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List: Ten unique and inexpensive bridal shower gift ideas.

**Updated August 2020**

I'll be spending the next week meeting up with my future sister in law's bridal party.  With the help of her mother, we're throwing her the fabulous bridal shower that she deserves.  We'll be putting together rustic centerpieces, cute favors, fun games, and creative prizes.  After that, we'll be focusing on a unique shadow box idea, a clothespin collage, and chalkboard art.

My brother and his fiance have been living alone for quite some time now.  They have every type of home essential item that one could ever need.  I also feel a little weird buying my future SIL lingerie that she'll be using with my brother.  Ew  This basically means that we will need to get real creative with my gift choice.

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Ten unique bridal shower gift ideas.

With this gift, the newly married couple can measure all their hours of bliss and happiness.  They'll also love how effortlessly farmhouse chic their living room suddenly became.
Can be bought here.

This is a gift they can display in their home and only share the meaning with whom they choose.  Our bedroom is decorated with keepsakes of our wedding.  This sculpture is the perfect addition.
Can be bought here.

Paris is the city of romance so it's appropriate and makes for a fun addition to any living room.  Does your bride dream of traveling somewhere in particular?  Then swap this coffee table book for one filled with pictures of her dream destination.  Maybe pair it with a travel fund bank like this one and a few dollars to start off.
Can be bought here.

Perfect for breakfast in bed, romantic late night treats, or just to use as decoration.  Every time the future Mr. or Mrs. is spoiled with breakfast in bed, they'll have you to thank!
Can be bought here.

"I love you so", get it?  Besides, Andy Warhol is loved by almost everyone!
Can be bought here.

This is the perfect gift for the Disney lovers!  My SIL has Disney things throughout her home.  They can use this to top their wedding cake and then to display somewhere in their house later.
Can be bought here.

The couple can watch this gift grow with them throughout all their years.  If you want it to have extra meaning, look up different species of trees and see what they represent.  Or, my personal favorite, get a tree that produces fruit!  These will serve a double purpose.
Can be bought here.

Every year they will have this gorgeous ornament to look back on and smile.
Can be bought here.

Wherever this dish is strategically placed, the bride will have you to thank for never misplacing her ring!
Can be bought here.

10.  A "Paid In Full" Receipt.
Whether it's paying off their wedding cake or giving a gift card for the honeymoon hotel, these gifts of cash will be greatly appreciated by the couple who's  guaranteed to be counting pennies to pay for it all!

Which is your favorite?


  1. I dig the clock. Just my style. But I really love the ornament. Hubby and I have one the kids gave us that carries a special meaning. Have fun with it all and good luck at work too!

  2. does it mean more monies and bigger salary? :)

  3. So sorry you have been working so hard. I love the clock. My son received one almost just like it from his BFF when he graduated from high school. He has it hanging in his apartment. So far he has not been late to class.

  4. Paid in full would be the way to win me over lol

  5. I love the Andy Warhol. I'm not big on gift registries, either, but I'll turn to them when I have no idea what people like or need. Sometimes I give Tupperware (the real Tupperware--not the cheap stuff) at showers. People usually don't think of it, but Tupperware canisters or other containers always come in handy. I have Tupperware I've been using for almost forty years--not that I'm actually old enough to have had Tupperware that many years. I'm not sure how to write my way out of this conundrum. I love your shower suggestions.



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