Friday, October 18, 2019

Life: Friday Ramblings

Friday Ramblings

I'd like to welcome...
...the above mannequin head to my living room decor.
While I think he's a lovely addition, my husband hates him!
He's the newest thing to add to the decor that make my hubby shake his head.
Remember the vampire pig?!  My husband clearly has no taste!

I am very, VERY happy to... back in the comfort of my home, neighborhood, and routine.
As nice as it is to go away, there is no place to be like your own home.
I can walk around in just a bathrobe, have our dog by our side, and not skeeve the bathroom.
Plus, there's no plane ride in the near future to fill my brain with anxiety!

I am thrilled in a bittersweet way that...
...Supernatural is back with season 15 for my viewing pleasure!
While I'm ecstatic it's back on TV, I'm real sad to say goodbye to the Winchesters & Cas.

I really don't understand why...'s so difficult for people to wipe up whatever liquid that they spill.
Every morning, I find drops of coffee spilled on one counter and milk on the other!
My hubby spills the coffee and my daughter spills the cereal with milk.
My son even joined in.  Oh how he laughs as he slams his sippy cup splattering milk everywhere!

I'm very excited for...
...our pumpkin painting and s'mores party this weekend!
Our daughter's best friends will be coming over to join in on the fun.
I love that we became close with their parents and that our son is close with their siblings.

I'm completed baffled at... quickly my glass pumpkin full of candy corn is emptying.
I mean, corn candy is disgusting.  Who is eating all of it and WHY!?

I'm laughing at...
...the scene at the nail salon this afternoon.
I was getting a pedicure when the nail technician smacked my calf real HARD unexpectantly!
I gave her a look that said "WTF" and prepared myself for battle.
That's when she peeled of a squished mosquito bleh gag barf from my calf and told me she saved my life.

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. Sistah, you really have a strange taste for decorative items, this one is almost as fugly as that vampire piglet :))) Ya should listen to your husband he obviously has taste :PPP

    1. I need to send you a picture of the entire living room so that you can see how well they all blend! My son loves it. He crawls straight for it every time. lol lol

  2. Getting back to routine sure can be nice, and yeah, no nasty bathrooms is too. haha the head sure does shine, looks rather grumpy though. Season 15 sure is a go, only 18 episodes left.

    1. Shiny and grumpy?? That's the best you can do?!

      :( :( :( Way to be the glass is half empty about Supernatural! I'm so sad about this. They must come back next season. I mean, they just have to. Did you watch the first episode yet?

    2. haha well it is shiny and grumpy.

      Not coming back if Sammy goes all Walker Texas Ranger. Pfffft. Dumb idea. Yeah, watched the first one, will watch the second soon.

    3. You're wrong. He's a very happy mannequin. He told me so himself!

      lol I hope he comes back as something since I now need something else to fill my time with. I'm down to zero shows after Supernatural leaves me.

  3. you were one step from malaria

  4. We've had a few EEE cases here, so maybe she did save your life!

    Don't listen to Dezzy or your husband. I love your decorations. Neither of them knows what they are talking about.

    I'm shocked you spent good money on candy corn. And that someone is actually eating it!

    1. She's lucky my first reaction wasn't to kick! lol

      Thank you :) It all flows when you see it together.

      Ughh to Candy Corn! My daughter and her friends love it. I just buy it because the pumpkin is glass and it's a cheap way to fill it with orange things. I never imagined it would be eaten.

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