Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Life: A real life Halloween scare!

In the past, I've celebrated Halloween on R&W with some spooky ghost stories.
I was going to continue with the tradition because I got lots of spooky stories and do the same today.
Instead, I decided to share with you one of the creepiest things I've seen in a while.

It all started a few months back when my son started cheering every time I put on The Incredibles.
His face lights up whenever he sees his Jack-Jack doll.
He hugs and gives really wet, slobbery kisses to his stuffed raccoon.
He screams "YEA YEA YEA" when Jack-Jack beats up the raccoon on TV.
It's blatantly obvious that my 1 year old is a hardcore fangirlboy!

My daughter wanted to get in on the action so she devised a plan.
For Halloween we would all be The Incredibles.
She would be Violet.
Daddy would be Mr. Incredible.
I would be Elastigirl.
Thor would be Dash.
Nanny would be Edna.
...and, of course...
My son would be Jack-Jack.

I happily obliged and purchased the costumes the second I found a decent sale.
The costumes came quickly so we decided to try them on.
This all cute so far, right?  Be patient, the creepiness is about to start.

My daughter went first and instantly transformed into Violet.
She loved the outfit, the mask, and the cool sound effects!

Next up was my son, except he didn't transform into Jack-Jack as expected.
He turned into some terrifying, horrifying, creepy, baby monster!!!!
...and then crawled away while making some freaky giggle....

My daughter screeched and took off to her room.
My husband chuckled.  It was an "I'm scared" chuckle.
Our dog even freaked out.  He barked and ran away to hide!

After gaining courage, I finally scooped him back up.
I ripped off that horrifying costume and put it back in the bag.
It has since been returned and will never, ever come back into our house again!

We had to implement plan B.
My son is going to be Dash.
...and his Jack-Jack doll can be Jack-Jack...

H a p p y  H a l l o w e e n  ! ! !

What are your plans this Halloween?

Monday, October 28, 2019

List: Ten things that are scarier than Halloween.

When I became too cool to wear a costume to school, Madre bought me a graphic tee.
I know, I know.  I'm so old that graphic tees didn't exist back then.  Whatever!
The shirt said "I'm like so scared" and it couldn't have been more perfect.
Even way back then, I was full of anxiety and was always nervous.
...and I may have overused the word like, like all the time...

In honor of Halloween...
...and one of the world's first graphic t-shirts
here's a list of things that make me say "I'm like so scared".

I'm like so scared; happy halloween; ten things I'm scared of;

Ten things that are scarier than Halloween in my opinion.

1.  Large bodies of water
One thing I can't stand are large bodies of water whether salted, fresh, or chlorinated.
I really hate when it's so dark that you can't even see what living creatures are in it.
I fear the ocean, lakes, ponds, rivers, swamps, canals, lagoons, streams, springs, and mildly large puddles.

2.  Spiders, bees, crickets, spickets, mosquitoes, & any other bug
Want to see me scream and yell?  Put a bug in my vicinity. 
I would rather take my chances with a real life vampire than with certain bugs.
FYI - Spider + Cricket = spicket & yes, it does exist.

3.  Elevators
Years and years ago I was stuck in an elevator during the unbearable heat.
The fear of suffocating or the elevator falling had me shaking, screaming, and climbing on Nanny's head.
Ever since, I have had a fear of elevators.  I avoid them whenever possible and hold my breathe when it's not.

4.  Death
I'm constantly wondering if there's life after death or if it just ends.
The thought of death and the fear of it happening has consumed my mind while awake and asleep.
It's so bad that I watch something and think about how much of my life passed since it happened!

5.  Vending machines
To be clear, I'm not afraid of the machine itself.  I don't think it's alive and will attack me.
I am petrified of sticking my hand into the bottom of the machine and retrieving my item.
I mean, who knows what's even in there waiting to touch my fingers!

6.  A terminal illness
While this is similar to #4, it deserves it's own category.
I'm always afraid that I, or a loved one, will contract a sickness that will lead to our untimely death.
With the help of Google and self help medical test results, I'm constantly diagnosing myself.

