Friday, August 26, 2016

Life: Friday Ramblings

It's been years since I've...
...watched The Jungle Book!  At 28, I still can't stop myself from dancing and singing along.
I'm glad that my little mush enjoyed the music just as much as I do.

I'm smiling ear to ear because... husband finally finished the closet in the spare room!  Such a simple thing made a BIG difference.
Hello organized space for the clothes that are out of season, board games, and other miscellaneous things!

I'm super thankful for...
...the support team I didn't realize I had!  People that I never knew cared have proven then really do.
Details to come later, but let's just say that it was a heart warming moment.

I feel awful for... baby girl being allergic to bug bites.  A simple mosquito bite turns into a welt on her.
Not only do they swell horribly, but the mosquito seem to LOVE her blood!

I'm cracking up at... baby girl as she looks at a stranger and yells "STOP CHECKING ME OUT"!
Where does she even learn these things from?!  My bet is on Spongebob.

I'm totally in love with...
...these super comfy drawstring shorts from Gap Body that my husband surprised me with.
I usually rock a t-shirt and boy short panties around the house.  He hated it enough to compromise!

I can't stop filling the house with...
...potted plants!  I see a good deal for a plant and I can't help myself from getting it.
This week it was a 4" cabbage rose plant.  I had to tell my husband  it's an "investment" for the backyard.

What are your Friday ramblings?


  1. No, no, sister, don't let your kid watch Spongebob, watching that trash kills your grey brain cells it is that super stupid.

  2. Bugs love me and my youngest son too. I think it's because we are so damn sweet. Hahaha

  3. Ugg to bugs, nasty little creatures and allergies are sure no fun. Soon you will live in a zoo with all those plants

  4. omg, lol to your daughter telling people to not check her out. hahaha. That is so funny, I would die if I saw a wee one shouting that. And gosh, your husband would not complain if he saw my around the house clothes. They are literally the ugliest sweats in the world, hah. My husband is always like "oh goody... those are back" :) I'm glad you have a good support team! Nothing feels better than that.

  5. Mushie and I share that allergy :( I feel her pain!

  6. I can totally relate: I'm allergic to red ant bites. Swell up like crazy. So sorry your mushie does too.

  7. I'm sure my Bollywood Princess can relate. She's been waiting for months for me to finish a closet too.


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