Monday, October 28, 2019

List: Ten things that are scarier than Halloween.

When I became too cool to wear a costume to school, Madre bought me a graphic tee.
I know, I know.  I'm so old that graphic tees didn't exist back then.  Whatever!
The shirt said "I'm like so scared" and it couldn't have been more perfect.
Even way back then, I was full of anxiety and was always nervous.
...and I may have overused the word like, like all the time...

In honor of Halloween...
...and one of the world's first graphic t-shirts
here's a list of things that make me say "I'm like so scared".

I'm like so scared; happy halloween; ten things I'm scared of;

Ten things that are scarier than Halloween in my opinion.

1.  Large bodies of water
One thing I can't stand are large bodies of water whether salted, fresh, or chlorinated.
I really hate when it's so dark that you can't even see what living creatures are in it.
I fear the ocean, lakes, ponds, rivers, swamps, canals, lagoons, streams, springs, and mildly large puddles.

2.  Spiders, bees, crickets, spickets, mosquitoes, & any other bug
Want to see me scream and yell?  Put a bug in my vicinity. 
I would rather take my chances with a real life vampire than with certain bugs.
FYI - Spider + Cricket = spicket & yes, it does exist.

3.  Elevators
Years and years ago I was stuck in an elevator during the unbearable heat.
The fear of suffocating or the elevator falling had me shaking, screaming, and climbing on Nanny's head.
Ever since, I have had a fear of elevators.  I avoid them whenever possible and hold my breathe when it's not.

4.  Death
I'm constantly wondering if there's life after death or if it just ends.
The thought of death and the fear of it happening has consumed my mind while awake and asleep.
It's so bad that I watch something and think about how much of my life passed since it happened!

5.  Vending machines
To be clear, I'm not afraid of the machine itself.  I don't think it's alive and will attack me.
I am petrified of sticking my hand into the bottom of the machine and retrieving my item.
I mean, who knows what's even in there waiting to touch my fingers!

6.  A terminal illness
While this is similar to #4, it deserves it's own category.
I'm always afraid that I, or a loved one, will contract a sickness that will lead to our untimely death.
With the help of Google and self help medical test results, I'm constantly diagnosing myself.

7.  Geese
Geese are not only evil, vicious creatures, but they are downright scary!
There are days I get stuck at work because the geese block the exits.
Oh, shh.  I lost a shoe to a goose once.  The threat is real!

8.  Choking
While I never wanted it to happen, this was never a fear of mine until recently.
My friend's son choked in my home and we couldn't dislodge it.  It was a very scary day.
Ever since then I've had this unshakable fear of choking every time my children or I eat.

9.  Flying in airplanes or helicopters
I really don't like the idea of flying and being hundreds of miles into the sky.
Booking a flight keeps me up at night and will give me nightmares for days months!
This is where we thanks scientists everywhere for creating pills to get us through things.

10.  Driving where deer are
The idea of driving down a road and a deer jumping in front of the car freaks me out.
I envision the deer smashing through the windshield and the legs kicking furiously at my face!
...or worse yet, a moose!  I've seen moose crossing signs and that's when I turn around.

What makes you like so scared?


  1. hahaha mildly large puddles can be so scary. Those geese can really be dinks. You'd never survive here as deer are everywhere, they even come into towns. As for death, pffft, if there is no life after death I won't care because I'll be dead. A terminal illness would suck, rather get it over with quickly. The choking one I worry about whenever I have the kids, always watch them like a hawk. That or them falling and whacking their head on something.

    1. Lol @ dink. It’s not a real word!!!

      You get a whole new set of fears when children are in your care. Choking, falling, them mysteriously disappearing... these are all real fears!

    2. Is too lol you learned that a while ago.

      Yep. A whole new set of fears indeed. Paranoia in overdrive.

  2. I do positively despise large bodies of water too, no human should live near water! I'm only scared of rats and politicians and mostly religion. And media propaganda and manipulation, cause truth no longer exists!

    1. I’d take a rat over a bug any day. I used to have a pet mouse. :)


    1. Lol!! This just further proves my fear of vending machines as valid!

  4. As a mom, my biggest fear is anything bad happening to my children.

    The terminal illness is one I think about often. I do have an illness that will more than likely cause my death and that's okay, but it's losing your dignity that really bothers me about it. After watching my dad lose control over his own body from his cancer, that's just not something I want to have to endure, as well as becoming a burden on my family, and that scares me more than anything. I fully support those with terminal illnesses that take the "right to die" route.

    Snakes scare me when I see them out in the open, but most bugs I can deal with (except for big fat flying ones).

  5. I have hit 6 deer in my life. None have come through the windshield. I also have a fear of large bodies of water. I don't know what is living down there. If I can't touch the bottom I am not going it.

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