7.  Geese
Geese are not only evil, vicious creatures, but they are downright scary!
There are days I get stuck at work because the geese block the exits.
Oh, shh.  I lost a shoe to a goose once.  The threat is real!

8.  Choking
While I never wanted it to happen, this was never a fear of mine until recently.
My friend's son choked in my home and we couldn't dislodge it.  It was a very scary day.
Ever since then I've had this unshakable fear of choking every time my children or I eat.

9.  Flying in airplanes or helicopters
I really don't like the idea of flying and being hundreds of miles into the sky.
Booking a flight keeps me up at night and will give me nightmares for days months!
This is where we thanks scientists everywhere for creating pills to get us through things.

10.  Driving where deer are
The idea of driving down a road and a deer jumping in front of the car freaks me out.
I envision the deer smashing through the windshield and the legs kicking furiously at my face!
...or worse yet, a moose!  I've seen moose crossing signs and that's when I turn around.

What makes you like so scared?

Friday, October 25, 2019

Life: Friday Ramblings

Friday Ramblings

decorative pillow; grateful pillow decor; pier1 fall pillow; autumn pillow pier1; autumn decor

This time of year I really miss... cousin and my God son since they moved.
We grew up like sisters and her son is my other baby.
All the festivities and holidays make me really miss my baby boy.
The festivities are also a lot less fun without my partner in crime by my side!

I'm really annoyed that... of the skylights in my kitchen is leaking.
It's causing the ceiling to buckle at the end of the slope.
The roofer came and will fix it for a reasonable price, but he had bad news.
He thinks the entire roof needs to be replaced which costs about the same amount as my house.
Obviously I am exaggerating, but it's seriously expensive!

I got way too exited to learn...
...that by holding down the space bar on your iPhone, your keyboard turns into a mouse.
You have no idea how much time I've wasted retyping whole words for apparently no reason!

I got the life scared out of me when... daughter didn't get off the school bus one day this week!
Her teacher "messed up" and sent her to aftercare.
Well, accidentally sending her to aftercare may give me a fright, but at least she is safe.
What if she accidentally sends her on the bus and there's no one on the bus stop to get her?  sigh

We are stocking up with...
...massive amounts of Halloween candy!
It's been years since I've seen more than a handful of trick or treaters.
We moved to a neighbor full of children and word is that is all about to change.
Our neighbors tell us that kids come through our neighborhood from all over town.
My daughter is definitely looking forward to it since in the past she was the only kid in the streets!
While I'm looking forward to seeing the kiddies, I hope this doesn't mean we get egged or something...

We are being a little extra this Halloween by...
...putting our little dog in a costume parade dressed up after his namesake.
We'll be introducing him as - Thor, the Puppy of Thunder!!
I mean, who else would he be named for?

What are your Friday Ramblings?

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Let's Discss: Ghosting

With Halloween lurking nearby, I thought it would be appropriate to bring up the topic of ghosting.
Calm yourself!  I'm not talking about spooky ghosts like I've discussed here...

What is ghosting?
Ghosting is a relatively new term that refers to someone disappearing from your life without explanation.  While this can be used in reference to anyone, it's typically reserved for dates and/or relationships.

Why do people ghost?
I don't believe anyone fully knows the answer to this question.
My guess is that people ghost because they are insecure, afraid of confrontation, looking for an easy way out, or just plain inconsiderate.  To tell someone that you don't want to be in their life anymore isn't an easy thing to do but it's the right thing to do.  It's bad enough to be rejected, but it's worse to wait and wonder.

What is a real life example?
A good friend of mine recently got ghosted.
She was dating this guy for years when one day he just vanished into thin air.  He deleted her from all social media accounts, wouldn't answer calls, and he ignored all of the text messages.  A few months later he reappeared stating that he was depressed.  He decided to cut off contact to avoid bringing her down with him.  She gave him the benefit of the doubt to only be ghosted a second time.  Once again she's blocked from any means of communication and with zero warning.
Depression or a jerk?  Please put your input in the comments!

Image result for ghosting meme; what is ghosting; why do people ghost

In my twenties, I've told countless fibs to get out of dates.
I've made up limitless excuses to turn down men I wasn't interested in.
I even had big girl conversations to break up with two different exes I outgrew.
...but I never, ever just ghosted on someone.
I couldn't. It would  h a u n t  me.
See what I did there?  hehe

Have you ever ghosted somebody or been ghosted?  If yes, why?

