Friday, October 4, 2019

Life: Friday Rambles

Friday Ramblings

I get real happy every time...
...I look outside to see my fall mums potted and scattered throughout the deck.
The nursery owner told me that if planted in the ground, mums could come back every year.
We got an extra plant to try it out!  It would be a lovely surprise to see them sprout next Fall.
We did this with daisies.  They came back but my hubby thought they were a weed and murdered them.

I just had to deal with the tragedy of...
...Oral B discontinuing my daughter's favorite flavor of toothpaste.
We have tried to replace it with every flavor and brand under the sun, but have failed.
We now have an endless supply of children's toothpaste under our bathroom sink.
...and she still throws a hissy every morning when she has to brush...

I'm wishing my husband lots of luck on...
...his exams for state and county licensing required for his new job.
He's been working real hard to excel at this job and is getting frustrated with the testing.
He's great at what he does but is a very nervous test taker.
Here's to him passing the upcoming test!

I'm eavesdropping on...
...two male voices talking some serious crap about Gwenyth Paltrow.
I don't understand why she has such a bad rep.  She seems like a kind soul and is beautiful.
One voice said "I'd give her a chance" and I wanted to yell out "I bet she'd be thrilled about that"!

I let out a high pitched EEP when... husband surprised me with a new band for my Fitbit.
I wear my Fitbit all day and all night.  Due to the high wear, the original straps broke beyond repair.
I was so sad when I had to retire my Fitbit thinking I'd never have the time or money to fix it.
He bought rose gold, leather straps this time instead of the rubber ones that broke.  It looks so chic!

I'm hysterical laughing in hindsight at... husband, daughter, and I hunting down a cricket like there was a lion loose in the living room.
It literally took 3 hours to find the intruder, but we did hail  v i c t o r i o u s.

I really don't understand the hype about...
...a pumpkin spice latte.  I mean, ew.  They taste like a bad perfume.
Now if there was a pumpkin muffin hype I'd be all about it!

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. We have chrysanthemums all around the yard in all possible colours, big and small, we don't keep them potted, you only need to cover them with a plastic bag during the November morning frosts if they're still blooming then.
    I hate it that we don't have toothpastes in flavours here :( We used to have green apple, honey and lemon, now nothing :(
    OMG you obviously haven't really followed Gwyneth much, have you? She is a pompous and arrogant idiotic brat who thinks too much of herself and dresses fugly too :)

    1. Oh that sounds lovely!! You should take some pictures. :) Does that mean that they come back every year?

      Do you have mint at least? I like the strongest mint flavor possible, but my daughter tells me that it smells disgusting. lol

      I did not know this about her! What has she done? I've always adored her in movies and thought she was so beautiful!

    2. Most of them do return every Autumn if you do not destroy them in the meantime LOL Mums are not seasonal, they can last for decades, especially in thicker bushes.

    3. Does it get really cold by you? Maybe it's our colder Winters that cause them to die.

    4. No, we have the same temps, below zero in winters, you just need to cut them off above the surface of the soil when they finish blooming and when their leaves die. You can throw leaves around them to make the stub and the roots warmer during the winter the same as with other plants and flowers. But maybe they make your sorts of mums weaker :) so that you would buy them every year LOL.

  2. Hopefully his test goes well. Lol the great cricket hunters, huh? May want to work on getting your time down before you hire yourself out. The right toothpastes sure can make or break for anyone, especially a kiddo. Slave to the corporations we be. Have heard nothing good about Paltrow, so I'm with them on that part.

    1. He has failed the test...but is taking another one in a few more weeks. Let's cross our fingers as I don't think I can take it anymore. Him studying is like dealing with a 2 year old that doesn't want to do homework. lol

      But, but...have you heard something bad? I mean, you must at least admit that she's a beautiful woman! Besides, she sells goop so that has to count for something.

    2. lol he is just preparing you for all the homework of the kiddos.

      Just read some stupid things she has said that makes her sound like an air head. Meh, not really my type.

  3. She'll eventually get over it, she has to go over the stages of grief. Then she'll pick a new flavor she likes. Then you hope that Oral B or Crest doesn't take that one out.

    1. My mother convinced her that Owen from Jurrasic World told her that his toothpaste is the same flavor as Shimmer and Shine. So far this has worked!

  4. Was the cricket in a hay stack? was that the problem?

  5. Good luck to your hubs on his upcoming test.

    I second what Dezzy said about Paltrow. Cannot stand the woman. She always seems so arrogant and a little out of touch with reality. I mean, WTF was all of that about "conscious uncoupling" when her and her husband split. Call it a fricken' divorce because that's what it is. Plus, her kids have stupid names.

    1. Yes, imagine naming your son Moses Martin!

  6. What flavor of toothpaste do you need? Maybe I'll run into the toothpaste fairy. I wonder if mums do well here. I'm not much of a gardener and I'd like to have more flowers. Rose gold is an outstanding choice. I think people make fun of Gwyneth Paltrow because she has that lifestyle company (I know very little about it so I'm not sure how to describe it) called Goop. They sell some kind of strange things and she seems to have little knowledge of the products. Sometimes she says kind of odd things. When she and her first husband got divorced, she said they were consciously uncoupling. However, I think she seems very sweet, too, and she's a good actress.

    Janie, who just plain got divorced

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