Friday, October 25, 2019

Life: Friday Ramblings

Friday Ramblings

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This time of year I really miss... cousin and my God son since they moved.
We grew up like sisters and her son is my other baby.
All the festivities and holidays make me really miss my baby boy.
The festivities are also a lot less fun without my partner in crime by my side!

I'm really annoyed that... of the skylights in my kitchen is leaking.
It's causing the ceiling to buckle at the end of the slope.
The roofer came and will fix it for a reasonable price, but he had bad news.
He thinks the entire roof needs to be replaced which costs about the same amount as my house.
Obviously I am exaggerating, but it's seriously expensive!

I got way too exited to learn...
...that by holding down the space bar on your iPhone, your keyboard turns into a mouse.
You have no idea how much time I've wasted retyping whole words for apparently no reason!

I got the life scared out of me when... daughter didn't get off the school bus one day this week!
Her teacher "messed up" and sent her to aftercare.
Well, accidentally sending her to aftercare may give me a fright, but at least she is safe.
What if she accidentally sends her on the bus and there's no one on the bus stop to get her?  sigh

We are stocking up with...
...massive amounts of Halloween candy!
It's been years since I've seen more than a handful of trick or treaters.
We moved to a neighbor full of children and word is that is all about to change.
Our neighbors tell us that kids come through our neighborhood from all over town.
My daughter is definitely looking forward to it since in the past she was the only kid in the streets!
While I'm looking forward to seeing the kiddies, I hope this doesn't mean we get egged or something...

We are being a little extra this Halloween by...
...putting our little dog in a costume parade dressed up after his namesake.
We'll be introducing him as - Thor, the Puppy of Thunder!!
I mean, who else would he be named for?

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. Check it first with someone else who knows roofs, roofers tend to wanna replace everything just for the sake of it... and to rob you of monies, of course!
    Ah, I went to school on foot alone from age 6, nobody ever greeted me or came to pick me up.... booohoooo......

    1. Really? Your parents would have been arrested here! Then again, NY is probably a lot more dangerous. We have MS13 here and people (mostly children & teenagers) go missing daily. It's very scary. We had to a put a plan together in case she did get put on the bus. The bus driver isn't supposed to release any children at this age without a parent at the bus stop. But there are so many kids at the bus stop that it's possible my little mushy could slip past her! Ugh, just thinking about it gives me anxiety.

  2. That would sure make me nervous if she didn't get off the bus. Especially with all the weirdos out there. They got really strict here, can't even let them off without the parent in sight. Used to be could just jump off and go.

    Watch those roofers, but yeah, it can sure cost a lot and is a pain in the arse job. Did it once, never again. Hopefully you see lots of kiddos about. Making the poor pup wear clothes, geez haha

    1. Yea, the roofer did a patch job for now because he wanted a lot of money to replace the entire roof. He did mention that the insurance company may pay for it, but then I'm sure my insurance will go up the same amount of the roof for the rest of eternity!!

    2. Yep, if you use insurance it goes up and never comes down. A racket.

    3. Yup! Insurance is the biggest scam out there.

  3. Roofs really should be cheaper

  4. We also discovered a leak in our roof last week. It drained into my girls bathroom wall. Thankfully, it was caught in time so all that needs fixed is the paint in there since it bubbled from the water.

    We live on a dead end street, so hardly any kids come our way. We are one of the nicer neighborhoods, so a lot of families bring their kids out here, they just don't waste their time coming down our street (which is weird because we have the nicest houses in the neighborhood and pass out the best candy too). I buy 60 full sized Hershey's and Snickers candy bars from Costco because I like to reward the kids that make the effort coming all the way down to our house, but last year I had like 20 bars left over at the end of the night. It's so disappointing me for because I love seeing the kids all dressed up but I just don't get many of them here.

    1. Is this the week of leaking roofs?? Ugh, I hope not. Luckily the damage wasn't so bad. We had the same, buckling paint.

      That's so sad! If I knew that you had giant candy bars, I would take the trek down the dead end. :) This is our first Halloween in this house. Our old house was on a dead end street and I think we would get maybe (2) trick or treaters all day. It was really sad. I grew up in a gated community with every block being a culdesac. If we didn't walk down a dead end street, we wouldn't get any candy!!! lol

    2. I noticed a few of my neighbors getting new roofs put on this week, so apparently someone ticked off the roof gods lol. Glad it wasn't just us.

  5. We are stocking up with eggs. We are giving out eggs instead of candy.

    1. If I get egged, I’ll know who to blame.

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