Monday, September 16, 2019

List: Ten educational games to reinforce grade school skills with your child.

My baby girl just entered the first grade.  Yes, I'm crying.  Don't judge me.

To keep her brain stimulated during the Summer, we got creative with playtime.  I felt that it was important for her to reinforce the skills she learned before she lost them.  She was happy to play and we were just happy that she was practicing reading, writing, and math!  She could thank her playtime for the confidence displayed on her first day of school.  Equipped with her new Jasmine backpack, gigantic hair bow, and special dress, she skipped onto the bus.  Here's to another fabulous school year filled with knowledge, fun, and lots of laughs!

ten games ideas to help your kid learn

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Ten games to enhance learning with your child.

1. Mailman
With your child on one side of the house and you on the other, pretend to deliver mail.  When one person takes the turn as the mailman, they also have to write and deliver a secret message.  This requires writing a message, reading a new message, and a whole lot of pretending.

Idea:  Make it extra fun for your child by investing in this mailman dress up outfit.

2.  Restaurant
Using your kitchen as the main prop, your child could pretend to be a cook, waitress, or a cooking waitress.  The rules of the game could could require them to write down the order, plate pretend food in a pattern, and man the cash register.  This requires writing, making patterns, and using math skills to add prices.

Idea:  Take this game to the next level by gifting your baby with this surprisingly realistic toy kitchen because all kids love to play pretend chef!

All kids love to play eye spy or seek and find.  Using an I Spy book as your focal point takes these simple games to the next level.  Together you can hunt through pictures to find different items lost in a photo of a million things.  The best part of these books is that there's so many things hidden in each photo.  You can easily task the child to find a whole new set of things written on a piece of paper.  This requires reading the items and memory skills to find new ones.

Idea:  Our favorite I Spy books includes this I Spy Extreme Challenger book and I Spy Christmas which my baby girl was gifted from Santa.

To start, take a trip to a local craft store to buy inexpensive string and all different types of beads.  Then challenge your children to make different necklaces following the "recipe" that you design for them.  This requires math skills, following directions, and making patterns.  As a bonus, let them "sell" their jewelry to you to use for ice cream man money, but they have to count the change.

Idea:  If your child really enjoys passing time this way, you'll need a storage case like this one to keep everything organized, neat, and away from little ones that can choke.

5.  School
My baby girl loves to take out her easel and pretend to be the teacher.  You act as the student and have your child role play as the teacher.  Your child can set up basic lessons such as writing out simple math problems, spelling out words with missing letters, or even mimic a calendar.  This requires math skills, reading skill, writing skills, and basically anything else you want!

6.  Cinderella
To play this game it's very important to dress up in a Cinderella costume or, for the boys, try a butler.  Once in uniform, pretend to do small chores by adding and subtracting different actions.  This requires math skills and following directions.  Bonus points or more ice cream man money for doing real chores.  For example, take 4 fork and 3 spoons out of the dishwasher to put away 7 utensils.

7.  Pet Store
The first step is to take out all of the stuffed and/or action figure animals in your room.  Then you put them on display, wait for a customer, and sell away.  Don't forget to have your child write you a receipt in case you end up being a disgruntled customer that wants to make a return.  This requires math skills, writing skills, and speech skills.

Idea:  For a special occasion, gift your child with this Littlest Pet Shop Play Set and collection of pets to use for the best round of pet store ever!

8.  I'm Thinking Of...
This game can be played virtually anywhere because it's simply a guessing game of you're choosing.  All you need is your brains!  Your child can think of something that starts with a letter, ends with a letter, lives in a place, etc.  This requires spelling skills, science skills, and memory skills.

9.  Library
My one year old son and I will take a trip to my daughter's book shelf library.  There we will pick a special book and ask the librarian to read it to us.  Reading is fun with an audience!  This requires reading skills and learning patience with a baby that doesn't focus as your audience.

10.  Bakery
I'm constantly searching the internet for children friendly recipes and then buying the ingredients.  Have your child rock their apron and chef hat, read the ingredients, and do their best to do the simple tasks.  To make it even more fun, record them making their creation and ask them to dictate their actions like their very own cooking show.  Perhaps they have to back a background on a poster board for their show, too!  This requires reading skills and following directions.  Oh, and then eat the yummy snacks and share with mommy!

Idea:  If your child really enjoys this game, invest or gift this My First Cookbook that's filled with child friendly recipes that are also delcious.

What games do your kids love?


  1. Congrats on entering first grade! Guess you are not one of those mums and dads that celebrated their kids starting school with funny happy jumps in front of the sulking kids :)

    1. No, I’m not. I cry and pout and then cry some more!! I hate seeing my babies grow into big kids that need me less and less. See? I’m tearing up just typing this... sniff

    2. It is quite possible you will cry even more when she enters teenage years... but for totally different reasons LOL

    3. Teenage years??? I’m not prepared for that and can’t even think of it!

  2. Look at her, so bright and bold and ready to learn. You are a good mom.


    1. Aw thank you, that’s the best compliment

  3. Awe! I hope she has a successful year! These are all such great games for learning while having fun. My daughter always liked to play restaurant. She was a horrible waitress, but at least she was able to work on her math skills and time management, so that's got to count for something, right?

    My mother in law always (and to this day, even though my oldest is 20 and youngest 15) likes to play hidden treasure (I SPY) games online. She makes the girls sit with her and play a round or two every time they visit.

    1. I forgot about time management, that’s a great one. Now if there is a game to reinforce listening to your mommy the first time, I’ll be all set. :)

  4. lol judge you? I think we are long past that.

    She sure looked ready to go whether you wanted her to or not. Great ways to keep her skills going indeed. Trying to get a 1 year old to pay attention to a book sure tests patience.

    1. What are you trying to say, cat?! Lol

      Have you tried reading to your nephews yet?? If so, you may feel her pain as they lose focus at page 1.

    2. Yeah, they tend to want to focus on other things.

    3. Either they focus on other things or want to rip apart the book! lol


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