Friday, July 29, 2016

Life: Friday Ramblings

I've finally accepted that...
...I'm a little crazy.  I'd rather be a little crazy than a lot of boring.
I've been called crazy more times than I could count.  Thanks for the compliment!

I stripped in public because...
...a bee landed on my head in the park!  I thought it fell in my shirt and it had to come off.
This is just one of the many reasons I get called crazy.  Whatever!

I teared up because... pansies are DEAD.  My husband said they don't do as well in this scorching heat.
I secretly believe he drowned my poor babies!

I was laughing because... husband squirted my Mushy with the hose and she yelled "I'M NOT A FLOWER".
I guess she was afraid she'd end up like my pansies.  How did my 3 year old get so clever?!

I'm totally shaking with nerves because...
...I got a second interview for a HUGE promotion!  This position is two steps above me on the ladder.
To make it to the final two candidates has me beaming with pride and nauseous with nerves.

I'm ashamed to admit that...
...I'm totally and completely obsessed with Pokemon Go!  Yes, I hunt for pokemon.
I'm not even going to tell you how I ran around with a bunch of 12 year old boys looking for Pikachu!

What are your Friday ramblings?
Wednesday, July 27, 2016

List: Ten things I learned my first year of marriage.

Marriage: The legally or formally recognized union of two partners in a relationship.

With my first anniversary on my brain, all I can think of is "marriage".  After a whole year of marriage, I can officially say that it ain't as easy as that definition sounds.  It takes a lot of work, compromise, and forgiveness.  This post is going to deep dive into those reflections.

first anniversary; just married; newlyweds; marriage advice;

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10 things learned after one year of marriage.

1.  You will never be happy unless you learn to compromise.
Everyone does things their own way.  It's important to recognize this and meet in the middle.  People don't get divorced over the way your husband folds a hand towel.  Instead, they gain perspective and realize it doesn't really matter.

Idea:  If you both can't settle on the proper way to fold, try investing in one of these tools to settle the matter.  You'll end up with perfectly folded clothes every time!

2.  Get into a rhythm that works for the entire family.
Your married life will become much smoother once a daily routine is developed.  We stopped arguing over who will do what once we got our life's tasks down to a science.

3.  At least once a month, break the rhythm and get crazy.
That spontaneous date night that throws our entire routine out of whack is what we live for.  The routine keeps the peace and periodically breaking it keeps the happiness alive.   That is our recipe for a decent marriage, 1 cup routine + 1/4 cup spontaneity.

4.  It's cheaper to be married.
Things like car insurance, cell phone bills, and health insurance become way cheaper.  Change your mindset from "times 2" into "group discount"!

5.  You gain another family, not just a bunch of in laws.
I was blessed with my husband's amazing family, but I was ignorant to how deep you get sucked in.  You become one of the pack, for both the good and the bad.

6.  A spouse is not always your biggest cheerleader.
While we are typically supportive of each other, there have been times we flat out disagreed.  Being married means constant support, but it also means a very honest opinion.  Don't expect your hubby to squeal over your new shoes.  Instead he'll growl at the price.

7.  You will probably change as a person and it's totally OK.
As hard as you will try not to, you will probably change while adapting to your new life.  You may surprise yourself when you become more responsible, a yucca connoisseur, or adopt gardening as a new hobby.

8.  The need to constantly impress will eventually dissipate.
 Things like getting dolled up to buy milk and wearing 6 inch heels to work will become unimportant.

Idea:  Just because you're not trying to find a mate in the grocery store, doesn't mean you should let yourself go.  Keep up with yourself.  This helps you remain confident.  Makes your sweetheart feel like you still care.  & you're spouse will be more inclined to show you off!

9.  Money is both heaven and hell.
You will always have a need for more money, but it will also be the thing you fight about most.  Even the queen of budgeting will still manage to find $10 to argue over!

10.  Becoming someone's spouse doesn't make you a judge.
It's all good to give an opinion when appropriate, but don't judge every move they make.  You'll both be guilty of this one, but as long as you work on it, you're ahead of most of us.

What did marriage teach you?

Monday, July 25, 2016

Life: Happy Anniversary!

