Friday, August 23, 2019

Life: Friday Ramblings

Friday Ramblings

mystic aquarium penguin picture

We had an absolute blast at...
...the Mystic Aquarium in CT with good friends.  We saw beluga whales, a sea lion show, penguins, and much more.  Our only complaint was the weatherman.  He promised sunshine and clear skies.  Instead we had thunderstorms and got drenched through our clothes.  Luckily, we just laughed and laughed.  
We laughed even when we were blinded by mascara running into our eyeballs (& by we, I mean me)!

I took a HUGE sigh of relief when...
...I submitted and passed my auditing final.  This class was the most brutal class that I've ever taken with a professor that was out to get me over a textbook mishap.  I did a happy dance when it was over!

I'm still laughing at... husband's closing conversation with the customer service rep at his bank.  The rep said "May the force be with you".  My hubby replied "And also with you" then quickly scurried away.
...and I just stared at them both like 'What just happened?!'

My thighs are sore from...
...this new squat challenge!  I'm no stranger to squats.  Yes, I still do ten squats every time I have to tinkle.  Even still, this challenge is no joke!  I'm up to 150 squats a day and my legs can barely hold me up.

I'm silently wishing that...
...time will start to slow down.  Every day I wake up and realize that life is just passing by.  The summer is almost over and I feel like we haven't had time to stop and enjoy it.

I'm sickened by...
...the fact that it was only August 15th and Dunkin Donuts was selling pumpkin donuts!
Remember this post?  Yea, well, it still holds true today!  Actually, it's gotten worse.

I'm procrastinating from...
...filling out the thank you cards from my son's first birthday back in June.

I'm really excited for... daughter to begin ballet lessons in a few weeks.  I had an absolute blast picking out ballet shoes and tutus for my baby girl.  Here's to her loving ballet as much as she looks fabulous in the outfit!
Although I'm not sure how we're going to manage between my son's schedule, religion, and now ballet.

I'm really, really happy to... back in the blogging community.  I've had so much fun creating a back log of posts and utilizing the creative side of my brain that I regret neglecting Raviolis & Waterworks for so long!
Special shout out to Pat & the cats for helping me with IT issues and getting us back up & running.

What are your Friday ramblings?


  1. Geez, 3 posts so close together. It's like you are saying you never left or something. The cat..err umm alien, won't let you off that easy very soon lol

    Maybe the force will bring about more 0s in his bank account haha glad we could help get you back up and going. Farcebook is good for something I guess.

    1. I've turned into you with a few month's of posts ready to go. If I continue with my back log of posts, I can start blogging every day again.

      Please keep the alien off my page. He may not want to abduct trump, but I'm getting the feeling he wants to abduct R&W. He can have my husband, but that's all I'm willing to part with. (I kid, I kid)

      LOL @ the force!! Still never seen star wars though...

    2. lol hmm maybe the alien will visit hmmmm

    3. I need to stop giving the cat these awful ideas!

    4. haha the cat just acted on your awful idea.

  2. George Aquarium in Atlanta had a Beluga whale. They are so fun to look at.

    1. I felt lied to. With a name like beluga, they should be really fat.

  3. Yes, can you believe it is just for months till the end of the year? Time is very evil, evil I say! Congrats on passing the final, although I've no idea what that is about LOL

    1. Time is evil! I wish it would slow down a little bit, or just give us a little bit more of it. You don't want to know what that final was about. It killed my brain cells and I won't make you suffer with me. :P

  4. Willy Dunne Wooters just came by to pick up Franklin. They are going to Panera to get chicken noodle soup for us. Franklin loves being one of the guys with his daddy.


    1. That's so nice! Have you ever had their mac & cheese? It's heavenly.

  5. You should invent belated thank you cards. Thank you cards that you send out late on purpose.

    1. lol That could work... Hopefully I get them out before Christmas.

  6. Pumpkin doughnuts already? What!? Man, at least let Labor Day pass before trying to shove fall down our throats.

    Congrats on passing your final! And to your daughter on her new ballet classes.

    Squats. I hate them with a passion. I used to do them in Body Pump classes, but quit those earlier this year when my favorite instructor left the gym. We do have a home gym and my husband bought me a squat bar to try to encourage me to keep up with them, but I hate them so much the bar just sits and collects dust. Maybe I'll get back into them some day, but it definitely won't be today (or tomorrow, and probably not next week/month either!)

    1. Really? That's how I am with cardio. I hate it! I hate being out of breathe and sweating and my head getting unnecessarily hot... lol But, squats? Squats are life. :) Every time I need to use the ladies room, I try to do 10-15 squats. That lets me get in about 50-75 a day, depending on how much iced coffee I drink. lol

    2. My husband is the same. Squats are life. "They're the best exercise you can do for your body!" No thanks. I'd rather stick to my hip hop classes (I don't mind the sweat) and running on the treadmill. He's also into riding his mountain bike too though, which I despise any kind of bike. It hurts my butt and leaves me winded too quickly. Him and I are total workout opposites.

  7. I hope your daughter loves ballet.

  8. There is fall stuff EVERYWHERE now and it's slightly freaking me out. You know Christmas is next...


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