Monday, November 18, 2019

Link Up: Ten life lessons learned from a rhyming cat.

Almost a decade ago, I was introduced to my first favorite rhyming cat.
If you haven't had the pleasure already, head over to Pat Hatt Time to say hello!
Pat is a talented author of both children's books and adult fiction novels.
Orlin is the true star of the show with his sarcastic and funny views of the world - in rhyme.
While he rhymes, Cassie Cat rules the roost and observes the crazy escapades of her little family.
These three have kept me laughing and blabbing since the start of R&W, through my breaks, and to this day.

Throughout the years, Pat and his cats were able to teach me some valuable life lessons.
It's not uncommon for me to ask myself "What would the rhyming cat do?"
...and then I do the complete and total opposite...

Ten life lessons learned from a rhyming cat.

1.  The meaning of life is to live.
Leave it to the cat to find the simplicity in life's biggest mysteries!
For the record, there has be to more life.  Right?  Right?!!

2.  Always pamper and groom your feet.
If you neglect your pedicures, you may end up with zombie feet.
Zombie feet is a very serious condition that no home remedy or nail technician can fix!
The cat reminds us to trim those nails, buff those heels, and moisturize those toes regularly.

3.  Aliens don't have reproductive organs attached to their body. least this holds true for the alien named Hank that lives with Pat and the cats...
I learned all about aliens thanks to Orlin hosting his very own Q&A session with his #1 extraterrestrial.

4.  Canadian bacon is not Canadian.
I'll never forget the look on Pat's face when his order of Canadian bacon was placed in front of him.
Apparently, regular bacon is the same bacon that the Canadians eat in their homeland.
According to the cat, we've all been tricked into eating ham by some ingenious marketing technique!

5.  Taking a break from something for more than a year makes you a slacker.
He likes to tease me at my ability for taking ridiculously long breaks.
While he's probably right with his definition of break, I always return better than ever!

6.  Lists are better off in your head.
He has tried to pound this one into my brain throughout the years, but he has yet to win!
That evil little cat wants me to risk disorganization just to save some time and trees.
Is this a life lesson worth learning, or an attempt to ruin me and all I stand for?!

7.  Only one thing can be the worst of all worst worthy things.
The cat likes to tell me that not everything can be the worst of the worst.
Bees, fleas on knees, deer, geese, and stink bugs are all the absolute worst to me.  I just can't help it!

8.  When it comes to age, you always round up.
At the age of 27, all I wanted to do was enjoy my mid twenties and youth!
Our favorite rhyming cat burst that bubble and told me that I was ALMOST 30.
At the time it was a punch to the gut... but now that I'm 31, I wish that I was only almost 30...

9.  Zebra thongs are all the fashion and a must have.
If you ever wondered what to wear for the casual date night or even an upscale holiday party, just ask Orlin.
He'll tell you to walk around with the oh so stylish, neighing zebra thong!
You can wear it solo or you can use it as an accessory to bring an extra pop to your outfit.

10.  The word dink is an actual word.
In my 31 years of existence, I've never in my life heard of the word dink.
The first few times he said it, I thought he was just making up a word so it would be easy to rhyme.
Then I told my mom about it, and she said he replaced the "c" with a "n" to be nice.
After a month or so of research, I learned that the rhyming cat himself added a real word to my vocabulary!
Tip-  Don't call people a dink for no reason other than to see if they know what it is.  They won't react well.

Have you or will you learned anything from a rhyming cat?


  1. lmao I forgot about the fake bacon incident. Tried to put that out of my head. Blah, you Americans and your fake Canadian bacon. Good try not being a slacker hahaha I knew dink would come up and the life one. There is nothing more, the cat shall stick to that. Just live is the only thing. Never going to let go of the worst thing either. Can only be one. Seems we were on the same page with that one haha Saves time just keeping the lists in your head. And just remember, at 31 you are getting closer to 35, that is half way to 40. Sure a fun list and you were a lot nicer than the cat too. He should be ashamed, but he isn't lol

    1. Of course I was nicer, I’ve always been nicer! Besides, I think we’ve learned a long time ago that I’m not sensitive and can take a joke... otherwise this friendship would have ended years ago. Although, I did catch at the very bottom of your post that you agree that we made some great friends blogging. That means, deep down in the little cats heart, he loves me!! I still tell everyone about the Canadian bacon that orders it. They are being bamboozled! Dink is a word that still only half believe. You all made it up. In fact, my phone autocorrects dink to dunk so there’s further proof it isn’t real!

    2. haha yeah, the cat would never call you sensitive. Maybe sensitive allergy wise though when he sends a bit of cat hair your way. Deep, deep, deep down....of course that could be a hairball lol

      Bamboozled you americans sure are. Dink is still a word. Well my phone autocorrects sh** to sit, and that's still a word, right? Sorry, no win there.

    3. We got thick skin over here. Lol! Those damn diners all got together and decided to pretend that Canadians eat a different bacon than us. But to what end? So we can pretend to be cultured? Dink is maybe a word.. maybe

    4. Now sure how Canadian Bacon can make one cultured, but I suppose it may have been worth a try. Some marketing ploy.

  2. I don't even wanna know how zebra thongs popped up during a casual conversation.

    1. lol ... Did I mention that the thong neighs when you touch the button?

  3. I must steal a few for sharing! But a hard pass on the thong- zebra or otherwise.

    1. Steal away, a lesson learned from the cat is a lesson for all. LOL The zebra thong may grow on you. Don't knock it until you try it. haha

  4. "And then I do the complete and total opposite . . ." LOL, the cat has taught us well!

    1. Yes, never do as the cat says is the best lesson we've ever learned. :)

  5. Visiting from Pat's :) I am not sure about the age one; I think I would round down (kinda of what I do with my weight :)


  6. The meaning of life is to argue with random people on Facebook.

    1. lol well, at least it's a tad bit better than the cat's response.

  7. Great fun, Jax! I, too, have been learning life lessons from the incomparable Orlin over the years!

    1. lol, I'd love to know what crazy things he taught you!

  8. Totally classic! I think you need to make posters of this and sell them!!!

    1. hahahaha Would people buy them? Or would I become a crazy cat lady without even owning a cat??

  9. Pat's been a great blogger friend over the years, and we certainly do learn a lot more than we bargain for at his place. Now I am going to have nightmares about nasty feet tonight.

    1. Yes! That's the perfect way to describe his place. :)

  10. I was at Pat Hatt's blog right before I came here. How curious.


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