Friday, September 20, 2019

Life: Friday Ramblings

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Friday Ramblings

I come home smiling because...
...I love the Autumn decor throughout my home.
We decorated early this year because it makes me happy.

I jumped up and down cheering when... son took FOUR wobbly steps from the TV stand to the couch.
He did it all on his own and didn't even realize what he did.

I'm real proud of my baby girl because...
...she started ballet lessons and already looks like a ballerina.
She has the rhythm and grace for it, but needs discipline as she thinks she knows it all.
I tried to show her some ballet moves and she just said "Mommy, you look like a lunatic."  Hmph!

I'm totally not looking forward to...
...all the Halloween candy that is about to make it's way into my home!
It's a month away and yet my hubby still finds the need to eat stock up on it.

I'm really, really, REALLY excited for...
...Supernatural to start in a couple of weeks!!!  Hello, Sammy baby!!
To prepare for season 15, we are watching some of our favorite episodes each night.

I'm freaking out because... family and I are about to board a plane.
It's one thing to put myself at risk, but bringing my babies along has me loosing sleep.
I'm literally having nightmares!!  It's making me wish this trip was over before it starts.

I'm a little shocked that...'s time to book our Christmas card pictures already!
I got an e-mail from my photographer that they were booked out through October.

I'm in pain and little scared because...
...I did a minor procedure on my belly button and it looks like a war zone.
I was awake for the procedure, saw lots of blood, and felt every tug!  It was awful.  Bleh gag barf!

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. Told ya not to put piercings in ya belly button :) During one of my many surgeries that I went through in my life, I felt the surgeon cutting my skin and tissue with the electric scalpel :) fun times!
    We do ever so love Autumn, I will probably put up Autumn decor at the spy's this weekend.

    1. You must share pictures when you’re done decorating!

    2. I meant blog, not the palace LOL

    3. I spied the leaves today. :)

  2. She's at that stage where if mommy or daddy does it, it's lame. Don't take it too hard, it's just the human in her. She'd be saying the same thing if you had danced in front of 10k people with Baryshnikov.

    1. Lol this is probably true, but “lunatic” is a bit harsh.

  3. Wait, you were awake for the procedure? Say. It. Ain't. So! (Say it.)

  4. Maybe it's that weird belly button that makes you look like a lunatic dancing away. Hey, at least if the plane crashes you can use it as a flotation device and save everyone hahaha He'll soon be walking away. Supernatural is back for the final time soon indeed. Hopefully it is a good ride.

    1. He’s getting me anxious because we won’t walk on his own. I’m getting fearful he’s going to need an intervention of some type. But he walks if you hold at least one hand. You don’t want to float on my old belly button. Besides, it’s been shipped away for testing. Hehe

  5. 4 steps now. By next week you won't be able to catch him LOL!

    My teen girls tell me I look like a lunatic too when I dance. I'm sure you have more grace than I do.

    I need to finish catching up on Supernatural. I think I let it hang in the balance 3 seasons ago. Just so many shows, so little time to watch them all.

  6. Hi Jax,
    I liked your web space and I will follow your blog!
    Kisses and until next time!!!


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