Wednesday, July 20, 2016

List: Ten bad excuses for unhealthy choices that need to be stopped today.

Keeping in line with my previous post, I'd like to keep talking about being healthy.  For the quickest recap ever, I'm tired of being unhealthy and decided to make healthy lifestyle choices a habit.

Before I hit that 10 pound weight gain, I filled my life with excuses.  Several times a day I'd make an excuse for being lazy, eating junk, and avoiding activity.  As I talk to colleagues, friends, family, and random people online, these excuses seem to be overwhelmingly popular.  I'm here to stop the trend and let all my fellow excuse makers that it's totally time to squash them!

how to stop making excuses for being healthy

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Ten bad excuses for unhealthy choices.

1.  I'm a parent.
Yes, I'm a mother.  Yes, my schedule is crazy and I have lot of responsibilities.  While it's all true, I also have a responsibility to teach my child how to make healthy choices.  I firmly believe that the best way to teach a child something is to communicate AND be an example.  You also want to be around for your children and your grandchildren.  The only way to do this, is to be healthy and say lots of prayers.

2.  I'm working long hours.
To be a hard worker is a great trait, but it's no longer honorable when it means sacrificing your health.  There is nothing in this world that is worth risking your health and I bet your boss would agree.

Idea:  Invest a few dollars in this work out machine that can easily be placed under a desk.  The best part is, it's portable!  Which means that you can transport it as needed without hassle.  Looking for motivation?  Get a colleague to do it with you and set a reminder to use it throughout the day.

3.  I can't afford to eat healthy.
People don't realize that a simple, healthy meal typically takes fewer and simple ingredients.  I get that some healthy foods are a little more expensive, but it doesn't mean you need to eat those meals.  Be creative to stay on budget with your new healthy diet.

Idea:  This Trader Joe's cook book is dedicated to healthy meals and are all affordable.  I've already gifted it to two different people and both are absolutely in love with it.

4.  I don't know how to cook.
There are billions of easy to follow recipes that I guarantee anyone can follow.  Get some!

5.  Everyone deserves to cheat a little.
Well, yea, we do..  but, cheating several times a day isn't cheating.  It's a lifestyle.  Save your cheat meals for a special date night, a holiday, or a celebration.  Try to limit it to once or twice a month.  Anything more runs the risk of becoming a habit.

Idea:  Use an app on your phone or a calendar to note your "cheat days" that way you keep track of them.  It's also easier to identify a newfound habit when you have a visual to to reference.

6.  I'm too tired to move.
This was one of my favorite excuses, until I discovered that moving around actually made me less tired.  For example, lounging on lunch break for an hour typically leaves people more sedated.  On the flip side, a 45 min walk can motivate and get people ready for the rest of the day.

7.  Vitamins are nothing but a pharmaceutical scam.
I always thought thought this until a friend convinced me to try them myself.  Sure enough, she was right.  Not only can it significantly decrease your sick time throughout the year, but some vitamins can increase energy or even decrease anxiety.  Talk to your doctor and see if there is a vitamin that's right for you.

8.  Drinking water just makes for water weight.
I don't even like water, but hydrating yourself is so important for every part of you body inside and out.  Try starting out your day with a 16 oz water bottle to flush out your system, remain hydrated, and limit some unhealthy cravings.

Idea:  Invest in a fun water bottle with a filtration system to carry with you all day long.  It will motivate you to increase your water intake and keep you hydrated.  I own two of these and never walk away without one.

9.  I can't do it by myself.
To be healthy and happy should be all the motivation you need to make smart lifestyle choices.  People who use this excuse are typically just looking for someone else to blame for failing.

10.  I don't have time to be healthy.
Everyone has time to be healthy, they just have to make habits that work best for them.  If you're falling short for ideas that fit you, ask your doctor or do some research.  You'll find some!  Besides, I like to think of it this way, if you have time to be unhealthy you certainly have time to be healthy.

What excuses for being unhealthy do you want to squash?


  1. You are right that eating healthy does not have to be expensive. Less, tasty, healthy ingredients equals better health.

  2. Time is the biggest one I hear. And 99% of the time, they have the time, they just choose to sit on their arse and watch tv instead.

  3. To be fair, there was a time I was too sick to actually get up and "move." I'm still coming back from that and it's been 5 years. Everyone can make all the excuses they want, but if we value health and a long life, we'll make the investment.

  4. I like drinking water outside of eating. I wish I could drink just that alone. My restaurant bills would be far cheaper that way

  5. most of these are legit excuses! Ain't nothing wrong with most of them :)
    Agreed on vitamins, Dezzy pops them like candy and hasn't had flu or cold in a decade... even though I have an immune system of a butterfly...

  6. It's always easy to make excuses but I love your reason number 1 and why that shouldn't be used as an excuse


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