Monday, October 21, 2019

Review: Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa

Earlier this month, my family and I ventured off to the Caribbean.
We stayed at Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa in St. Lucia.
This was my first experience in the Caribbean and at an all inclusive resort.

Despite the inexperience, I opted with this resort due to it's family friendly atmosphere.
St. Lucia is a honeymoon destination with limited family friendly facilities!
We also researched countless testimonies from previous guests and stalked the resort's social media.
After all the research we decided that Coconut Bay would best meet our needs.

coconut bay; review of coconut bay; review of coconut bay resort; st. lucia resort; unbiased review of coconut bay; top st. lucia resorts; family friendly st. lucia resort

Review of Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa

1.  Free airport shuttle service to and from the UVF airport.

coconut bay; review of coconut bay; review of coconut bay resort; st. lucia resort; unbiased review of coconut bay; top st. lucia resorts; family friendly st. lucia resort

While I don't have a picture of the shuttle, here we are at the airport in NY.  Close enough?
Keeping a one year old entertained for a 5 hour trip was difficult enough.
It was comforting to know that we had a shuttle waiting to transport us upon arrival.
The best part was, the resort took care of booking the shuttle based on your flight.
It really was a hassle free and convenient service that was much appreciated.

2.  They welcome you with a fruity cocktail and pleasant surprises.

coconut bay; review of coconut bay; review of coconut bay resort; st. lucia resort; unbiased review of coconut bay; top st. lucia resorts; family friendly st. lucia resort

After exiting the plane into a suffocating, humid heat, the iced cocktail was welcomed.
You were also welcomed with smiling faces and honest inquiries of your travel experience.
The housekeeping staff left us sweet notes and a variety of fresh, tropical flowers daily.

3.  This is truly an all inclusive resort.

coconut bay; review of coconut bay; review of coconut bay resort; st. lucia resort; unbiased review of coconut bay; top st. lucia resorts; family friendly st. lucia resort

The concept of an all inclusive resort is something that I struggled with.
The entire trip I was waiting for some sort of catch or hidden fee tucked away somewhere.
I am pleased to say that there was absolutely no surprises.  We were notified of everything "extra".
Note:  Offsite excursions, the photographer, and the paintball facility weren't included.
All food, drinks (+alcoholic), tips, taxes, airport shuttle, and even laundry machines were included.
With the exception of the photographer, we didn't have to open our wallets once. 

4.  Every room has a tropical view.

coconut bay; review of coconut bay; review of coconut bay resort; st. lucia resort; unbiased review of coconut bay; top st. lucia resorts; family friendly st. lucia resort

From our room on the 2nd floor we had a lovely view of the pool, lazy river, and the ocean.
While my personal experience is pictured, the website notes that each room has a tropical view.

5.  The pools are beautiful, family friendly, and meticulous.

coconut bay; review of coconut bay; review of coconut bay resort; st. lucia resort; unbiased review of coconut bay; top st. lucia resorts; family friendly st. lucia resort

The resort has five pools, but we remained at Splash pool (pictured) most of the trip.
The pool was kept meticulously clean and was geared towards children and adults.
Coming from a woman that's not a fan of pools, swimming, or the water... this is a big compliment.
It resembled a beach with gradual sloping into a deeper (but not too deep) end.
Splash pool had two waterfalls, underwater stools and tables, and a sprinkler fountain.
Every pool was lined with comfortable lounge chairs and big umbrellas for shade.
While there was no lifeguard, the pool was fully staffed with attentive and friendly attendants.

6.  There is a restaurant in a tree house.

         coconut bay; review of coconut bay; review of coconut bay resort; st. lucia resort; unbiased review of coconut bay; top st. lucia resorts; family friendly st. lucia resort

The Jerk Tree House was a fun restaurant located right outside of Splash pool.
It served local foods buffet style and was literally in a tree.
The little kid in me thought this was so freaking cool!
The tables and chairs were made from tree stumps.
Even the utensils were in theme by being made of wood.
The food was delicious, the location was convenient, and the view was spectacular!

