Friday, August 30, 2019

Life: Friday Ramblings

Friday Ramblings

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I smile every time I look at... homegrown Forget Me Not flowers.  I love the hundreds of little, happy flowers!
Note-These make me happy because they are in a pot.  In the ground they are like a weed.

I'm preparing for... daughter to get ready to go back to school to start the first grade!  That means picking out a back pack and matching lunch box, getting her physical, buying school supplies, new sneakers, and lots of reading.

We're watching...
...all of the X-Men movies with our babies.  We started with the first class series and will end with Logan.
Did I tell you that my husband has a giant man crush on Hugh Jackman?  Well, he does.

I'm tired of...
...The Greatest Showman soundtrack.  It was fun the first 1,000 times, but eventually gets played out.
Hugh Jackman sings 80% of this album.  Do you see the trend?

I'm a little disappointed that...
...I gained back some of the weight that I lost.  While I'm still less than my pre-pregnancy weight, I'm not where I want to be.  This means less Cold Stone and more activity.

I'm cooking...
...a new beef tenderloin recipe that is absolutely divine!  It only calls for five ingredients which makes it the easiest recipe ever.  Don't worry because I will definitely share with you all soon!

I'm completely baffled at... difficult it is for some people to remember to grab a towel before they jump in the shower.
I mean, I can't be the only one that makes sure she has one accessible before getting wet!!

I'm lost without... post its!!  A certain someone scribbled all over mine and stuck them all over the walls.

I'm laughing at... son karate chopping everything and screaming HIIII YAH like a lunatic.  This gave me a flashback to the time my then 11 month old punched daddy in the face and gave him a nose bleed.  
Maybe karate wasn't a real good idea for my little muscle man...

I'm really, really, REALLY excited that...
...we booked a date to go back to Disney World!!  We will be spending a week in Disney on May 2nd.  While we are all looking forward to it, I'm the one that's jumping up and down!!
My hubby is complaining about the money and I'm just planning what to wear to meet The Little Mermaid!


  1. Eh, if you had any post its left you could've written on a post it that you need to buy new post its.....

    1. Do you know how many times I've reached for my post its only to come out empty handed? I need to make a trip to the store. I can't live under these circumstances. :)

  2. Now I know the secret to Jax's efficiency and organization... Post Its!

    1. lol I love my post its! Some times I leave myself post its to check my other post its. Sad part is, I'm not kidding.

  3. Disney should be a grand time again. So much to do there. Yeah, The Greatest Showman soundtrack is only good the first 1000 times lol Some of those x-men movies are so blah. X3, Wolverine Origins, and That Apocalypse one. Hopefully you aren't letting her watch Deadpool, or maybe just the PG one.

    1. The Xmen movies got me scratching my head! I mean, I saw all of these throughout the years but I never pieced it together. Maybe the big time gaps made me forget that a lot of it doesn't make any damn sense!!!!!!!! She is not allowed to watch Deadpool. I draw the line there :)

    2. Yeah, when you watch them all in a row, none of it makes much sense. Plus, the whole Mystique thing just irks me. Why is she a central character? She never was in anything else. And the whole Beast becoming the Hulk thing, oh I can go back to human form just so the human actor can get a thrill and show his face. Ego much.

    3. Probably because she’s practically naked and would entice male viewers? That aside, I liked her in the first class series. Never thought of the beast part. Too funny.... maybe it was too much money to put the actor in costume every scene?? Lol. I did like the first class series a lot better than the originals though.

    4. Yeah, the first class series was better, Days of Future Past was the top I'd say. Nah, it was the actors ego. He wanted his face on screen. At least that is what reports said. That and they hate going through makeup. CAn't blame them on the later.

  4. I only liked the main song of The Greatest Showman

    1. I used too until someone made me sick of it. Lol

  5. My daughter's boyfriend is all over that soundtrack too. I'm so over it!

    I am dying to go back to Disney too. I actually convinced Jason to book just the two of us a weekend trip to the one out in Cali (though I really dislike Disneyland and MUCH prefer Disney World!) because I want to do the Halloween party (which is supposed to be all about Oogie Boogie this year) and see the mansion all Nightmare Before Christmas themed. Now that my autoimmune disorder came back full force, travel plans need to be put on hold until I can get myself back into remission :( I do hope you have a great time on your trip! I hope you share some fun snaps. I never tire of seeing Disney vacay photos!

    1. I’m sorry to hear that you aren’t feeling well. I hope it passes quickly and as painlessly as possible. I’ve never gone to Disney in the fall because I know it’s super crowded, but it’s definitely a bucket list item.

  6. Disney World ooo lucky you:D Regards:**


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