Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Life: A real life Halloween scare!

In the past, I've celebrated Halloween on R&W with some spooky ghost stories.
I was going to continue with the tradition because I got lots of spooky stories and do the same today.
Instead, I decided to share with you one of the creepiest things I've seen in a while.

It all started a few months back when my son started cheering every time I put on The Incredibles.
His face lights up whenever he sees his Jack-Jack doll.
He hugs and gives really wet, slobbery kisses to his stuffed raccoon.
He screams "YEA YEA YEA" when Jack-Jack beats up the raccoon on TV.
It's blatantly obvious that my 1 year old is a hardcore fangirlboy!

My daughter wanted to get in on the action so she devised a plan.
For Halloween we would all be The Incredibles.
She would be Violet.
Daddy would be Mr. Incredible.
I would be Elastigirl.
Thor would be Dash.
Nanny would be Edna.
...and, of course...
My son would be Jack-Jack.

I happily obliged and purchased the costumes the second I found a decent sale.
The costumes came quickly so we decided to try them on.
This all cute so far, right?  Be patient, the creepiness is about to start.

My daughter went first and instantly transformed into Violet.
She loved the outfit, the mask, and the cool sound effects!

Next up was my son, except he didn't transform into Jack-Jack as expected.
He turned into some terrifying, horrifying, creepy, baby monster!!!!
...and then crawled away while making some freaky giggle....

My daughter screeched and took off to her room.
My husband chuckled.  It was an "I'm scared" chuckle.
Our dog even freaked out.  He barked and ran away to hide!

After gaining courage, I finally scooped him back up.
I ripped off that horrifying costume and put it back in the bag.
It has since been returned and will never, ever come back into our house again!

We had to implement plan B.
My son is going to be Dash.
...and his Jack-Jack doll can be Jack-Jack...

H a p p y  H a l l o w e e n  ! ! !

What are your plans this Halloween?


  1. Seems like he found his inner villain!

  2. lol but the bad guys just want to have fun too. Come on, Mom.

    1. Sooooooo creepy! It went right back to the store!!

  3. Dogs typically don't understand halloween costumes.

  4. I admit I know nothing about the Incredibles. What is the orange thing coming out of the little guy's headpiece?


  5. That's hilarious, and a little creepy too. I'd have probably sent the costume back as well.

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