7.  There is a lazy river and water slides a quick walk away from Splash pool.

coconut bay; review of coconut bay; review of coconut bay resort; st. lucia resort; unbiased review of coconut bay; top st. lucia resorts; family friendly st. lucia resort

The lazy river was lots of fun and great for the little kids, babies, or tired adults.
It took about 15 minutes to float through and had a waterfall mid way to wake you up.
There were multiple water slides, some more intense than others but all were fun!

8.  There are multiple dining choices included in your package.

coconut bay; review of coconut bay; review of coconut bay resort; st. lucia resort; unbiased review of coconut bay; top st. lucia resorts; family friendly st. lucia resort

There are a total of nine different restaurants to dine at during your stay.
Of the nine, six are sit down meals in a pleasant atmosphere with a dress code.
Note - Two of the six come at an additional charge, but it is disclosed from the start.
There is the main eating area that serves a variety of food in buffet style for all three meals.
Flip Flops is a very casual spot located near the pool for a quick bite for lunch, dinner, or snack.
The ninth dining choice is the Jerk Tree House which was already mentioned above.
We only ate at two of the six sit down dining options since reservations were limited.
We dined at Seaside and Silk (pictured) and both were absolutely lovely with delicious food!

9.  There is a very talented photographer onsite.

coconut bay; review of coconut bay; review of coconut bay resort; st. lucia resort; unbiased review of coconut bay; top st. lucia resorts; family friendly st. lucia resort

Normally I wouldn't splurge on a photographer since I take lots of pictures myself on vacation.
Considering it was 11 years since my MIL has seen her son, I opted to do the photo shoot.
I'm so glad that we did because the photographer did a great job of capturing the special moments.
The photographer was talented, patient, down to earth, and generous!
We definitely weren't in NY.  He viewed the "packages" as guidelines and didn't look at the clock once!
We left with 24 priceless shots and my MIL left with 6 prints that are sure to bring smiles for life.
Coconut Bay also does weddings.  I would be more than pleased with this photographer for mine!

10.  There is daily entertainment for morning, noon, and night.

coconut bay; review of coconut bay; review of coconut bay resort; st. lucia resort; unbiased review of coconut bay; top st. lucia resorts; family friendly st. lucia resort

Upon arrival you are given a weekly schedule that lists all of the resort's activities and events.
While we didn't participate in all of them, we did indulge in quite a few.
Our favorites were the Caribbean Night party, Country Hoedown (pictured), and Foam Party!
 We also played bingo and had fun dancing while being serenaded throughout the week.
We watched fruit cutting and Caribbean cooking demonstrations.
We almost participated in their Chocolate Obsession night, but fell asleep.
As you can tell, I'm still a little burned about the chocolate night..
There was definitely something to do for everyone!

11.  They serve the most delicious drink ever called Bob Marley.

coconut bay; review of coconut bay; review of coconut bay resort; st. lucia resort; unbiased review of coconut bay; top st. lucia resorts; family friendly st. lucia resort

I'm not sure what's in it, but it's dangerously delicious.
It's also frozen and very refreshing in the heat of St. Lucia.

12.  There is a swim up bar in Splash pool.

coconut bay; review of coconut bay; review of coconut bay resort; st. lucia resort; unbiased review of coconut bay; top st. lucia resorts; family friendly st. lucia resort

You had to tread through the sloping waters and make it through the waterfall to find the swim up bar.
It was cool, convenient, and lots of fun.
In addition to lots of adult beverages, the kiddies had a drink menu of their own.
One Bob Marley, one Jack and coke, and one Fairy Godmother, please!!

There is one thing that I didn't list but definitely deserves mentioning.
The entire staff at Coconut Bay is beyond attentive, accommodating, and caring.
They make you feel like you're part of the family and really being catered to.
This means a lot, especially since tips are included in your package and are not expected by staff.
Although we did cheat a little and tip a few star staff members on the last day.

