Friday, November 29, 2019

Life: Friday Ramblings

I had a blast at... daughter's Thanksgiving party at school.
I opted for Thanksgiving themed BINGO and was shocked at how much the kiddies loved it.
Several children screamed out that this was their favorite game ever.
Brownie points for this mama for getting  s o m e t h i n g  finally right!
I printed out BINGO boards and calling cards from the computer.
Next I covered them in page protectors and used crazy glue to secure them in place.
The page protectors worked out great for the kiddies to use dry erase markers to mark and erase their boards.
If you're looking for a fun class party idea with first graders, this was a definite win!

I'm really, REALLY proud of... baby girl, Mushy Face for winning the Manner's Matter award for the first grade.
In a world full of bullies and negativity, my daughter's a shining star for remaining polite!
...and, yes, she absolutely does take after me...

We are completely loving...
...our Disney+ subscription!  The kids haven't turned it off yet.
We're loving the classics, movies we didn't know were Disney, Marvel flicks, and much more.
While I don't plan on watching The Mandalorian, I'm pumped for other shows that are in the works.
This subscription has led to many family movie nights, which is one of our favorite activities!

I'm super annoyed with... dishwasher for breaking and causing a flood in my kitchen.
Good thing that my husband is not only handsome, but really handy.
After troubleshooting for about an hour, he determined the problem was with the appliance.
He ran out, bought an inexpensive replacement, and installed it himself.
I was grateful for his quick fix because Thanksgiving is not the time to start hand washing dishes.

My heart is full because...
...I helped my cousin set up a surprise visit from NC to spend the holiday with us.
I'm really excited to spend the week with them and have some one on one girl talk!!
You know, the talk with large glasses of wine and lots of laughs while making zero sense..

I'm giggling as I type because...
...I'm listening to Winnie the Pooh in the background.
Christopher Robin left a note ending in "I'll be back soon."
Owl then concocts a story that an evil creature called Backson captured their friend.
What's a Backson known for?  Ripping all of the pages out of library books!

My heart smiles everytime... son calls me "mommy" in his squeaky, baby voice.
His vocabulary has grown greatly, but his first word was still Mama, just saying!
...then Thor.  See, the boy's already got his priorities straight...

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. Hulu also has a $1.99 per month for a whole year discount today. I'm watching Mandalorian, but I find it terribly dreary and boring, one of the worst things I've watched this year by far.

    1. I saw this one day too late! Ugh, and we needed Hulu to see the Thanksgiving day parade too. I don't plan on seeing Mandalorian, and now I"m definitely not going to. Thanks for the warning!

    2. Our sister Theresa does say Hulu is too user unfriendly so maybe you did not miss anything LOL

  2. Still haven't signed up for Disney+. Just got way too much to get caught up on and don't need another just yet, plus, the marvel shows aren't there yet. I'll be sure and get it then.

    Sounds like Bingo was a winner indeed and you were able to keep the cards all clean and erasable, go ocd haha

    Sounds like the kiddo has his priorities straight indeed.

    1. Yes, I'm really looking forward to having Loki back. He's always been one of my favorites. Bingo was a definite win! To keep my OCD in check is definitely a good thing. You don't want me twitching in front of Mushy's entire class. That would just be mortifying for her. hahaha

  3. I used to love being a room mom and planning those parties! One time, we played Fear Factor food challenge with third graders! Lol, can you believe that? They loved it!

    Our hot water tank broke this morning. My husband is not handy, but we were lucky to find someone to fix it today. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

    1. That is a brilliant idea!! If I ever get the opportunity to steal it from you, I will definitely have to let you know. Although with all of the food restrictions these days, I doubt that it would ever happen. I hope your hot water is back soon! There's nothing like a hot shower in this weather.

  4. That is a neat idea, kids and old people love bingo because almost any skill level can win.

  5. Your bingo is creative. I'm so glad the children enjoyed it. I don't like for you to say you were finally right about something. I don't believe that you don't do things right most of the time and make your family and others happy.


    1. Thanks, Janie! At my daughter's age, a lot of the stuff I do is a little lame. That's ok, though, as I like being lame!

  6. All here love Bingo Jax, hope you had a nice Thanksgiving , I love yours posts!!

  7. I think you and I are cursed at the same time. Your roof leaks, mine leaks. Your dishwasher breaks, mine breaks. Glad yours was an inexpensive fix. I had to replace the whole switchboard in mine this week (to the tune of a little over $200!)

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