but it's on the other side of the room for now because the other wall looked so lonely. I do miss the extra space, though. It's very difficult to work with only one monitor. I like one for reference the other for billing. :) Eep! No lemon tree for you? I will have to save you some lemons.

  4. Oh, you poor little thing. Not having to go out in the bad weather or in traffic and can just work from home. The cat and Pat both feel really bad for you lol

    What? You don't like dead skin cells all over your office? The dust probably has your dna in there somewhere haha Storage space is good, as is a really good chair and the screen up to face height so no neck pain.

    1. You know all those lovely people you meet and sites you get to see during your travels at work? If you had to work from home, you would never see those!! I need human interaction otherwise I start to go crazy!

      No, I really do not like anything dead in my office, including dead skin cells. Yuck!!

    2. So I'd never see guys pleasuring themselves and a whole bunch of German nudists? Home sounds soo good lol

    3. You wouldn't be the same without those experiences. You must embrace them. :)

    4. Ewww embrace them? No thanks. I might get thrown in jail.

    5. Well not PHYSICALLY embrace them, but embrace the experiences. Your experiences help shape you as a person...

  5. Wow, I love the home office. And I would give anything to work from home, but I agree - you need a comfortable space.

    1. Am I the only one that does not enjoy the idea of working from home? The days I do, I'm not even motivated enough to get dressed. To do so a few days a month would be nice, but on the regular would be awful. To have no human interaction would be brutal.

    2. Lord what I'd give never to see another human again... LOL.

      I'm kidding. People do tend to exhaust me - specifically 8th graders. Actually only 8th graders. And maybe 7th graders too.

    3. Yes, it seems like you are the only one that does not enjoy the idea lol

    4. Maybe I’m just weird... idk

  6. Is that your cute lemon tree in the corner? Bryan really wants a lime tree but I think it'd only survive the winters here if we brought it inside

    1. Yes it is! She hasn't given us any lemons yet, but I'm still hopeful.

  7. My office here at the house is pretty basic. Nothing fancy.

  8. Great that you found suitable home office set up, it looks cool. I feel working from home is good, we can avoid traffic and save time. I agree that we miss the social factor, may need to find a way around to get connected :)

  9. You forgot mini fridge to keep all your cold snacks.

  10. I love working from home. I hated getting dressed and dealing with office drama when I had an outside job. I get my human interaction through hip hop classes and date nights with my best girls every few weeks. The thought of working outside of the home now makes me want to curl up and cry.


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