Monday, July 11, 2016

List: Ten ideas to celebrate your first wedding anniversary.

On July 26th, my husband and I will be celebrating one whole year of marriage.  My poor husband has been trying to plan this celebration for about 6 months now.  I think he secretly believes that it has to perfect or else we won’t make it to a second one.  Every week our computer tabs are filled with Google inquiries about perfect anniversary date ideas.  Some of the tabs reference vacation spots and other’s reference romantic gift ideas.  Little does he know, he's unnecessarily going overboard.

As eager as I am to celebrate, I don’t need perfection or anything over the top.  I’d be happy sitting in front of our fake fire place sipping champagne and eating our wedding cake.  Mostly because I want that cake out of the freezer!

how to plan your first wedding anniversary

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How to celebrate your first anniversary.

1.  Spend the day at a local winery.
Visit a local winery to spend the day with romantic views, deep conversation, and good drinks.  Some wineries have live music.  Some have gorgeous fields of flowers to walk through.  Some even have horses grazing as you sip.  Do your research and pick the one that's best suited for you.  Remember, if going with the flower fields, double check they're in bloom at the time of your visit.

Idea:  Since most wineries allow outside food, gift your sweetheart with this traditional wicker picnic basket that comes with everything you'd need to enjoy an outdoor meal.  Have it packed with cold meats, cheeses, and a baguette to feast on with your wine.  Think of this as an investment and make a winery picnic your annual anniversary tradition!

2.  Reenact your first date.
Try and relive your first date from the clothes you wore to the food you ate.  You may even get those first date jitters or laugh at confessions about the original one.

3.  Enjoy a DIY paint night.
Purchase canvases, acrylic paint, and brushes.  Lay a sheet down to protect the floor and open a bottle of wine.  There are instructional videos on Youtube so forget an expensive class and enjoy the privacy of your home.  As in, no need to worry about PDA.

Idea:  To make this as easy and carefree as possible, try getting a numbered canvas acrylic set like this one.  It's cheaper than the bottle of champagne you'll most likely be sipping on and allows you to dedicate more time to other activities that night.

4.  Take a long walk around a scenic or historic area.
For example, I’ve always wanted to walk across the Brooklyn bridge and then reward myself with a yummy meal on the other side.  With your camera in tow, head out to a place that you've always wanted to explore.  Maybe you'll find your new happy place as a couple or maybe it's a one time adventure to store away in your memory chest.

Idea:  Don't forget to go to SnapFish afterward to print pictures or a canvas of your favorite moment of that day.  Click here to go their deals page for crazy savings.

5.  Indulge in a local chocolate tour.
Pay for a tour guide or create your own itinerary of stops.  Make sure to try a treat at each stop because calories don't count on your anniversary.

Idea:  Let your sweetheart pick all of your desserts that night and vice versa.  You may be pleasantly surprised with their picks.

6.  Go to a local amusement park.
Amusement parks are not only romantic, but lots of fun and make for lots of laughs.  What’s more romantic than cuddling on the Ferris wheel and winning your sweetheart a stuffed bear?  The correct answer is almost nothing.

7.  Relive the moment you got engaged.
If you were me, you'd enjoy a dinner at Little Italy and then a stroll around Central Park.  Take your time to reenact the special day and maybe your partner will let you inside of their head to see the day from their perspective.  For extra fun, maybe you'll run into someone else who remembers that day like a waiter or cab driver!

8.  Recreate your favorite movie scene.
Rent a dance studio for an hour and mouth the words to Lover Boy while pretending to be in Dirty Dancing.  The rest of the time can be spent trying to perfect that impossible lift Baby wanted to nail the entire movie.  Dirty Dancing isn't the movie for you?  Pick one that means something to you both and reenact it the best way you can.  See how long it takes your sweetheart to realize what's going on.

9.  Party like you first met.
Spend the evening going to a bar or club that you used to frequent together.  Don't forget to order your signature drinks and dance until you can’t feel your feet.  End the night with a trip to the local diner for breakfast as the sun comes up and then sleep the next day away.

10.  Pretend you’re on your dream vacation.
Visit a Parisian inspired local garden or art exhibit.  End the evening at a French bistro with a delicious meal.  Visit a museum to see Greek inspired sculptures followed by a dinner at a restaurant serving traditional Greek food.  Find the place you two want to visit together in the future and pretend you're there on your anniversary.

Idea:  Instead of gifting your sweetheart with something superficial, gift her the receipt to a savings accounts or a vacation fund bank like this one.  Put a few dollars in there for now and promise to add it to it until you can afford to go on that dream vacation together.  Hello, most romantic gift EVER.

How would you celebrate?


  1. time really passed quickly, I personally remember when you were still single :)

  2. WOW one year already? Time sure does fly. Congrats! I love all of those ideas, especially the chocolate tour.

  3. Time sure flies indeed. Although I'd avoid the winning of the bear. Those things have more bacteria on them than a toilet seat, just saying lol

  4. Happy early Anniversary!!! All of these ideas are a lot of fun. Too bad you can't do all of them in one day. ;)

  5. I don't want to reenact my first date because I'd ordered so much food thinking Angie was hungry, but then it turned out she ate less than a mouse. Guess how I spent my evening? Clue: it involved a knife, a spoon and a whole lot of plates.


  6. I don't even remember our first anniversary--probably because we had a newborn to keep us busy. A few weeks ago we celebrated our 13th by running a 5K.

  7. I had mine about about two months ago. It was simple

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