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List: Ten simple gifts that can be made epic with a photo.

**Updated September 2020**

Now that I've reached my early thirties, I find it increasingly difficult to find thoughtful and creative gifts within my budget.  After doing this for over a decade, the choices become more and more limited.  It's also worth mentioning that I have a gigantic family.  That's when I started thinking of simple, commonly overlooked items to gift family and friends.  They would have to be within my budget (which is usually <$35) and be meaningful.

Luckily, it's become almost trendy to personalize pretty much everything.  This made my idea of a meaningful yet commonly overlooked item much more easier to fulfill.

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Ten photo gifts that everyone loves.

Every year I make a photo book filled with seasonal highlights, holidays, special events, and our favorite moments.  I gift that book to my husband on Christmas morning and every year he anxiously waits for it.  It's become a tradition that we treasure.  It can easily become a tradition for you, too!
Can be found here.

Personalize a phone case for a loved one because that plain black case is so overplayed.
Can be found here.

Tree ornaments are favorite holiday gift.  Imagine how happy someone will be to receive a personalized one!  They could smile, reminisce, and think of you every time they see it hung on their tree.
Can be found here.

For all the business people in your life, this would be a greatly appreciated gift.  It will stand out in anyone's office or place of business and they'll have you to thank for that.
Can be found here.

Where I live, coffee stoppers were banned.  Like they're legit illegal.  As a result, I have splattered coffee all over my cup holders.  That's why I think this gift is the best thing EVER!  Besides, think how nice it would be to see a flash of your favorite picture every time you take a sip.
Can be found here.

I especially love this idea as a graduation gift, engagement gift, or a newborn baby gift.  Your design can be a solo print, have text overlay, become a collage, and have a specially picked frame.  The possibilities are endless!
Can be found here.

Like many others, I enjoy switching up my pillows to match the decor, season, or holiday.  Sometimes I spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to hunt down the perfect one.  You can save someone else that time by designing one for them instead.
Can be found here.

These stone coasters are gorgeous even without being personalized.  The addition of a favorite photo would quickly bring them to the realm of "epic".
Can be found here.

Years ago I received a personalized mug for my first mother's day.  It means so much to me that I've never used it.  Now I gift my son's God mother with a mug every year and she gets so excited.  She's young and single and slowly collecting a set of eight!
Can be found here.

Every year for my mother's birthday, we sit down and design a special calendar for her.  We make sure that all her children and grandchildren are represented in the calendar.  We also make sure that each picture corresponds with each month.  This gift is <$25 but she acts like it's a million dollar gift because she knows we devoted time to it.  The best part is, when you personalize a calendar, you start it with the month and year of your choosing!  That means no wasted months.
Can be found here.

Which one would you want?


  1. Number one!
    Such fun...

    You're not a hypocrite. I know a hypocrite when I see one. ;)

  2. Organic is grand indeed, but yeah, 2 cups a day may not be the best lol.

  3. Your blog didn't move up my sidebar forever and any time I clicked on it, it said your url was expired. What? I had to find your comment on Pat's blog and click on it. You're Jax again instead of Jaclyn? Well anyway....glad I found you!

    1. Weird things are going on over here at R&W, Betsy!! I don't know how to fix them. I had to e-mail Google himself. Let's see if I get a response... lol I'm glad you found me too. :)


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