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List: The top five best bird feeders to attract different birds to your yard.

**Updated February 2021**

As you are all probably sick of hearing at this point, I am absolutely in love with the little bird sanctuary that we created in the yard.  It took months of hard work and research, but we finally got it right.  We've attracted dozens of different species and countingFor more information, check out my birding page for all you need to know.  You'll find several informative articles and a running list of what species we managed to attract.  If you REALLY love birds, check out our Instagram page for daily pictures and videos of our favorite visitors.

Now that I'm done tooting my own horn, this post is going to be dedicated to bird feeders.  There are several important factors when it comes to creating a safe and inviting area for your birdie friends, but feeders are the heart and soul of it.  You'll want to invest in the best feeders and quality food.  This will help attract different species and keep them coming back for more.  I have four feeders that I feel work the best for me while still remaining economical.  Additionally, I have four main types of feed that I use to fill these feeders.

bird feeders you need to attract birds to your yard

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Top 4 best bird feeders to attract birds.

I absolutely adore this feeder for several reasons.  The first reason is that it makes the most beautiful backyard decor.  The second reason is that it's rigged so that when a squirrel jumps on it, the seed becomes closed off.  This nifty feature keeps the rodents away!  It's also a great feeder to house the most popular bird seed, the 100% black oil sunflower seeds.

I see lots of birds frequent this feeder.  They include Cardinals, Blue Jays, Sparrows, House Finches, Starlings, Common Grackles, Morning Doves, Chickadees, and Nuthatches.

This bird feeder may not be the most popular one with all the birds, but it does a great job attracting specific birds that are harder to bring out.  The thistle feeder is made specifically for a very tiny, fine seed known as nyjer seed.  The beauty about this feeder is that squirrels aren't interested in this feed.  Additionally, bully birds such as Common Grackles and Starlings won't be taking over this feeder because they don't care for the seed.  This feeder is also great because it provides plenty of room for the smaller song birds it attracts to perch at once.

The birds that frequent this feeder are Finches, Sparrows, American Goldfinches, and Chickadees.

The next on our list of top bird feeders is this window hummingbird feeder.  Believe it or not, hummingbirds are very bold.  They have no problem flying right up to your window as you stare.  They'll linger and feed as they refuel to continue their day's journey.  Other than the obvious advantage of having hummingbirds fly right up to your window, there are several other pluses to this feeder.  It's easy to maintain and clean since it's a rectangular feeder with no odd crevices.  It also only holds 8 ounces of nectar at a time which means less wasted food.

Big surprise here, people.  This feeder attracted hummingbirds.

The final of the four best feeders is the suet feeder with a tail prop.  This feeder is the second most popular one in our bird sanctuary, but was put out to specifically attract different woodpeckers.  It's done it's job and then some, but is often raided by other birds when the woodpeckers are away.  This feeder conveniently holds two suet cakes, has food accessible on both sides, and has a decent sized tail prop so that the woodpeckers can eat comfortably.  It's also well made so that the squirrels have not been able to get to the suet since I've owned it.  We like to use insect suet since it seems to be the most popular with the woodpeckers.

This feeder attracted all kinds of Woodpeckers, an array of Warblers, Chickadees, and Wrens.

While this feeder was made specifically for blue birds, we very sadly have not attracted any yet.  In the interim, we love it for insect eating songbirds.  The adjustable dome top makes it difficult for the larger, bully birds to eat from giving the smaller birds a safe space to snack.  We currently use it to hold dried mealworms, but it's basically a dish so you can get creative.

This feeder attracts all small song birds including blue birds and chickadees.

Do you have any bird feeders?


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