Friday, November 1, 2019

Life: Friday Ramblings

I love seeing my daughter's face every time...
...she gets booed!  The older kids in the neighborhood love to boo the younger ones.
They leave a spooky note that says "You've been booed!" and a little bag filled with goodies.
Did I mention that I love our new neighborhood?  Oh, about 100 times?  But, I do!

I'm feeling real stressed watching... baby boy struggle to breathe while he's suffering with bronchitis.
He gets this about once every six weeks and I'm starting to get concerned.
The doctor either blames allergies or the day care, but has yet to refer us to a specialist.
I hope that he doesn't have a chronic condition and that he feels better soon.

I really, really hate...
...kinetic sand and the mess it leaves behind!
I don't want my baby to grow up, but can't she just grow past this toy?!

We decided to move up...
...the work in the den/office area of the house!
In case the lung infections are stemming from allergies, we should rip up the carpet.
The previous owners had a cat and that dander loves to linger.
Hello, beautiful floors to match the rest of the house and good bye, allergies!  I hope...

I discovered the...
...the prequel to Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly and let's just say that I'm obsessed!
I may even venture to say that it's better than the original story, but I'll wait until I'm finished to commit.
The prequel is called Lost Roses and so far it really is a great read!
I'm partial to the fact that it takes place in NY and Long Island.  I love being able to relate!

I keep getting made fun of for...
...walking around with my composition notebook.
I've always had one with all my notes and to do lists.  It keeps me level headed and organized.
I'm meticulous with placing tabs for quick reference and I even glue calendar print outs for important dates.

I'm waiting to hear a deep dark secret because... husband asked me to go on an impromptu date night.
We typically go out twice a year, but tonight he surprised me with plans to go out.
He got a sitter, picked the place, and made an entire plan!
Maybe I'm being paranoid but deep dark secret is written all over this.

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. That photo will probably be a huge hit in your family for many decades to come! I prefer floors to carpets myself, but it does bring more work as you have to mop them every day :)

    1. This is true, but at least you can really clean a floor. A carpet can only be cleaned to an extent. We are already breathing better!

  2. You guys look great in your costumes.

    My brother used to have breathing problems, and believe it or not, his doctor said that the biggest offender in his flares was the couch. It harbors so much dander and dust, even more so than a carpet that gets swept frequently. Leather furniture helps reduce that though.

    1. Thanks! I hope that’s all that it is and nothing more serious. I googled and the google diagnosis was not very good.

  3. You'll look awesome in your costumes.

  4. You guys sure pulled off the costumes awesomely indeed.

    Hopefully it is just due to the dander. That stuff can get everywhere though. You pretty much need no furniture and no carpet and no clothes lol then it may go away. Oh, a deep dark secret. Hmm it can be worse than having someone's van, can it?

    1. Lol I will get rid of the dander. This will happen!

      Hahahaha nooo, the van takes it for the win! He didn’t have a deep dark secret other than that he got a gift card for the place while he was at work. I knew there was a catch, luckily it wasn’t a juicy one!

    2. haha well a gift card is a rather lame excuse as juice goes, but a better one than some deep dark secret indeed.

      Good luck with the dander.

    3. We continued the de-dandering of the house today was spring cleaning two rooms. We took off the tops of the radiators and almost threw up from the dust, spider webs, and FOUR living creatures that were lurking in there.

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