Monday, September 23, 2019

List: Ten activities to do this Autumn.

In honor of the first day of Autumn, I made a list of some fun fall activities.  Autumn is my favorite season because I love the cooler weather, Thanksgiving, and fall produce.  Also, because of my hair.  My hair loves the fall season.  I get to replace my shorts and tank tops with jeans, scarves, and boots.  We get to decorate our stoop with pumpkins, barrels of straw, and beautiful mums.  We get to decorate our fire place with our cornucopia, gourds, festive candles, and glass pumpkins.  It's also the season to lower down the AC and open the windows for some crisp, cool air.

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Ten family activities to do this Fall.

1.  Take a road trip to the farmlands.
Depending on where you live, this could be a day trip or a weekend getaway.  Every year my family and I spend a few nights at a resort called Villa Roma in Callicoon, NY.  We have lots of fun visiting farms to pet the animals, buy fresh produce or honey, and pick out pumpkins.  

2.  Visit a haunted house.
One of my favorite activities to do during this season is get scared!  It's easy to do on Long Island with all the haunted houses, corn mazes, and even gazebos available to tour.

Idea:  Many local touristy spots have ghost tours that you can join for a small fee.  For the ultimate scare, go on the hunt for real ghosts instead of walking past a bunch of actors in costume.

3.  Jump in a pile of leaves.
...and then immediately take a shower because the whole concept skeeves me...  Whoever helps daddy rake up all the falling leaves in the front & backyard gets to jump into the pile.

Idea:  Help encourage your child's creativity with this pressed flower art kit.  Task your child with finding the prettiest leaf in the pile that they just raked.  Then task them with making a work of art out of it.

4.  Get an Autumn themed manicure and pedicure.
Every month I go to the nail salon for a fresh UV gel mani and spa pedi.  My favorite nail polish colors are Fall themed and consist of pale grays and silvery blues.

5.  Go on a hay ride.
I like a traditional fall themed pumpkin picking event.  My babies have to take a hay ride and trek through a muddy field to pick their pumpkins.  Not only is this more fun, but it usually involves a homemade pie and a grilled corn stand as a bonus!

6.  Visit the local festivals.
We love to spend the day at the local apple festivals, harvest festivals, and even the spooky festivals!  These are fun and typically inexpensive.  For an added bonus, they support your community and local businesses.

Idea:  These are usually filled with local vendors where you can find some unique holiday presents.  Start shopping early!

7.  Make homemade s'mores.
If you are lucky enough to have a fire pit in your backyard, invest in some marshmallows!  There's nothing more fun than spooky funny stories around a campfire while making snacks.  The fire will keep the night air the perfect temperature.   ...and a sweater will hide the effects of the s'mores on your belly...

Idea:  Don't have a fire pit or a place to put one?  No problem!  Check out this electric s'mores kit to make this delicious dessert almost anywhere you want.

Invite over some of your closest friends to carve and paint your pumpkins.  Choose a grown up or nonparticipant to be a judge and pick their favorite pumpkin.  Winner gets to be the first person to bob for apples and eat their snack!

9.  Bake a homemade pumpkin pie.
The cooler air makes it more bearable to have the oven on.  This is the perfect season to bake some season friendly desserts and save on heating.  Other ideas are pumpkin bread or my favorite - ricotta cookies (recipe in link)!

10.  Watch the Macy's Thanksgiving parade.
Thanksgiving is not only my favorite holiday, but it's my holiday to host.  Watching the Thanksgiving parade with my family while the turkey is in the oven is what I live for.  My favorite memory each year is my daughter's face at the grand finale of the parade!

What will you do this Autumn?


  1. There is no jumping in the pile of leaves in my palace as cats always leave nasty treats in them!
    Autumn is my fave too, especially the end of it when the first frost wakes us up in the mornings. Autumn clothes are my fave! And also new shows start in the Autumn :)

    1. There's no leaf jumping for me either because I imagine lots of spiders and ticks crawling through them. The kiddies on the other hand LOVE it! I'm OK with it as long as they march directly into the shower. I forgot about all the season premieres in the fall! I'm so distraught about Supernatural that I can't even think about starting a new TV show.

    2. Well, CBS is starting its Monday comedy evening tonight after the summer break, I like their Neighbourhood with Max Greenfild, and on Thursday they are starting Carol's Second Act, which I plan to watch because I watch everything with Jean Luc Bilodeau and also Lucas Neff! I love the cosy comedy start of cosy Autumn!

    3. About 6 months ago we cancelled our cable subscription for streaming. While we get most shows, they are delayed. I have to figure out a way to get CBS.

  2. While I don't love the colder temps creeping in, I do LOVE that Halloween is on the horizon. We'll be doing a lot of haunted houses and visiting some pumpkin patches. Also, the craft fairs are the best this time of year. I'll be hitting up my first one this weekend and hope to find lots of goodies there!

    1. I love the craft fairs! They are so much more fun than the store. I do lots of my Christmas shopping at those.

  3. I think I'll skip the farmland stuff, go to waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many of those during the day. And leaves, yeah, hot bed for woodticks and lyme disease, no thanks. And then it means snow is coming, geez, Fall stinks. lol

    1. Lmao! We see a chicken and think where we are. Ughh I hate the snow. Too bad fall and spring can’t be the predominant seasons. The extremes are too much for me.

    2. haha yeah, your version of country is rather pathetic. So farm must be a chicken on a street corner. The extremes suck indeed.

    3. Noooo this is a real farm!

  4. Autumn is pretty much the same as summer for me, but I'm glad you can enjoy it.



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