Monday, August 1, 2016

List: Ten things every woman should know by the age of 28.

I'll let you all in on a little secret.  August 2nd is my birthday.  Shhhh!!!!!!  For those who are new to R&W, I get anxiety just thinking about aging.  In the last few days of my 27th year, I've been browsing through pictures and reflecting.  My 27th year has been filled to the brim with memories that I'll cherish forever.  It has also been filled with lessons and new habits that I'll most likely reflect on for life.

28th birthday; 28 years old; life lessons everyone should know

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Ten things to know before turning 28.

1.  Never stop educating yourself.

At this ripe old age many people pride themselves on reaching their educational plateau.  Whether it's through conventions or books or webinars or a master degree, keep feeding your brain.

2.  Your eyebrows shape your entire face.

I've been getting overly happy with a tweezer since before I even hit my twenties.  It wasn't until recently that I learned barely there eyebrows in a comma shape is NOT hot.  

Idea:  Try rocking this amazing brow filler to shape and define your eyebrows.  And, yes, people will actually notice!

3.  Save your money to make lots of memories.

My husband and I love to spoil ourselves with nice "things" that we really don't need.  After staring at two empty picture frames we realized our "things" are empty without memories!

4.  Dreaming is never going to make things happen.

There are many days and nights that I'll dream of all the things in my life I want changed.  This is the first year that I pushed away the excuses and made things happen.  I mean, you're dream job will forever be unattainable unless you submit an application.  I apologize for the truth bomb.

5.  Surround yourself with a successful and humble crowd.

Throw away the anchors that are bringing you down and keep the ones that hold you up.  It's totally true that success and kindness are contagious.  Keep it around you, please don't confuse the term success with money.  Although, money never hurts!

6.  Always keep some Disney magic in your life.

You don't need to borrow a toddler to sing with The Little Mermaid or rock the Disney store.  Whether you are three or thirty, the magic of Disney is always going to bring a smile.

Idea:  Have an adult Disney night with your best friends.  Put on Disney+ (click here to learn more), make mickey shaped snacks, and pretend like you're five again wishing for your prince to come!

7.  Master at cooking at least 3 scrumptious dishes.

By 28, you'll probably host things like dinner parties where you'll need to order food or cook.  When possible, cook a meal to share with others and you'll be surprised at your burst of pride!

8.  Limit the advisers in your life.

Everyone has a different opinion and it will drive you nuts to consider them all.  Pick a handful of people you trust the most and look to those trusted few for guidance.

9.  Sugar should be on the list of legal drugs.

I've always been a sweets girl that loves her some chocolate, ice cream, and rainbow cookies!  I recently learned first hand that sugar gets you high and causes withdrawals.  It took a doctor's visit to learn that all the rice I feed the hubby causes major sugar side effects!

10.  Capture your life in pictures.

This is the first year that I made a sincere effort to take lots of pictures, and I'm so glad I did!  You'll always enjoy looking back at your life and sharing those memories through pictures.

Ideas:  Print your pictures in actual photos or a photo book to share with your child or as a hard copy back up to your electronic fileIf you haven't checked out the amazing deals on Snap Fish, you should right now.  Click here to check them out.

What lesson have you learned this year?


  1. methinks I started using face cream at the age of 28 :) They do say I look younger now that my real age.... Happy tomorrow's birthday!

  2. Have a wonderful birthday gorgeous. You certainly are wise beyond your years. And, August 2nd is a special day indeed. It's also my wedding anniversary-30 years!

  3. Hope you have a great birthday, as 30 draws ever closer lol very true, you want something, do it. Dreaming about it will never get it done. And ugg to all the advice givers, the cat ignores them.

  4. Wonderful list and happy birthday! I so agree with you about sugar. Terribly devious substance. It also stimulates your appetite so you keep eating more and more of it, which stimulates your appetite, and before you know it you have to buy the next size up in pants.

  5. I have been failing in the picture department lately. I took so many when the kids were little. I've never been buy a lot of 'things' person, perhaps because I never had the money. You're so young.

  6. Happy birthday! I've also learned that a little Disney magic goes a long way!

  7. I can't stand much sugar these days

  8. Those are excellent tips. What life lesson have I learned this year? Hmmmm . . . how about don't bother to get upset if Penelope pees on the area rug. The rug is cheap and not that hard to clean. Penelope is priceless.


  9. 11. Never stop making lists.
    12. Visit workingdan's blog and leave a comment in list form.
    13. Silently grumble curse words towards WD for his complaints about lists.
    14. Smile, it's your birthday!

  10. For me the numbers are 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 10 xD
    Yeah I am a bit lazy right now.
    Thanks for this lovely post

  11. Happy belated birthday! And yes on mastering cooking - you should at least know how to adequately feed yourself


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