Wednesday, October 2, 2019

What is Stitch Fix plus a real life experience of it!

**Updated September 2020**

Ladies and gentleman, I have a new obsession.
...and it's probably more expensive than drugs, so don't tell my man...
It's called  S t i t c h  F i x.

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Honest & detailed review of StitchFix.

What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is a company that sells you clothing hand picked by a stylist to fit your size, shape, and needs.

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How does Stitch Fix work?

You take a detailed quiz that goes over your size, shape and style.  After taking the quiz, you pick a date for your Fix to arrive and leave a note for your stylist.  It's important to tell your stylist what you're looking for and if you have any special events.  

Note- It may take your stylist a couple of tries to get it perfect, but when they do, watch out!

Can you show us an example?

Yes I can!  Three weeks ago I placed an order with a very specific note.  I requested casual outfits for a trip to St. Lucia and specified the desire for a sundress and sandals.  I also requested a professional statement piece for a big corporate event I have within the next couple of weeks.  I reminded the stylist that I wanted items that couldn't be found in the store and that fit my very petite frame.  I'm probably more petite than you realize at 5'0 and 115 lbs.  This makes shopping a nightmare for me.

what comes in a stitchfix order

Four days earlier than my Fix was scheduled to arrive, it surprised me at the front door.  It was filled with a sundress, a romper, a business dress, a pair of shorts, and a white blouse.  It also came with a lovely little note from my stylist explaining how the pieces were meant to be worn.  She also apologized for not having any sandals at the moment in my size.
I ended up purchasing all 5 of the above pieces.
I mean, how couldn't I?  Look how lovely they all look!

Pros -  

1.  I've been sent some pretty fabulous pieces of clothing that fit my petite frame perfectly.  If you ever tried to shop for petite clothes in the store, you'll understand how big of a win this is!

2.  They have brands and pieces of clothing that are exclusive to Stitch Fix which means unique items.

3.  The stylist can put together a look for you that you otherwise wouldn't know how to do.

4.  You may discover a new look or trend that you weren't aware of.

5.  Their clothes and outfits lead to lots of compliments.

Cons -

1.  What they send you is dependent upon their current inventory.

2.  Sometimes the stylists don't get your actual style on the first or second try.  This is why it's so important to be honest with your stylist and give detailed feedback.

3.  In order to fit a "want", they may take a chance with a different size resulting in an unwanted piece.

4.  There is a styling fee that you pay for each Fix.  If you choose to purchase, that fee comes off the price.

5.  The pieces can get pricey so you need to be able to exert some self control.

I have been using Stitch Fix for a while now and it's usually great!  I did have a few bad Fixes when my original stylist either left the company or me.  After a few bad Fixes from stylists that didn't get me or my style, I finally found one that's perfect.

If you're interested in getting a Fix without any risk, click here to schedule it with a $25 credit.

Have you ever tried Stitch Fix?


  1. Hehe hehe your original stylist left the company because of you? :)))
    Sounds very practical, could be very interesting to try how other people see you fashionvise!

    1. LOL I mean, it's quite possible. I do get very defensive when they send me "small" regular clothes instead of petite. I could do that myself at the store. I pay the styling fee because I want petite choices that have shoulders and length that fit me!!!!!

  2. lol your original stylist left you? Were you too annoying? Or did she not want to go to the kids section to find clothes anymore?

    Sounds like a good way to do it though. As long as you get what you are looking for and it doesn't become a hassle.

    1. Me? Annoying? Absolutely not. ;)
      When I was in between stylists it was a bit of a hassle. I had a wedding that I had to go to and they kept sending me Fixes full of horrid clothes that didn't fix. It wasn't until I finally got my current stylist that it stopped.

  3. I like the concept, but clothing is something that I have to touch and try on in the store. I hate ordering clothes online because I hate the hassle of having to return most of it. I've know a lot of bloggers who do use StitchFix and love the service though. Thankfully, I'm not petite, so there are many options locally for me to choose from.

    1. Oh how I wish to be able to walk into a store and find things that fit. :) I guess it can be worse, so I'll try not to complain. Luckily, my father owns a dry cleaners with a tailor onsite. That tailor has really saved me throughout my 30 years of life...

  4. I'll be honest, I didn't read your post. I was too mesmerized by your pictures and well just stalked them all. Absolutely adorable! I can see the happiness all over your face. You love being a mom!! I'm so excited for you! I can't believe we lost touch like this. Not again, ma'am. Not again! Missed you lots, my friend!

    1. Aw, thank you so much!! They really are my entire life these days. I look at them and can't believe I made such perfect human beings. :) Missed you too!! Pat did keep me updated on how you were doing periodically throughout the years.

  5. Those are some nice choices. I have trouble finding clothes that fit because I'm six and a half feet tall and weigh 66 pounds. Oy, the troubles I have.


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