Monday, October 14, 2019

List: Ten stereotypes about millennials that need to go away.

I've reached my wits end at work by recently getting into an argument with a coworker.
While I'll spare you all the boring, job specific details of the exchange, I will share the instigator.

As a younger female in the corporate world, I've heard my fair share of insults throughout the years.
"You're too young to understand that."  "That's because you're a female."
"Oh, don't be such a  g i r l  all the time."  "Your generation couldn't possibly appreciate that."
..and there it alter ego - the millennial.
As if the world didn't have enough ammunition to spread hate, a generation itself became an insult.

What is a millennial?
Millennials are the people that were born between the years 1980 - 2000.
That's it.  The year you were born is the single qualifier.
Being born in 1988 is apparently one of my biggest downfalls in life.  Who knew!

At the sound of the word millennial I cringe and immediately become defensive.
That reaction usually gets me the best response ever.
"Well, you don't act like a millennial.  You must have been raised right."
I didn't realize you can raise someone out of a generation.  I blame my millennial brain for my ignorance.
The truth is that there are lots of stereotypes circulating about my generation.
I know they are stereotypes because they don't apply to me or other millennials I know personally.
Please join me in squashing the stereotypes.

Image result for millennials

Ten stereotypes about millennials that need to go away.

1.  Millennials are lazy.
More than half the millennials I know are working more than one job to survive.  Lazy?  I think not.

2.  Millennials love to whine.
Every time I hear this one, I want to ask why that non-millennial is whining about whining?
The only whining that I see millennials are guilty of include a cork and a glass!

3.  Millennials don't even know how to write a check.
We do, but we may choose not to.  It's called online banking and it's convenient.  Plus, it saves trees.

4.  Millennials don't know hard work.
Technology has advanced making some jobs easier than they were in the past.
...but, statistically speaking, we still work a lot more hours than previous generations...

5.  Millennials are selfish.
There are selfish people of all ages, sex, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality, etc.
Does no one else find labeling an entire generation as selfish a little silly?

6.  Millennials are entitled.
The only things we are entitled to are the four jobs between two people that it takes to run one household.

7.  Millennials are victims of bad parenting.
The funniest part of this myth is that the person saying it is typically insulting themselves.
Well, I mean their child probably is the exception to the rule, right?

8.  Millennials are stuck behind screens.
Statistically, Millennials spend more money on experiences than previous generations who spend on items. 
Who needs fancy china when I can make memories?  I call that having my priorities straight.

9.  Millennials are financially irresponsible.
The cost of living has drastically risen, pay remained pretty stagnant, the cost of education inflated significantly, and yet Millennials still have more saved for retirement than baby boomers.  
Just click here if you don't believe me!

10.  Millennials don't use a top sheet.
This one is probably true.  A top sheet is pointless.


Ladies and gentleman, I can admit to being many things.
I am anxious, obsessive, nervous, and probably a little annoying.
While all of that is true, there is one thing I am certainly not.  I am not sensitive.
It takes a lot to offend me.  If you're offending me, you're probably offending the majority of a generation.

Let's build each other up instead of spreading hate, judging, and creating a new form of discrimination!!


Do you believe that an entire generation should be subject to these stereotypes?

Monday, October 7, 2019

Life: Vacation

Image result for vacation week; we're on vacation; see you in a week!; hello vacation

We are on our way to St. Lucia.
We will be spending a week on the island.
Lord, protect us on the plane and on the island!
Can you tell that I'm real anxious about this trip and plane ride?

While we're making the best of it, the trip isn't really a vacation.
Our children and I will be meeting my mother in law for the very first time.
My husband will be seeing his mother for the first time in 11 years.
She lives in a country that's near impossible to get out of, even for vacation.
After years of saving and planning, we're finally able to meet her in person.

R&W will resume on October 14th.
See you then!  I hope.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Life: Friday Rambles

Friday Ramblings

I get real happy every time...
...I look outside to see my fall mums potted and scattered throughout the deck.
The nursery owner told me that if planted in the ground, mums could come back every year.
We got an extra plant to try it out!  It would be a lovely surprise to see them sprout next Fall.
We did this with daisies.  They came back but my hubby thought they were a weed and murdered them.

