Monday, October 14, 2019

List: Ten stereotypes about millennials that need to go away.

I've reached my wits end at work by recently getting into an argument with a coworker.  While I'll spare you all the boring, job specific details of the exchange, I will share the instigator.  As a younger female in the corporate world, I've heard my fair share of insults throughout the years.  "You're too young to understand that."  "That's because you're a female."
"Oh, don't be such a  g i r l  all the time."  "Your generation couldn't possibly appreciate that."  ..and there it alter ego - the millennial.  

As if the world didn't have enough ammunition to spread hate, a generation itself became an insult.

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What is a millennial?

Millennials are the people that were born between the years 1980 - 2000.  That's it.  The year you were born is the single qualifier.  Being born in 1988 is apparently one of my biggest downfalls in life.  Who knew!

At the sound of the word millennial I cringe and immediately become defensive.  That reaction usually gets me the best response ever.  "Well, you don't act like a millennial.  You must have been raised right."  I didn't realize you can raise someone out of a generation.  I blame my millennial brain for my ignorance.  The truth is that there are lots of stereotypes circulating about my generation.  I know they are stereotypes because they don't apply to me or other millennials I know personally.

Please join me in squashing the below listed stereotypes.

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Ten stereotypes about Millennials to squash.

1.  Millennials are lazy.
More than half the millennials I know are working more than one job to survive.  Lazy?  I think not.

2.  Millennials love to whine.
Every time I hear this one, I want to ask why that non-millennial is whining about whining?  The only whining that I see millennials are guilty of include a cork and a glass!

3.  Millennials don't even know how to write a check.
We do, but we may choose not to.  It's called online banking and it's convenient.  Plus, it saves trees.

4.  Millennials don't know hard work.
Technology has advanced making some jobs easier than they were in the past.  ...but, statistically speaking, we still work a lot more hours than previous generations...

5.  Millennials are selfish.
There are selfish people of all ages, sex, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality, etc.  Does no one else find labeling an entire generation as selfish a little silly?

6.  Millennials are entitled.
The only things we are entitled to are the four jobs between two people that it takes to run one household.

7.  Millennials are victims of bad parenting.
The funniest part of this myth is that the person saying it is typically insulting themselves.  Well, I mean their child probably is the exception to the rule, right?

8.  Millennials are stuck behind screens.
Statistically, Millennials spend more money on experiences than previous generations who spend on items.   Who needs fancy china when I can make memories?  I call that having my priorities straight.

9.  Millennials are financially irresponsible.
The cost of living has drastically risen, pay remained pretty stagnant, the cost of education inflated significantly, and yet Millennials still have more saved for retirement than baby boomers.  Just click here if you don't believe me!

10.  Millennials don't use the top sheet of a sheet set.
This one is probably true.  A top sheet is pointless.

Ladies and gentleman, I can admit to being many things.  I am anxious, obsessive, nervous, and probably a little annoying.  While all of that is true, there is one thing I am certainly not.  I am not sensitive.  It takes a lot to offend me.  If you're offending me, you're probably offending the majority of a generation.

Let's build each other up instead of spreading hate, judging, and creating a new form of discrimination!!

What do you think about millennials?


  1. Whaaat, those ain't stereotypes, those all true as my genius is true :)
    Millennials are the worst, somebody needs to outlaw them all and send them to Australia :) OMG this whole post is sooo millennial :)))))

    1. I'd totally be OK with that if I live next to one of the Hemsworth brothers. Otherwise, no deal! I don't really like the heat and it would be very expensive to go visit my family. :)

  2. Yeah, it has gotten rather ridiculous. But it has been the same forever. The older folks always say their generation was the best, knew how to do this, that, blah blah blah. Then when those kids get old, their generation was the best, blah blah blah. If working 4 jobs is lazy then I'd really don't want to see what hard work looks like. And yeah, there are things to nitpick past generations on buying too that is utterly pointless.

    1. That's true. In a few years, I'll be talking about my 10 mile walk to a bus stop in 20 feet of snow. hahahaha My daughter brought home a library book the other day and I was looking for the little card in a pocket to see when it was due to be returned. She looked at me like I was crazy and I just felt soooooo old!!

    2. lmao they don't do cards anymore? Who knew.

  3. We also get confused with Gen Z, a lot.

    1. This is true... but even they are subject to unfair scrutiny. We can all tease, but there has to be a line where it’s gone too far. You can’t hate an entire generation. That’s nuts!

  4. "The only things we are entitled to are the four jobs between two people that it takes to run one household." LOLOL so true

  5. I'll echo what Pat said. I think every generation thinks the ones that come after them are the worst. It's like saying, "we didn't have to worry about things like that in my day." Actually, Karen, you did, you just weren't aware of the horrors as much back then because you weren't getting the news instantaneously like you do now. With advancing technology, we have access to more information and we get it a lot faster than waiting for the nightly news. I do think there are morons in every generation though, and that does include the millennial one as well.

    1. Yes, I agree that there are always morons. The sad part is, they are usually the loudest ones too! I giggled at your use of Karen..I have a picture of a nonexistent Karen in my mind as I read that. Everyone’s the best, works the hardest, and is the smartest. I can deal with all that, but when I saw it being used as an excuse to not hire someone who was qualified left me speechless. That’s unacceptable to me. It goes both ways too. Some people don’t like to hire older people because they are stereotyped as slow, resistant to change, and technologically disabled... it’s discrimination!

    2. My mom just turned 61 and just found out that her job of 23 years is going belly up by March. I am scared for her because I know that she's a strong, hard working woman who will bust her butt to get the job done right. Future employers are just going to see 61 and cast her aside. To cast someone aside because of their age, race or gender is disgusting, but sadly it happens a lot more than we realize.

    3. That's terrible! It shouldn't be that way, but you're right. It happens all the time. Employers think of employees as an investment. An older employee would mean a short term investment... why is that so bad? Turnaround is high with younger employees that the turn around time is just as short!

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