Tuesday, July 26th, is our first wedding anniversary!
This year has been filled with many ups, downs, and in betweens.
Let's just say, you totally deserve a medal for making it through that first year!

We've accomplished many great things together including making a family and a home.
We've enjoyed vacations and we fought hard through petty arguments.
We've cried, laughed, yelled, and smiled.  But we've always loved.
I love you and wouldn't have chosen anyone else to do this with!
Here's to us and to many more years of it!

I'm writing this week's posts in advance, so I'll have to let you know next week how we celebrated.
As long as it involves getting that cake out of my freezer, I'm good with the plan!  lol

Happy anniversary, to us!
Friday, July 22, 2016

LIfe: Happy birthday to my husband!

I'd like to wish my handsome husband a very happy 26th birthday!
Thank you for being an amazing husband, father, and friend.
We love you more each and every day for all that you do.
Let the celebration begin!!

Please join me in wishing my husband a very happy birthday!
Wednesday, July 20, 2016

List: Ten excuses for unhealthy choices that need to be squashed

Keeping in line with my previous post, I'd like to keep talking about being healthy.  For the quickest recap ever, I'm tired of being unhealthy and decided to make healthy lifestyle choices a habit.

Before I hit that 10 pound weight gain, I filled my life with excuses.  Several times a day I'd make an excuse for being lazy, eating junk, and avoiding activity.  As I talk to colleagues, friends, family, and random people online, these excuses seem to be overwhelmingly popular.  I'm here to stop the trend and let all my fellow excuse makers that it's totally time to squash them!

healthy choices, excuses to be unhealthy, bad excuses; is this an excuse for being unhealthy

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Ten bad excuses for unhealthy choices.

1.  I'm a parent.
Yes, I'm a mother.  Yes, my schedule is crazy and I have lot of responsibilities.  While it's all true, I also have a responsibility to teach my child how to make healthy choices.  I firmly believe that the best way to teach a child something is to communicate AND be an example.  You also want to be around for your children and your grandchildren.  The only way to do this, is to be healthy and say lots of prayers.

2.  I'm working long hours.
To be a hard worker is a great trait, but it's no longer honorable when it means sacrificing your health.  There is nothing in this world that is worth risking your health and I bet your boss would agree.

Idea:  Invest a few dollars in this work out machine that can easily be placed under a desk.  The best part is, it's portable!  Which means that you can transport it as needed without hassle.  Looking for motivation?  Get a colleague to do it with you and set a reminder to use it throughout the day.

3.  I can't afford to eat healthy.
People don't realize that a simple, healthy meal typically takes fewer and simple ingredients.  I get that some healthy foods are a little more expensive, but it doesn't mean you need to eat those meals.  Be creative to stay on budget with your new healthy diet.

Idea:  This Trader Joe's cook book is dedicated to healthy meals and are all affordable.  I've already gifted it to two different people and both are absolutely in love with it.

4.  I don't know how to cook.
There are billions of easy to follow recipes that I guarantee anyone can follow.  Get some!

5.  Everyone deserves to cheat a little.
Well, yea, we do..  but, cheating several times a day isn't cheating.  It's a lifestyle.  Save your cheat meals for a special date night, a holiday, or a celebration.  Try to limit it to once or twice a month.  Anything more runs the risk of becoming a habit.

Idea:  Use an app on your phone or a calendar to note your "cheat days" that way you keep track of them.  It's also easier to identify a newfound habit when you have a visual to to reference.

6.  I'm too tired to move.
This was one of my favorite excuses, until I discovered that moving around actually made me less tired.  For example, lounging on lunch break for an hour typically leaves people more sedated.  On the flip side, a 45 min walk can motivate and get people ready for the rest of the day.

7.  Vitamins are nothing but a pharmaceutical scam.
I always thought thought this until a friend convinced me to try them myself.  Sure enough, she was right.  Not only can it significantly decrease your sick time throughout the year, but some vitamins can increase energy or even decrease anxiety.  Talk to your doctor and see if there is a vitamin that's right for you.

8.  Drinking water just makes for water weight.
I don't even like water, but hydrating yourself is so important for every part of you body inside and out.  Try starting out your day with a 16 oz water bottle to flush out your system, remain hydrated, and limit some unhealthy cravings.

