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Let's Discuss: Aladdin, Live Action vs Classics

I am a huge fan of Disney.  I love Disney movies, Disney princesses, Disney gear, Disney music, Disney World, Disney games, and just about everything else Disney has to offer. 

While that is true, I'm unconvinced regarding the live action versions of the Disney classics.
Cinderella was a major flop.  The Jungle Book was plain scary.  Christopher Robbin was depressing.
The only live action remake that I've thoroughly enjoyed to date was Beauty and the Beast.
The recipe of a perfect cast, fun new scenes, mysteries unveiled, and minor twists made the movie a success.
...oh, and Lumière.  His authentic accent and acting skills really brought the character life!

Knowing the history, I wasn't as excited for Aladdin as I wanted to be.  I was immediately bias to the original because I couldn't imagine anyone other than Robin Williams as the genie.

Absolutely zero disrespect to Will Smith.  I'm a huge fan and believe that he can do anything.
Despite it all, my daughter was eager to see one of her favorite princesses in action.


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Aladdin, The Live Action Version vs The Original

At first, I was thoroughly disappointed in the film.
Will Smith wasn't as fabulous as I thought he would be.
One of my favorites, Jasmine's father, wasn't portrayed as the happy little cherub that I enjoyed as a child.
Some of my favorite scenes at the start of the classic were nonexistent in the live action version
...and, to be honest, the acting itself in the movie was only OK at the very best...

My OCD wouldn't allow me to not finish the film so I remained persistent.

I'm glad that I did because the movie won me over around the halfway point.
I was thoroughly impressed with Disney's twist in this live action film.

The real hero wasn't Aladdin.  It was Jasmine.

It was refreshing to see Jasmine speak up and take control of the situation.

She wasn't the damsel in distress waiting for a man to come save the day.
I just about fainted when her father named her Sultan instead of Aladdin.

While I never considered myself much of a feminist, I seem to be transitioning to one in my old age.
That aside, my six year old daughter has been rocking her Jasmine dress up every day since.
I can only hope she's pretending to be the sultan and not just the princess.

What are your thoughts on the live action films versus the classics? 


  1. Haven't watched, cannot stand Will Smith :) And I also find feminism forced inaccurately into period set movies tragically ridiculous. I do love exotic settings, though!

    1. You don't like Will Smith?!?! Not even as the Fresh Prince or in Independence Day?? What about Getting Jiggy With It??

    2. Nope, he is just way too obnoxious and I can't stand his wife and their spawn either LOL Hollywood pests they are :)

  2. Will Smith has made some great movies, but he's gotten way too big of a head on him these days, and his kids are just out to lunch, at least the son. We'll see how Bad Boys 3 is, don't hold out much hope.

    As for remakes of cartoons, nothing but a lazy cash grab. And a chance for Disney to be all PC with things like Jasmine saving the day and being Sultan. Not that it is a bad thing to switch things up, but if you want to do that, make a new movie. Then again, we who watch their remake crap are to blame too. If we didn't watch it, they wouldn't make it. Will Smith was no Robin Williams either. And never liked Beauty and the Beast much, as it was shot for shot that same friggin thing, besides a few little snippets here and there. Pffft. If I want to watch the same movie, I'll watch the original movie you put out, not the cash grab remake.

    I mean The Lion King? Really? At least the other cartoons had real people to make real people. The Lion King had NOTHING. They just used CGI and that was that. Cash grab.

    End Rant.

    1. lol, tell us how you really feel!! I agree that it's all just a hoax for us to spend more money. The worst part is that they all really stunk with the except of Beauty and the Beast. I enjoyed the fact that it was the same movie. I get angry when they change these things up. I have zero interest in seeing The Lion King, but let's see if Luciana drags me. lol

  3. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, and sometimes really really bad.

  4. I'm all for Disney live-action remakes. With that said, Cinderella and Christopher Robin failed to draw me me. I thought Beauty and the Beast was just okay. Nothing to write home about. I did enjoy Dumbo, though it seemed about 30 or so minutes too long. Jungle Book, I liked that one a lot. Lion King? I didn't love it, but didn't hate it either. It did have some LOL moments though. Aladdin? I wasn't expecting to like it, but ended up loving it. It's my favorite live-action from Disney so far. I'll for sure be adding it to our film collection.

    1. Beauty and the Beast was my favorite so far. I haven't seen The Lion King yet and don't plan to, but will if my daughter really pushes me. What did you think of Will Smith as the Genie? Cinderella was awfullllll. They couldn't have done so much with that one, and they just didn't

    2. Like Dezzy, I am normally not a fan of Will Smith and almost didn't watch the movie because I thought he'd ruin it. While no Robin Williams, he held his own and really made the character his own. I actually did end up enjoying his version of Genie.

  5. I haven't seen the live action Aladdin but no one can top Robin Williams in my head.

    1. ...and after seeing Aladdin, I can confirm that nobody tops him. :)

  6. Pretty cool, you can watch but something was missing in my opinion :) Regards:**


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