Friday, November 22, 2019

Life: Friday Ramblings

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I've been left drained and exhausted from...
...the amount of travel that I've been required to do this month at work.
I've spent several nights away from home in far away hotels and hated every single one.
When I'm not away for the night, I wake up at 3AM for the day trip in and out of state.
Either way, I'm left exhausted.  I'll take the one that let's me snuggle with my babies at night.

I'm weighing the pros and cons for...
...a new job opportunity.  My old manager has offered me a position under him.
I absolutely loved working for him, but this job would be a big demotion in title and freedom.
While I'm OK with demoting myself in title, I'm not sure if I could ever go back to an 8 to 5.
My schedule requires lots of travel, but I make my schedule mostly which allows me to be present for my kids.

I find myself nostalgic and little anxious thinking about... quick everything in our life is passing us by!
My babies are growing up, my grandparents are aging, and the holidays are here.
I want to be excited for the holidays, not have them come and go.  Father Time, slow down!

I'm slightly humored yet annoyed at...
...Madre's comment to me the other day regarding Jared Padalecki's arrest.
She called to tell me of the arrest and that she realized I'm attracted to psychopaths.
My first love was Aaron Carter, an apparent psychopath.
Then I was crushing on Aaron Hernandez, a convicted psychopath.
Next up was my longtime boyfriend that got me blogging, LLS, a self proclaimed psychopath.
Lastly is Jared Padalecki, who my mother has now claimed a psychopath.

I'm still laughing at... exchange amongst my coworkers and I the other day.
"Jax, there are butt warmers on the back seat if you want to put them on."
A few minutes past after I turned the butt warmer on, and I felt the need to make a comment.
"Wow, it's really hot in here!"
"Then turn off the butt warmers..."
"I want my butt to be hot, but the rest of my body to be cold."
"Jax, you just summed up the life of every married man in one sentence."
...I still think I had a reasonable request...

I'm really excited to...
...start the true Thanksgiving prep this weekend!
It's time to start the shopping, cooking, cleaning, baking, and prepping.
Here's to a holiday filled with family, love, and the time to slow down and enjoy it.

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. Jared was arrested? What for? I saw some hot country singer arrested yesterday too, talk about hot felons!

    1. yesssss.. He got into a bar fight in Texas while he was really drunk. lol That's one line up I wouldn't mind viewing. hahaha

  2. Ha ha.... like that summing up the life of every married man in one sentence.

  3. lol the psychopath dater. There is a new nickname that you may not want to stick.

    Still on the work thing? Thought you denied that? OCD bring it back about as you went all pro and con.

    Yeah, time sure does fly. Soon the kiddos will be heading out of the house and you'll be 50. Wowweeeee.

    1. Lol noooo, I hate that nickname worse of all! Besides, if came from Madre so she will have a new one by tomorrow.

      As you know that work thing will haunt me for a few more weeks! And then maybe a couple more just so I can be sure...

  4. 3am is when I usually get up, it sucks

    1. Sweet Bejesus, Adam, why do you get up so early? I used to get up at 5am to get to school which was an hour walk away, but 3AM is really early.

    2. Lol yes that is a bit excessive. I get up at 3 when I have to travel out of state and that’s it!

  5. Traveling for work is tough. I remember being totally nostalgic about 10 -15 years post college graduation. Time goes faster the older you get, let me tell you! Hold your kids in your lap as long as you can. I have no clue who Jared is, but dang, that Aaron Carter was a cutie and I would have given him some candy! Lol!

    1. I hope the nostalgia doesn’t last too long bc it’s putting me in a funk. I’m letting more time pass me by mourning the time that already passed. Lol aaron carter was a big let down!

  6. I wish time would slow just a bit. I just realized that my daughter will be in her final year of college next year!? Like totally, wft!? Where did time go?

    Good luck on your job decision!

    Jared looks pretty rough in that mugshot photo. Somehow, he kind of has a Luke Perry look about him to me. A little cute a little rugged.

    1. Eep!!! Final year of COLLEGE?! I can’t even think about that, but that’s so exciting that she’s going to graduate soon. Idk who Luke Perry is, but if he looks like Jared then I’m sure I’d like him. Lol

    2. Girrrrrl, 90210! Luke was the king of hotness back in the 90's LOL. I think he was on Riverdale, which would probably be more in line with your age group television-wise.

  7. Wow, sounds you're on a packed schedule. It's been a similar scenario for me. I just started a new job three months ago but I already feel burnt our and exhausted and ready for something new and exciting and challenging!

    As for time - these days are going by particularly fast and it's difficult to take it all in. Just take 10 minutes every day to appreciate everything... savour the time with a coffee or tea... we need to take time out to completely value it. Here's to good things ahead!

    1. Only 3 mos in and you feel that way? I hope it gets better for you, or you find something different that is less draining. Work drain is the most exhausting, especially since it’s rare that you reap the reward!

  8. I live for weekends these days, and especially fourth quarter. I am so with you on wanting the world to slow down so I don't miss out on the important stuff.

  9. Do you think Father Time is married to Mother Earth?

  10. I got a concerned phone call from my mom about Jared Padalecki as well. "You need to be more careful who you fall in love with!" Um, mom, I'm married, thank you very much.


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