Idea:  Invest in a fun water bottle with a filtration system to carry with you all day long.  It will motivate you to increase your water intake and keep you hydrated.  I own two of these and never walk away without one.

9.  I can't do it by myself.
To be healthy and happy should be all the motivation you need to make smart lifestyle choices.  People who use this excuse are typically just looking for someone else to blame for failing.

10.  I don't have time to be healthy.
Everyone has time to be healthy, they just have to make habits that work best for them.  If you're falling short for ideas that fit you, ask your doctor or do some research.  You'll find some!  Besides, I like to think of it this way, if you have time to be unhealthy you certainly have time to be healthy.

What excuses for being unhealthy do you want to squash?

Monday, July 18, 2016

List: Ten habits to make a healthier and happier you.

Last week I finally got tired of being lazy.  I gained about 10 pounds this past year and I absolutely hate it.   As truly unhappy as I am with my appearance, I'm miserable thinking about health.  Did I mention my hubby hung a full length mirror next to our shower?  Motivation much?!

Instead of dreading on my newly adopted fat rolls, I decided to set a goal.
Goal:  To make smart lifestyle choices until they become unbreakable healthy habits!

healthy lifestyle; how to be healthier; small steps to health; health goals

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Ten habits for a healthier & happier you.

1.  Prep a weeks worth of healthy breakfasts and lunches.
Pick the most convenient weekday, and make it a habit to prep meals for the week ahead.  Conveniently store your prepped meals in portioned containers so that you can just grab and go throughout the week.

Idea:  Invest in these glass meal prep containers that were developed to help with portion control.  They're inexpensive and made of glass which means it's better for you and the environment.

2..  Add fifteen minutes of exercise to your morning routine.
Make it a habit to exercise before your morning shower by waking up 15 minutes earlier.  Keep it simple.  Try squats to work your lower body and weighted balls for upper body.

3.  Start your day with 16 ounces of water.
Make it a habit to wake up and drink 16 ounces of water before your first cup of coffee.  I really don't like water, but I do feel better when I force myself to hydrate.  Using the cup of coffee as my reward, I force it down.

Idea:  Invest in this fabulous reusable water bottle with a filter to carry around with you everywhere.  It's constant presence will act as motivation for you to hydrate and it's filter makes it easier than ever to access clean water.

4.  Swap unsweetened teas for those creamy coffees.
Allow yourself one cup of coffee, but make it a habit to swap those afternoon cups for flavored tea.  These flavors of tea are my favorite and are a pleasure to drink without added sugar.  Trust me... I know the struggle of avoiding coffee, but tea does help ease the pain!

5.  Get up and move during work breaks.
Avoid the temptation to sit in the lunchroom and make it a habit to walk during your break.  Prep ahead to prevent excuses by keeping a pair of sneakers and a stick of deodorant at work.

6.  Research some realistic healthier food swaps.
Make it a habit to swap unhealthy ingredients.  If you can't swap it, then skip it!

7.  Purchase healthy, fresh snacks weekly.
Avoid buying junk food and make it a habit to fill the house with healthy snack choices.

8.  Prep, portion, and cook dinners with fresh ingredients.
Make it a habit to cook a healthy portion and avoid using packaged, unhealthy short cuts.  If you accidentally made an extra serving of food, save it as leftovers before serving.  You're less like to eat it right away if it's packaged and in the fridge before you start to eat.

9.  Be active between dinner and bedtime.
Make it a habit to go on a family walk after dinner instead of jumping in bed with the TV on.  Switch it up with a competitive game of Just Dance or a solid hour of cleaning.  Whatever it is, get moving!

Idea:  Try the Hot Lava Monster game with your kids after dinner.  It's like the imagination game where the floor is lava but with structure.  The kids will love it, you'll probably laugh, and everyone will be moving!

10.  Take a multivitamin daily.
Vitamins should be taken with food so make it a habit to take a chewable multivitamin after dinner.  I've been taking a Flintstone vitamin every day for a year and haven't even gotten a sniffle.  Talk to your doctor to see what daily vitamin would benefit you the most.

What are your favorite healthy habits?

