Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Let's Discuss: The Flat Earth Society

The Flat Earth Society has been making its way around my social media platforms.
At first glance, I thought it was nothing more than a really odd joke.
After seeing it pop up a few more times, I decided to do some investigating.

Turns out that The Flat Earth Society is a real thing.
They have a real life following with a significant number of members.
They have their own website and FAQ pages.
They have their own social media pages including Facebook and Twitter.
They even have their very own soccer team called Flat Earth FC.
You're not an official "society" until you have own web page and sports team.  Just saying!

A few clicks later and I just couldn't stop reading.
While I didn't join the movement, I did learn a whole lot of information surrounding it.

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What is The Flat Earth Society?

The Flat Earth Society is a group of people that believe the Earth is flat.
Well, that was anti-climatic, wasn't it?

What about all the scientists that say the Earth is round?

They believe that the "Round Earth doctrine" is nothing more than a hoax.
They believe that they have scientific backing on their claim that the world is flat.  
One of their scientific pieces of evidence included a six mile body of water that did not have any curvature.  This was called the Bedford Level Experiment.  Another piece of scientific evidence that they reference is called The Bishop Experiment.  This experiment supposedly proves that the Earth is flat because on a clear day with a telescope you can see a beach 23 miles away.

What about the people who went to space and saw a sphere?

The Flat Earth Society justifies this by suggesting that people have never been to space.
To be clear, space travel is a separate hoax and is not associated with the round Earth hoax.
Furthermore, they dismiss all pictures of a spherical Earth from space or otherwise as fake.  They believe these pictures were created as part of the elaborate scheme to make society believe man has been to space and that the Earth is round.  While they do not blame NASA for filling our heads with circular lies, they do blame NASA for the motive of a time travel conspiracy that somehow ties back to lies of a round Earth.
Is your head spinning yet?  Mine was just about now.

If the Earth is flat, why hasn't anyone fallen off yet?

This one was simple for them to explain - There is no edge!
...and this is where I stopped researching because my brain hurt...

What do you think of The Flat Earth Society?


  1. lmao what some very very gullible sheep will follow is pathetic. You can make anything sound legit, but when you don't realize the stupidity of it, you know you have more fingers than brain cells.

    1. Lol! I thought it was all a joke until I realized it’s not. I mean, how could it not be a joke?!

  2. I thought they were trolling, but no they really are that dumb in real life.

  3. I just think millennial should be outlawed and prohibited to speak and give any opinions or make any decisions :) From these Flat Earth freaks, to little Greta and all those idiots scared from vaccination... not to mention extreme libtards... Those are all the people who will really bring up the apocalypse soon!

    1. Woah woah, I’m technically a millennial. (Too funny bc I created a post on the bad rep of my generation.). You made me legit lol at flat earth freaks. I’m assuming this means you weren’t convinced?! I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that this is real thing with real followers.

    2. I'm not surprised that it has followers because the essential trait of millennials is that they are disrespectful and think that they even have the privilege to doubt everything. That is why they disrespect science, history, experience especially, they think they are above that all. And they are, absurdly, also very prone to media manipulation (just look at Great and these FlatEarthers of yours) ... that is the product of lack of discipline and education and also of being overspoilt.

    3. Unfortunately some of the loudest of the millennials are this way, but I promise that we aren’t all bad.

      I was hiring for a position in another office and found a candidate that I adored. The branch manager expressed serious anger towards me for considering to hire a millennial. I had to politely remind him that I was technically a millennial also and that to not hire a qualified candidate based on a year of birth is discrimination. It’s been two months and she’s been fabulous. She is a quick learner and a very hard worker. She is about the same age as me and I see potential in her. He has since told me on several occasions that we aren’t all that bad.

  4. Building off what Dezzy said, a lot of people today (not just millennials) will believe just about anything they see on YouTube. I don't remember his name, but there's one guy on YouTube that has a pretty big following sucking up his Flat Earth and Never Been to Space theory. My niece fell for that crap, so I made sure to take her to Purdue University when we went to visit my daughter earlier this year, so she could acquaint herself with the accomplishments of Neil Armstrong. Technology is a great thing, but man is it really helping to dumb down a whole generation of people at times.

    1. Social media is good for connecting with distant family and friends. It's great for banning together and sharing information as well. What sucks about it is that it's there for people to use as a platform to commit crimes or spread such stupidity that it should be a crime. Does your niece still believe it's true? I honestly thought it was a joke until I clicked it. I have on "friend" on Facebook that shares the videos and lectures about Flat Earthers constantly and thought "Ohhh they are being silly". How naive I can be...

    2. My niece is very gullible, so who knows what she believes from one minute to the next. I truly hope she wises up and has rational thoughts of her own one day.

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