Monday, August 19, 2019

List: Ten things that changed during my hiatus.

It's been a little over three years since I've updated Raviolis & Waterworks.
With change being inevitable and lists being my thing, I figured a post listing the top changes that occurred over the past 3 years was a totally appropriate perfect first real post.

While many things have certainly changed over here, most things are the same.
I'm still me in every way, just with a little less spare time.
I still have a passion for writing, love my family, have the same friends, and am obsessed with Supernatural.  You can still bribe me with Cold Stone or a fresh broccoli rabe slice.  I still enjoy my nook at Starbucks, love to flip through the pages of Cosmopolitan magazine, and can often be found with my nose deep in a novel.  
There is one "me" change that's huge but won't make the list.  I'm now in my thirties.  31 if we're being real...

For the most part life has been good to me & I'm excited to share.

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Ten things that have changed since we last spoke.

1.  Our family grew to a family of four.
The biggest and most fabulous change was the addition to our family.
On June 23, 2018, our family became complete.  We welcomed our son Antonio into our hearts.
He is the sweetest, mushiest, biggest baby boy that I've had the pleasure of squishing!

2.  I learned to take pictures.
I've always been a super self conscious person and because of that I've always shied away from photos.
Now I don't let a memorable moment pass by without snapping a photo to record in our annual photo book.
While I still don't selfie, I can look back at many captured memories and smile.

3.  I changed careers.
Three years ago, right around the time I stopped blogging, I said goodbye to accounting.
I accepted a role as a regional service manager with 30 direct reports at a huge organization.
This job means lots of travel, responsibility, and stress but also lots of  f r e e d o m.

4.  We relocated to the south shore of Long Island.
After the birth of our son I realized that our cozy little house wasn't going to cut it anymore.
In a spur of the moment decision, by spur of the moment I mean bored on maternity leave, we moved.
We purchased a larger home on the south shore, with a smaller school district, on a family friendly block.

5.  I've ditched Bravo TV.
Somewhere along the line I've outgrown or got bored of Bravo TV.
In the past I used to live and breath the reality TV shows of Bravo.  I even used to make my hubby watch!
These days I'm more likely to turn on Forensic Files, Cops, or The Avengers to pass the time.

6.  Planes and airports have become my norm.
I used to shake and break down just at the thought of hopping on a plane.
You're talking to the girl who drives her family to Florida every year to avoid flying!
While I'm still scared, I've learned to step out of my comfort zone and medicate...several times a month.

7.  I changed schools and my major.
Two years ago I changed colleges and along with it my major.
My career change let me realize that my heart wasn't in accounting.  I was just good at it.
I'm now five classes away in the longest college career ever from my bachelors in Business Management.

8.  I have acquired a green thumb.
Not only have I found my green thumb, but I've developed a real appreciation for gardening.
The girl who couldn't even keep a cactus alive now has a home full of plants and a producing vegetable garden.
I talk about my plants, flowers, and garden with pride and I talk about them often!

9.  I quit the gym.
My twenties was dedicated to the gym, monthly fees, and a perfect physique.
These days I incorporate work outs into my daily routine and invested in a FitBit that doesn't leave my wrist.
This means more money and more family time while still staying fit.  Hello, mommy daughter work outs!!

10.  My daughter turned six years old.
Somewhere along the three year hiatus, my baby turned into a little girl.
The last time R&W saw her, she just turned three and her biggest aspiration was to become a princess.
These days she cares for her baby brother, reads, writes, dances ballet, and wants to be a queen.

Now that I've shared, I want to hear all about you and what's changed in your life.
If you're brand new to R&W, introduce yourself because I want to meet you.
Please, don't hold back any juice!

What has changed in your life over the past three years?


  1. Good you ditched that reality crap. Who has time for that nonsense? Still laugh about selling because you were bored. Nothing wrong with taking pics either, you kinda nudged me into that at the other place. Welcome to the thirties, now ever closer to 40 lol

    1. OMG, closer to 40??? Way to ruin my day over here!! I'm 31... 31??!?? That's nowhere near 40. Statistically speaking, you should say that I just got out of my 20s. SMH!

    2. Well you did just get out of your 20s, but statistically speaking, you are closer to 40 than you were when you were in your 20s lol

  2. It is a bit surreal you're saying she's six. I think you started this blog quite a bit before she was even born. How the time flies.

    1. This is true. R&W began when I was still single and childless. How time flies!

  3. Oh my goodness! Welcome back! Baby girl has grown up SO much and I love the family photo

    1. I know, it makes me want to cry. How can she grow up so quick?? Thank you :)


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