Friday, July 15, 2016

Recipe: The ultimate recipe for quick and easy Sauteed Mushrooms.

It's the season for BBQs and we're not complaining.  We love to host epic backyard barbecues.  That means putting out a feast for the main course, a gigantic display of desserts, and some entertainment for the kiddies.

Idea:  If you're looking to entertain children for hours during a BBQ in the midst of a hot Summer day, try investing in a Slip N Slide like this one.  It's super easy to put up and more affordable than taking out a family of 4 to get some ice cream.

One of the biggest staples of a BBQ is nice, juicy burger.  We're no exception, but I do like to be a bit extra.  To go with the hamburgers, I always serve my dynamite sauteed mushrooms.  They can be eaten on top of the burger or on the side.  Either way, I get countless compliments on them every single time.  The mushrooms are not only the tastiest thing that I serve, but the easiest to make.

mushrooms for hamburger; barbecue side mushrooms; recipe for sauteed mushrooms

Disclosure: This site contains affiliate links to products.  We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Please note that I would only recommend products that I would use myself and all opinions are my own.

Recipe:  The best sauteed mushrooms.


(2) Large containers white stuffing mushrooms
(6) Cloves of garlic, minced
(1) Tablespoon dried parsley
Salt & Pepper to taste

Tip:  If you're allergic to fresh garlic like my mother, you can sub with a tablespoon of garlic powder like this one.  It will still come out yummy, but you may need to add a little extra olive oil so it doesn't come out like a paste.


Wash real good because mushrooms are DIRTY and slice the mushrooms.  When slicing, be aware that how thick or thin you slice will dictate the consistency of your mushrooms.  I prefer to slice the mushrooms thicker so they stay a little more solid.

In a stainless steel pan, heat up the olive oil and garlic.

Tip:  After tossing out (2) different garlic mincers that absolutely stunk, I finally found one I love.  This garlic mincer will make cooking and cleaning up easy meals like this even easier.

Once heated, add the mushrooms and seasonings to the pan.  Cook uncovered and on medium-low heat, stirring frequently.  You'll want to cook them until all of the juice from the mushrooms has been released and evaporated.  Serve and enjoy!

What is your favorite part of a bbq?

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

List: Ten effective strategies to create more time for yourself.

When you constantly run around without time to diffuse, you tend to eventually explode.  Everyone's brain needs a break.  I don't care who you are!  As a mother and a wife, this is extremely hard for me to do.  It isn't because of time.  It's because of guilt.  I feel guilty not spending all my extra time with my children or husband.  It took hard work, dedication, and practice, but I finally learned how to master the art of "me time".  I'll share these discovered secrets with you because I definitely don't want you to explode.

mental health check for mothers; mental health check for wives; how to create me time; what is me time

Disclosure: This site contains affiliate links to products.  We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. Please note that I would only recommend products that I would use myself and all opinions are my own.

How to create time for yourself.

1.  Adopt a sense of entitlement.

It is possible to feel entitled to alone time without becoming a self-obsessed, narcissistic, snob.  The possibility that someone is going to regularly tell you to take a moment for yourself is slim to none.  Instead, realize that you're entitled to that time for your yourself on a regular basis.  Realize it.  Memorize it.  Become entitled to it.  All within reason, obviously.

2.  Make it a habit.

Once you find a moment that you can dedicate to yourself, write it down.  Take note of the day, time, duration, and what you did.  Then remember to make it a habit.  For example, if I found 45 minutes to read in the parking lot while my daughter was at dance class, I should take that 45 minutes to myself every class.  I'll make it a habit to read instead of running an errand or going home to start dinner.  Making it a habit will make it easier to do in the future.

Idea:  Create a personalized calendar like this one to visualize your alone time.  I have mine within view daily because I personalized it with pictures of my favorite people AND it serves as a reminder to take time for myself.

3.  Force yourself to get away.

I'm not saying to get up and jump on a flight to the Caribbean.  All I'm saying is to walk away from responsibilities so you aren't tempted to do them.  Is the sink full of dirty dishes?  Go to your room.  Is the hamper full in your room?  Go to backyard.  Do the plants need to be watered?  Go to Starbucks.  Are the kids in tow?  Drop them off at grandmas or have your spouse watch them.  Remember, no one is going to create the opportunity for you.  You have to take it.  Remember, a sense of entitlement.

