Friday, September 6, 2019

Life: Friday Ramblings

Friday Ramblings

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I am fri-nally back on...
...Twitter (@JAXBlog) and am totally loving the "twitter analytics" feature!
Despite not posting for 3 years, I got a ton of exposure right away and enjoyed catching up.
For the love of God, people, STOP retweeting Trump.  I don't want him on my feed!

We finished watching the...
...X-men series and were left super confused.
How is Mystique alive in the future?  How does Deadpool still have a head?
How is Xavier still alive after being obliterated, literally?  How does Magneto still have powers?!
Just how AND WHY to this entire series!?!!

It's absolutely ridiculous that...
...a jingle from a stain remover ad is stuck inside of my brain!
...mustard squirt...on my skirt...lalala

I am very disappointed that...
...Marvel got rid of Spider man and sold the franchise back to Sony.
Their version of Spider man is the first one in the history of ever that someone got right!
...besides, I love the dynamic of Spider Man in the Avengers.  Please have a moment of silence.

Summer's ending really hit me when...
...the cooler morning weather forced me to bring my lemon tree inside.

I'm cracking up at... daughter and her friends sitting on the couch and talking about which Avenger is most handsome!
All three immediately said the same Avenger.  Let's just say, I'm very disappointed it wasn't Thor.
Bonus points if you can guess their swoon worthy Marvel superhero in the comments.

I really wish that...
...people would stop giving my babies hand me down items without asking.
I know that the intentions are good but be courteous and ask us before getting a kid excited.
My aunt recently passed down a trampoline and I'm a mess.  Every jump gives me anxiety!

I can't stop giggling at...
...The Viking's expressions of disbelief that there are bears on Long Island.
I've shown him rock solid proof from Google and he still keeps insisting that I'm nuts!

I am really, REALLY intrigued by... doctor's suggestion at an aid to losing weight quickly.
In addition to diet and exercise, he told me to consume lots of cinnamon each day!
Apparently cinnamon has properties that stop carbs from turning into sugar.
Is it true?  I have absolutely no idea, but I'm about to put cinnamon on everything.

What are your Friday Ramblings?


  1. Deadpool has a crazy healing factor. But the rest of the series makes no fucking sense.

    1. Marvel didn't sell SM back to Sony. Sony has the film rights to it since the early 2000s. Marvel nearly went bankrupt and many studios spilt the franchises. Paramount actually headed the MCU (with partnership with Universal's Hulk) before the Disney buyout of Marvel.

      Warner bros acquired DC comics long ago, so there wasn't much worry about film rights there.

    2. Lol thank you for confirming that! I felt real dumb googling explanations for a superhero film.

  2. You have an option at Twitter to block certain words from your feed, I blocked Obama, Hilarry and most other genocidal maniacs and also tons of stars :) Life is better without their fugly snouts :)
    Admittedly, Captain America is hotter than Thor who is, of course, hot as hell.

    1. Ohhh I didn’t know that! I’m going to have to google how to do that.

      You think Captain America is hotter than Thor? I’m so disappointed!! #teamthor. Good guess, but it isn’t Captain America.

    2. Just click on settings there and you will see MUTE or MUTED words option somewhere there :)
      Chris Evans is hotter than the sun itself :) and I don't even watch Marvel LOL He is not hotter than Henry Cavill, though!

    3. Eep!! Oh, how we have different tastes in men. I don't find Chris Evans or Henry Cavill all that attractive. Those Hemsworth brothers though are absolutely delicious!!!!!

  3. Twitter, ugg, I still use it occasionally but it's not one rabbit hole I go down, and as for Trump and all those other idiots on there, pfffft. Yeah, Sony owned the rights to Spiderman long ago. So I'm guessing Captain America was their favorite? After fat Thor, can you blame them? lol

    Trampoline? I see so many of those things barely ever used and rotting in the yards. The Viking in denial on bears? Geez. haha

    1. It’s not Cap either!!! And fat Thor didn’t look all that bad... I mean, he still had his eyes and masculine voice. Lol

      I wish this one would rot. It’s tiny but it makes me nervous. I’m going to have to find a place that accepts donated trampolines and get rid of it.

      The Viking is out of his mind. There’s a whole Facebook page dedicated to Long Island bear hunting and he still doesn’t believe it. Apparently I’m gullible, which is true, but I doubt the bear hunting Facebook group was created to prank me!!

    2. lol I can send him 8 bears if he wants. That's how many are known in the area I was in last week.

    3. No thanks!!!! Nova Scotia can keep their bears and Long Island will keep ours. (I like the LI bears b/c they hide so well that no one ever sees them. Like, ever.)

  4. Wait, tell me about the bears on Long Island! I want to hear more!

    1. LOL All that I know is that they are here. Somewhere...

  5. I am going to admit, the whole super hero thing goes right over my head. My best friend tried getting me to watch The Avengers years ago, and I just couldn't. However, I am going to disagree with my other bestie Dezzy for once and say Thor would be my super hero pick any day of the week. But I also think Henry Cavill is quite yummy too, just not Hemsworth yummy.

    I'm not a fan of hand me downs either. My girls are teens now, and it pissed me off to no end when someone gives them something that I don't approve of (like crop tops). Ask me first, please!

  6. All - The superhero that was being gushed over by my daughter and her friends was... STAR LORD! Now I'm sure that at least some of you will feel my disappointment.

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