Other Pros-
*Direct beach access down a few stairs from the pool.
*Hammocks, shaded tables, gazebos, and other amenities for comfort.
*There is a bar, lounge chairs, and other comforts along the mile long beach of Coconut Bay.
*There is a shack for water sports on the beach.  (Mostly included in your stay.)
*Gluten free and vegetarian food options automatically displayed.
*Vendors come onsite twice a week to sell Lucian souvenirs.
 *Excursions to be booked directly through the resort.
*The beach was vacuumed (literally) daily.

*Limited dining reservations for sit down dinners.
*Unexpected dress codes for sit down dinners.
*The majority of the resort lacked air conditioning.  (Rooms had AC.)

I apologize for this uncommonly long post, but we really did have a fabulous time at St. Lucia!
Not going to lie, I totally cringed at my list of twelve!!
I would highly recommend this resort to anyone.

Have you or will you ever been to St. Lucia?

**Disclosure - This review is completely unbiased.  Coconut Bay had nothing to do with the review and I was not compensated in any means.  I am just a satisfied customer wanting to share.**

Friday, October 18, 2019

Life: Friday Ramblings

Friday Ramblings

I'd like to welcome...
...the above mannequin head to my living room decor.
While I think he's a lovely addition, my husband hates him!
He's the newest thing to add to the decor that make my hubby shake his head.
Remember the vampire pig?!  My husband clearly has no taste!

I am very, VERY happy to... back in the comfort of my home, neighborhood, and routine.
As nice as it is to go away, there is no place to be like your own home.
I can walk around in just a bathrobe, have our dog by our side, and not skeeve the bathroom.
Plus, there's no plane ride in the near future to fill my brain with anxiety!

I am thrilled in a bittersweet way that...
...Supernatural is back with season 15 for my viewing pleasure!
While I'm ecstatic it's back on TV, I'm real sad to say goodbye to the Winchesters & Cas.

I really don't understand why...'s so difficult for people to wipe up whatever liquid that they spill.
Every morning, I find drops of coffee spilled on one counter and milk on the other!
My hubby spills the coffee and my daughter spills the cereal with milk.
My son even joined in.  Oh how he laughs as he slams his sippy cup splattering milk everywhere!

I'm very excited for...
...our pumpkin painting and s'mores party this weekend!
Our daughter's best friends will be coming over to join in on the fun.
I love that we became close with their parents and that our son is close with their siblings.

I'm completed baffled at... quickly my glass pumpkin full of candy corn is emptying.
I mean, corn candy is disgusting.  Who is eating all of it and WHY!?

I'm laughing at...
...the scene at the nail salon this afternoon.
I was getting a pedicure when the nail technician smacked my calf real HARD unexpectantly!
I gave her a look that said "WTF" and prepared myself for battle.
That's when she peeled of a squished mosquito bleh gag barf from my calf and told me she saved my life.

What are your Friday Ramblings?

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Book Review: All The Light We Cannot See

As you all know, I've been reading lots of WW2 novels from different perspectives of the war.
Amazon Audibles caught wind of this and recommended All the Light We Cannot See.
The book was written by Anthony Doerr and read by Zach Appelman.
The book was 16 hours and 2 minutes long.

All the light we cannot see; anthony doerr; amazon audibles; ww2 novel; world war two novel; read by zach appelman

Review:  All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr

I saw the recommendation and then the awards that both the author and the book received.
I briefly skimmed through the summary of the novel and then looked at the price.
Please forgive me!  Normally I do more research, but I was racing NYC traffic and didn't have the time.
Before I knew it, I was hitting "Buy with 1-Click" and then download.

Despite the deceiving recommendation, this book is nothing like my typical read.
The story was more of a fantasy than a historical account of the war.
The story followed different characters and different timelines.
It was very difficult to follow who we were talking about and when the scene was taking place.
To follow the story, I had to rewind, re-listen, and sometimes even Google what was going on!
The crazy, intertwined story lines made this a very overwhelming book to follow.

The story was centered around a diamond.
Legend said that the diamond had magical qualities that promised immortality at a high price.
Through the many twists and turns of the novel, you will find that they all circle back to the diamond.
All the character's story lines was based on their relation to the precious stone.

There were endearing moments to the novel.
There were moments where I was eager to listen to the next chapter.
Although the next chapter may focus on a different character 5 years into the future...
There were moments that I cried, wanted to cheer for the characters, and even wondered about the diamond.
Despite these moments, I was mostly wondering when the book would end.