4.  Invest in a hobby.

Invest some time and money into a hobby.  When you are invested in something, you're more likely to follow through.  Take a class.  Join a book club.  Enroll in dance lessons.  Sign up for monthly paint nights.  Whatever it is, invest in it and make it happen.

Idea:  Can't afford a monthly paint night with friends?  Try getting a paint night set like this one that comes with everything you need for less than a bottle of decent wine.  I actually love this idea so much, that all my friends are getting it for the holidays this year!

5.  Communicate that you need time for yourself.

The people in your life won't know that you're on the edge unless you communicate this to them.  Tell your significant other or someone close to you that you need that time.  Gauge how willing they are to help you accomplish it and then create a plan to make it happen.  Recently, I got angry with my husband because I didn't have any time to myself.  He told me he wasn't stopping me, but he didn't understand that he wasn't helping me either.  He had to agree to care for the kids so that it could happen.  Once we communicated, the problem was solved.

6.  Play hookie.

This should be reserved for absolute emergencies.  Meaning, you're one one dirty diaper away from a melt down.  Call out sick to work and instead of spending the day with kids, utilize the sitter.  Spend the day at a winery or on the beach or in the garden or napping.  It's called a mental health day and you're entitled to them within reason.

7.  Schedule it in.

For all my proactive peeps, don't let yourself get to breaking point.  Schedule in that alone time.  Way too busy to make it a habit?  Not interested in investing in a hobby?  Playing hookie once a year won't cut it?  Then schedule it in!  Pick a time slot and stick it on the calendar like a phone conference.

Idea:  Decorate a wall of your home with a super cute dry erase calendar like this one.  It's a great way to stay organized, communicate with the family, and pencil in some "you" time.

8.  Recognize your time killers.

Evaluate your daily routine and try to eliminate the things that waste your time.  Spend hours each week straightening your hair?  Invest in a chemical hair straightening.  Dedicating hours each day making meals?  Meal prep and find simpler recipes.  Add up all the time you saved that week and spend it doing you instead.

Idea:  If you're anything like me, you spend way too much time in the kitchen feeding the family and then cleaning up after the mess.  Once I had enough, I invested in this Trader Joe's cook book for simple meals that are healthy and budget friendly.  I even gifted it to several burnt out mommies like me only to get a huge thanks a few weeks later for simplifying their lives.

9.  Create a bird sanctuary in your yard.

I know this sounds absolutely insane, but I promise you that it works!  This is a hobby that requires very little time but leaves you feeling relaxed and accomplished.  There are many times that I feel overwhelmed, but take ten minutes to sit outside and watch the birds.  That ten minutes leaves me feeling relaxed and refreshed.

10.  Over indulge in self care.

Some beauty routines can be relaxing, such as your hair appointment, that mani/pedi, or even a facial.  Take it the next step so that it becomes alone time spent to care for yourself.  For example, upgrade your regular pedicure for a spa pedicure plus the hot stone massage.  It will only take an extra 15 minutes of your day, but could feel like a whole vacation.

How do you make time for yourself?

Monday, July 11, 2016

List: Ten ideas to celebrate your first wedding anniversary.

On July 26th, my husband and I will be celebrating one whole year of marriage.  My poor husband has been trying to plan this celebration for about 6 months now.  I think he secretly believes that it has to perfect or else we won’t make it to a second one.  Every week our computer tabs are filled with Google inquiries about perfect anniversary date ideas.  Some of the tabs reference vacation spots and other’s reference romantic gift ideas.  Little does he know, he's unnecessarily going overboard.

As eager as I am to celebrate, I don’t need perfection or anything over the top.  I’d be happy sitting in front of our fake fire place sipping champagne and eating our wedding cake.  Mostly because I want that cake out of the freezer!

ten ideas to celebrate anniversary; anniversary date ideas; simple and romantic ideas for anniversary; first anniversary surprise

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How to celebrate your first anniversary.