I just had to deal with the tragedy of...
...Oral B discontinuing my daughter's favorite flavor of toothpaste.
We have tried to replace it with every flavor and brand under the sun, but have failed.
We now have an endless supply of children's toothpaste under our bathroom sink.
...and she still throws a hissy every morning when she has to brush...

I'm wishing my husband lots of luck on...
...his exams for state and county licensing required for his new job.
He's been working real hard to excel at this job and is getting frustrated with the testing.
He's great at what he does but is a very nervous test taker.
Here's to him passing the upcoming test!

I'm eavesdropping on...
...two male voices talking some serious crap about Gwenyth Paltrow.
I don't understand why she has such a bad rep.  She seems like a kind soul and is beautiful.
One voice said "I'd give her a chance" and I wanted to yell out "I bet she'd be thrilled about that"!

I let out a high pitched EEP when... husband surprised me with a new band for my Fitbit.
I wear my Fitbit all day and all night.  Due to the high wear, the original straps broke beyond repair.
I was so sad when I had to retire my Fitbit thinking I'd never have the time or money to fix it.
He bought rose gold, leather straps this time instead of the rubber ones that broke.  It looks so chic!

I'm hysterical laughing in hindsight at... husband, daughter, and I hunting down a cricket like there was a lion loose in the living room.
It literally took 3 hours to find the intruder, but we did hail  v i c t o r i o u s.

I really don't understand the hype about...
...a pumpkin spice latte.  I mean, ew.  They taste like a bad perfume.
Now if there was a pumpkin muffin hype I'd be all about it!

What are your Friday Ramblings?

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Review: Stitch Fix

Ladies and gentleman, I have a new obsession.
...and it's probably more expensive than drugs, so don't tell my man...
It's called  S t i t c h  F i x.

Image result for stitchfix logo; stitch fix review; stitchfix; a real stitch fix experience

What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is a company that sells you clothing hand picked by a stylist to fit your size, shape, and needs.

How does Stitch Fix work?

You take a detailed quiz that goes over your size, shape and style.
After taking the quiz, you pick a date for your Fix to arrive and leave a note for your stylist.
It's important to tell your stylist what you're looking for and if you have any special events.
Note- It may take your stylist a couple of tries to get it perfect, but when they do, watch out!

Can you show us an example?

Yes I can!
Three weeks ago I placed an order with a very specific note.
I requested casual outfits for a trip to St. Lucia and specified the desire for a sundress and sandals.  I also requested a professional statement piece for a big corporate event I have within the next couple of weeks.  I reminded the stylist that I wanted items that couldn't be found in the store and that fit my very petite frame.
I'm probably more petite than you realize at 5'0 and 115 lbs.  This makes shopping a nightmare for me.

Four days earlier than my Fix was scheduled to arrive, it surprised me at the front door.  It was filled with a sundress, a romper, a business dress, a pair of shorts, and a white blouse.  It also came with a lovely little note from my stylist explaining how the pieces were meant to be worn.  She also apologized for not having any sandals at the moment in my size.
I ended up purchasing all 5 of the above pieces.
I mean, how couldn't I?  Look how lovely they all look!

Pros -  
-I've been sent some pretty fabulous pieces of clothing that fit my petite frame perfectly.
If you ever tried to shop for petite clothes in the store, you'll understand how big of a win this is!
-They have brands and pieces of clothing that are exclusive to Stitch Fix which means unique items.
-The stylist can put together a look for you that you otherwise wouldn't know how to do.
-You may discover a new look or trend that you weren't aware of.
-Their clothes and outfits lead to lots of compliments.

Cons -
-What they send you is dependent upon their current inventory.
-Sometimes the stylists don't get your actual style on the first or second try.
This is why it's so important to be honest with your stylist and give detailed feedback.
-In order to fit a "want", they may take a chance with a different size resulting in an unwanted piece.
-There is a styling fee that you pay for each Fix.  If you choose to purchase, that fee comes off the price.
-The pieces can get pricey so you need to be able to exert some self control.

I have been using Stitch Fix for a while now and it's usually great!
I did have a few bad Fixes when my original stylist either left the company or me.
After a few bad Fixes from stylists that didn't get me or my style, I finally found one that's perfect.

Have you or will you try Stitch Fix?

If you haven't yet and want to, holler out, because you and I would get $25 for friend referrals.

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