Monday, July 18, 2016

List: Ten healthy habits to adopt today for a healthier and happier you.

Last week I finally got tired of being lazy.  I gained about 10 pounds this past year and I absolutely hate it.   As truly unhappy as I am with my appearance, I'm miserable thinking about health.  Did I mention my hubby hung a full length mirror next to our shower?  Motivation much?!

Instead of dreading on my newly adopted fat rolls, I decided to set a goal.
Goal:  To make smart lifestyle choices until they become unbreakable healthy habits!

how to adopt a healthier lifestyle

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Ten habits for a healthier & happier you.

1.  Prep a weeks worth of healthy breakfasts and lunches.
Pick the most convenient weekday, and make it a habit to prep meals for the week ahead.  Conveniently store your prepped meals in portioned containers so that you can just grab and go throughout the week.

Idea:  Invest in these glass meal prep containers that were developed to help with portion control.  They're inexpensive and made of glass which means it's better for you and the environment.

2..  Add fifteen minutes of exercise to your morning routine.
Make it a habit to exercise before your morning shower by waking up 15 minutes earlier.  Keep it simple.  Try squats to work your lower body and weighted balls for upper body.

3.  Start your day with 16 ounces of water.
Make it a habit to wake up and drink 16 ounces of water before your first cup of coffee.  I really don't like water, but I do feel better when I force myself to hydrate.  Using the cup of coffee as my reward, I force it down.

Idea:  Invest in this fabulous reusable water bottle with a filter to carry around with you everywhere.  It's constant presence will act as motivation for you to hydrate and it's filter makes it easier than ever to access clean water.

4.  Swap unsweetened teas for those creamy coffees.
Allow yourself one cup of coffee, but make it a habit to swap those afternoon cups for flavored tea.  These flavors of tea are my favorite and are a pleasure to drink without added sugar.  Trust me... I know the struggle of avoiding coffee, but tea does help ease the pain!

5.  Get up and move during work breaks.
Avoid the temptation to sit in the lunchroom and make it a habit to walk during your break.  Prep ahead to prevent excuses by keeping a pair of sneakers and a stick of deodorant at work.

6.  Research some realistic healthier food swaps.
Make it a habit to swap unhealthy ingredients.  If you can't swap it, then skip it!

7.  Purchase healthy, fresh snacks weekly.
Avoid buying junk food and make it a habit to fill the house with healthy snack choices.

8.  Prep, portion, and cook dinners with fresh ingredients.
Make it a habit to cook a healthy portion and avoid using packaged, unhealthy short cuts.  If you accidentally made an extra serving of food, save it as leftovers before serving.  You're less like to eat it right away if it's packaged and in the fridge before you start to eat.

9.  Be active between dinner and bedtime.
Make it a habit to go on a family walk after dinner instead of jumping in bed with the TV on.  Switch it up with a competitive game of Just Dance or a solid hour of cleaning.  Whatever it is, get moving!

Idea:  Try the Hot Lava Monster game with your kids after dinner.  It's like the imagination game where the floor is lava but with structure.  The kids will love it, you'll probably laugh, and everyone will be moving!

10.  Take a multivitamin daily.
Vitamins should be taken with food so make it a habit to take a chewable multivitamin after dinner.  I've been taking a Flintstone vitamin every day for a year and haven't even gotten a sniffle.  Talk to your doctor to see what daily vitamin would benefit you the most.

What are your favorite healthy habits?


  1. isn't it better to take vitamins after breaky not after dindins?

    1. Probably, but my breakfast is usually in the car. Lol

    2. you might wanna find a way, I'm not an expert, but it is quite possible that over night body does not use up everything you take in the evening because it is in its sleep mode.. so it is probably better if you can chew them up at least at work. I try to take them all during morning hours.

    3. You're right...I'm being lazy. Maybe I should I get a weekly pill box and stick it in my lunch bag. :)

  2. I take so many vitamins that my kitchen counter looks like CVS!

    1. we should compare our collections, Debs :) I drink everything from multivitamins to vitamin C, Magnesium and God knows what not else....

    2. But do you feel a difference? I always thought it was giant scam until someone convinced me to just try a multi vitamin...and I swear that it cured my constant sinus infections.

  3. I ran out of vitamins and haven't taken any in a month, feel no different, so jury is out on if they really do anything. Drinking and exercise is key. I stick to the P90x and no fat on me lol

    1. Womp womp the vitamins helping my immune system is in my head? I'd say that I would test it out, but I really hate me a stuffy nose and clogged ears.

  4. I like tea but I'm not a fan of unsweetened. I need some sweetness! :D

    1. Have you tried agave nector? Healthy and yummy!

  5. I take the multi-vitamins almost every day. Some say it doesn't matter but it makes sure you're rounded out. Most are going to everything you need, but just incase

  6. A walk break during the work day never hurts - it gets you away from your desk and up and talking to different people


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