I would not recommend All the Lights We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr.
Although, if you like a WW2 based fantasy and can follow the story line, it may be the book for you!

Have you or will you read  All the Lights You Cannot See?

Monday, October 14, 2019

List: Ten stereotypes about millennials that need to go away.

I've reached my wits end at work by recently getting into an argument with a coworker.
While I'll spare you all the boring, job specific details of the exchange, I will share the instigator.

As a younger female in the corporate world, I've heard my fair share of insults throughout the years.
"You're too young to understand that."  "That's because you're a female."
"Oh, don't be such a  g i r l  all the time."  "Your generation couldn't possibly appreciate that."
..and there it alter ego - the millennial.
As if the world didn't have enough ammunition to spread hate, a generation itself became an insult.

What is a millennial?
Millennials are the people that were born between the years 1980 - 2000.
That's it.  The year you were born is the single qualifier.
Being born in 1988 is apparently one of my biggest downfalls in life.  Who knew!

At the sound of the word millennial I cringe and immediately become defensive.
That reaction usually gets me the best response ever.
"Well, you don't act like a millennial.  You must have been raised right."
I didn't realize you can raise someone out of a generation.  I blame my millennial brain for my ignorance.
The truth is that there are lots of stereotypes circulating about my generation.
I know they are stereotypes because they don't apply to me or other millennials I know personally.
Please join me in squashing the stereotypes.

Image result for millennials

Ten stereotypes about millennials that need to go away.

1.  Millennials are lazy.
More than half the millennials I know are working more than one job to survive.  Lazy?  I think not.

2.  Millennials love to whine.
Every time I hear this one, I want to ask why that non-millennial is whining about whining?
The only whining that I see millennials are guilty of include a cork and a glass!

3.  Millennials don't even know how to write a check.
We do, but we may choose not to.  It's called online banking and it's convenient.  Plus, it saves trees.

4.  Millennials don't know hard work.
Technology has advanced making some jobs easier than they were in the past.
...but, statistically speaking, we still work a lot more hours than previous generations...

5.  Millennials are selfish.
There are selfish people of all ages, sex, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, nationality, etc.
Does no one else find labeling an entire generation as selfish a little silly?

6.  Millennials are entitled.
The only things we are entitled to are the four jobs between two people that it takes to run one household.

7.  Millennials are victims of bad parenting.
The funniest part of this myth is that the person saying it is typically insulting themselves.
Well, I mean their child probably is the exception to the rule, right?

8.  Millennials are stuck behind screens.
Statistically, Millennials spend more money on experiences than previous generations who spend on items. 
Who needs fancy china when I can make memories?  I call that having my priorities straight.

9.  Millennials are financially irresponsible.
The cost of living has drastically risen, pay remained pretty stagnant, the cost of education inflated significantly, and yet Millennials still have more saved for retirement than baby boomers.  
Just click here if you don't believe me!

10.  Millennials don't use a top sheet.
This one is probably true.  A top sheet is pointless.


Ladies and gentleman, I can admit to being many things.
I am anxious, obsessive, nervous, and probably a little annoying.
While all of that is true, there is one thing I am certainly not.  I am not sensitive.
It takes a lot to offend me.  If you're offending me, you're probably offending the majority of a generation.

Let's build each other up instead of spreading hate, judging, and creating a new form of discrimination!!


Do you believe that an entire generation should be subject to these stereotypes?

Monday, October 7, 2019

Life: Vacation

Image result for vacation week; we're on vacation; see you in a week!; hello vacation

We are on our way to St. Lucia.
We will be spending a week on the island.
Lord, protect us on the plane and on the island!
Can you tell that I'm real anxious about this trip and plane ride?

While we're making the best of it, the trip isn't really a vacation.
Our children and I will be meeting my mother in law for the very first time.
My husband will be seeing his mother for the first time in 11 years.
She lives in a country that's near impossible to get out of, even for vacation.
After years of saving and planning, we're finally able to meet her in person.

R&W will resume on October 14th.
See you then!  I hope.

Welcome to R&W

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