Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Let's Discuss: Allergy Meds

For those of you that remember, I am a real, diagnosed hypochondriac.  I have gotten better throughout the years by learning to manage my anxiety.  While this is true, I still have moments of weakness.  In these moments of weakness, I google random illnesses that I convince myself that either I or my children may have.  Anyone else think you should need a prescription to get search results on health conditions?  I do!  During one of my searches, I came across the below article.

Anticholinergic Medications May Increase Dementia Risk by 50%

For those of you unfamiliar anticholinergic medications, they include allergy and cold medicines.  I have terrible allergies.  In order to keep symptoms at bay, I would take a Claritan D daily and a Benadryl as necessary.  After reading the article, I stopped cold turkey and took my daughter off her allergy medications.

Stopping the medications caused us to get a little congested, not sleep as well, and brought back the allergy shiners for my daughter.  An allergy shiner is a real thing that are often confused for bags under your eyes.  Despite the return of our allergy symptoms, we are totally more aware and focused throughout the day. This left me in a bit of a pickle.  I didn't want us to suffer from allergies, but I especially don't want us to suffer from dementia.  That's when I made a doctor's appointment.

The doctor dismissed the above article saying that the risk was inconsequential.  He believes the real risk comes from genetics.  Actually, his immediate reaction to the article was "You can try to find a zebra in the room but I promise you won't find one here!"  That's verbatim, people!

Our doctor did offer a more natural solution to ease our allergy symptoms and my mind.

Find local honey and eat a tablespoon a day.

The honey should be eaten straight, which means no tea or heating up.
When bees make honey they incorporate the pollen and other natural things that give us allergies.
A little bit a day builds up your tolerance for the pollen and eliminates your allergies.
One month in and I can finally feel a difference.
Either that or all of this is in my head, but that doesn't account for my daughter!

What is your reaction to the study and how do you handle allergies?


  1. Allergy medicines often leave people groggy, sadly. I take them only for a few days a year, usually right now at the end of August when ambrosia pollen is at its nasty peak. I'd definitely put the kids on homeopathy medicines or natural ones. And also bear in mind that your American honey is almost always fake :) you really must find a fully natural one. And stay away from camomile and similar herbal teas during allergy season as they only make it even worse. Of course, the best way to handle allergies is to just kick everything refined and industrial made from your house, which means cooking only fresh produce, zero chocolate, zero candy, zero anything from the shop :)

    1. You are right, our honey is fake! I had to find a bee farm (they exist, who knew!) that sold their honey. It was very interesting as they had a summer honey and a spring one. Both honeys were different colors and different tastes. I bought a tiny bottle of summer honey, less than 10oz, and it was twenty dollars!!!! That’s craziness, but if it helps our brain be healthy, it’s a new expense well spent.

      I had no idea about the chamomile tea! I drink it often before bed. I guess that must be changed to a winter habit.

    2. I've only recently heard that about chamomile myself, they say it can really eff us up with allergies if taken during summer, it is possible that the same goes for other similar herbal teas of that kind (elderberry possibly and linden) so I've left my supplies for winter as well :) and now I'm only sipping green tea in my icetea and black one in the mornings.
      Natural honey is about ten bucks here for a one litre jar,but the harvest was very poor this year and they say it will go up, I can't even deal with the prospect of that right now LOL Our honey is different from yours, ours is made from acacia trees and also from meadow flowers, sunflowers, linden, we also have forest honey etc, it has a richer aroma than yours. I once tasted yours and thought I was eating melted plastic LOL

    3. I never heard of elderberry or linden. I have to step up my tea game! One day I will get to taste the fabulous honey of Europe. Here there is more concrete and pavement than tree and wildflowers which is probably why the honey wasn't as tasty as yours.

  2. Key words in that title to home in on are "may" and "50%"

    I can say eating grass may cure cancer 40% of the time. As long as I use may, I'm not wrong. And they give a percentage, but a percentage of what? If your risk was 1% to begin with and it doubles it then you have a whooping 2% risk now. Woweeee that is so scary. And who did they study? People predisposed to it anyway? All of it is crap. I'd be more worried about the credit card and fluoride crap you are eating daily, i.e. plastic in food and such, than allergy pills. Again, not that either will kill you, but they aren't good for you either. And also America has the highest use of antidepressants, so much so that it is in your water supply. At least another study said, so there is that lol

    I knew honey could do some things but never knew it could build up tolerance. Thankfully my allergies are all food related, so I just don't eat and good to go.

    1. I've looked everywhere for the original risk to see what "doubled" actually means, and I can't find it. They aren't disclosing it. But even if it's an extra 1%, that's an extra 1% that I don't want!!! Being "predisposed to it" is a great point. Luckily, I can say that I don't recall anyone in my family suffering from dementia.

      The doctor said that the honey only works if it's local honey and 100% natural/unfiltered. Natural, unfiltered honey from Kansas or California isn't going to help me on Long Island. It's got to be from a nearby town so that the honey has the pollen that we're exposed to here. Very interesting!!

      Now, for the food allergy! Antonio's blood test came back with (2) allergies, egg whites & cow's milk. The doctor told me to give him extra of both to help build up a tolerance to the allergy. Too bad you're not (1) years old... then we could stuff you with food until the allergy goes away. I'm pretty sure that's how it works. :P

    2. lol yeah, once we get to be old farts it doesn't tend to work like that anymore. Got the epipen to prove it. Just watch for signs with him, as sometimes it can do the opposite and make things worse.

      That makes sense about the honey, never would have thought of that.

      Yeah, funny how they don't disclose that stuff huh? Just it "doubled" when really it could even double from 0.01% to 0.02%.

    3. The only sign I've seen so far (luckily) is inconsistent bowel movements. (TMI?) :)

    4. lmao so what? You now crap twice a week instead of once? Or was it once a month? Soooo weird. Never tmi with the cat.

    5. I was talking about the baby, not me!!! Lol. He goes several times a day.

  3. My dad 100% did the honey thing and also drank ginger tea. He used to have horrible allergies and doesn't have any now!

  4. I've heard about the honey but haven't ever tried it. I don't know of any bee farms in the area. If I don't take an antihistamine/decongestant every day, my nose is a mess but even worse, my eyes stream constantly. I look as if I'm on a crying jag every single day. Maybe we'll have some fall craft fairs where I can look for someone selling local honey.


    1. Yes! Let me know if you find the honey and if it works for you. Meanwhile, I'll continue to experiment on myself and my children.

  5. My body is a hot mess, but thank God I have never had allergies. I have heard that local honey is great for combating them though. My aunt has a pumpkin farm and lets one of the bee keepers put bee houses (or whatever they are called) all over her farm because it's great for pollination and he gets free land for his bees to roam and to collect the honey without issue.

    1. Eep! Do these bees bother her? If you aren't afraid of insects than this sounds like a great deal! Hopefully she gets free honey too. :)

    2. Nope, as long as she doesn't bother them, they do their business and leave her alone too. I'm sure she does a pumpkin/honey trade with her beekeeper friend. I know she also teams up with the apple orchard down the road for bartering too. You just have to love farming communities where everyone looks out for each other.

  6. Yes, pure honey has many health benefits. It's good if take it regularly.

    You got great blog here, very informative. Following your blog now.

  7. Really interesting ! I love honey but I dont had any idea about honey and allergies !
    My daugther suffer a lot with allergies

    1. Ohh, then you should try a spoon full of local honey a day. Don't forget to circle back and let me know if it works for her.

  8. I don't have any but I do use benadryl as a sleep aid.

  9. My doctor told me to eat one bee per day. Maybe I should try honey because my tongue is so swollen from all the bee venom.

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