1.  Spend the day at a local winery.
Visit a local winery to spend the day with romantic views, deep conversation, and good drinks.  Some wineries have live music.  Some have gorgeous fields of flowers to walk through.  Some even have horses grazing as you sip.  Do your research and pick the one that's best suited for you.  Remember, if going with the flower fields, double check they're in bloom at the time of your visit.

Idea:  Since most wineries allow outside food, gift your sweetheart with this traditional wicker picnic basket that comes with everything you'd need to enjoy an outdoor meal.  Have it packed with cold meats, cheeses, and a baguette to feast on with your wine.  Think of this as an investment and make a winery picnic your annual anniversary tradition!

2.  Reenact your first date.
Try and relive your first date from the clothes you wore to the food you ate.  You may even get those first date jitters or laugh at confessions about the original one.

3.  Enjoy a DIY paint night.
Purchase canvases, acrylic paint, and brushes.  Lay a sheet down to protect the floor and open a bottle of wine.  There are instructional videos on Youtube so forget an expensive class and enjoy the privacy of your home.  As in, no need to worry about PDA.

Idea:  To make this as easy and carefree as possible, try getting a numbered canvas acrylic set like this one.  It's cheaper than the bottle of champagne you'll most likely be sipping on and allows you to dedicate more time to other activities that night.

4.  Take a long walk around a scenic or historic area.
For example, I’ve always wanted to walk across the Brooklyn bridge and then reward myself with a yummy meal on the other side.  With your camera in tow, head out to a place that you've always wanted to explore.  Maybe you'll find your new happy place as a couple or maybe it's a one time adventure to store away in your memory chest.

Idea:  Don't forget to go to SnapFish afterward to print pictures or a canvas of your favorite moment of that day.  Click here to go their deals page for crazy savings.

5.  Indulge in a local chocolate tour.
Pay for a tour guide or create your own itinerary of stops.  Make sure to try a treat at each stop because calories don't count on your anniversary.

Idea:  Let your sweetheart pick all of your desserts that night and vice versa.  You may be pleasantly surprised with their picks.

6.  Go to a local amusement park.
Amusement parks are not only romantic, but lots of fun and make for lots of laughs.  What’s more romantic than cuddling on the Ferris wheel and winning your sweetheart a stuffed bear?  The correct answer is almost nothing.

7.  Relive the moment you got engaged.
If you were me, you'd enjoy a dinner at Little Italy and then a stroll around Central Park.  Take your time to reenact the special day and maybe your partner will let you inside of their head to see the day from their perspective.  For extra fun, maybe you'll run into someone else who remembers that day like a waiter or cab driver!

8.  Recreate your favorite movie scene.
Rent a dance studio for an hour and mouth the words to Lover Boy while pretending to be in Dirty Dancing.  The rest of the time can be spent trying to perfect that impossible lift Baby wanted to nail the entire movie.  Dirty Dancing isn't the movie for you?  Pick one that means something to you both and reenact it the best way you can.  See how long it takes your sweetheart to realize what's going on.

9.  Party like you first met.
Spend the evening going to a bar or club that you used to frequent together.  Don't forget to order your signature drinks and dance until you can’t feel your feet.  End the night with a trip to the local diner for breakfast as the sun comes up and then sleep the next day away.

10.  Pretend you’re on your dream vacation.
Visit a Parisian inspired local garden or art exhibit.  End the evening at a French bistro with a delicious meal.  Visit a museum to see Greek inspired sculptures followed by a dinner at a restaurant serving traditional Greek food.  Find the place you two want to visit together in the future and pretend you're there on your anniversary.

Idea:  Instead of gifting your sweetheart with something superficial, gift her the receipt to a savings accounts or a vacation fund bank like this one.  Put a few dollars in there for now and promise to add it to it until you can afford to go on that dream vacation together.  Hello, most romantic gift EVER.

How would you celebrate?

Friday, July 8, 2016

Life: Friday Rambles

I can't stop laughing...
...and the movie Transylvania II.  Who says it's just for my little mushy?!
Between the spoon eating monster ball soup and the "stop, drop, and roll", I'm DYING of laughter.

I'm sick and tired of hearing about...
...politics!  I mean, I'm all for being in the know, but this is beyond obnoxious already.
Besides, both options suck!  The idea of either of the choices in the big seat has me shaking in my boots!

I'm beyond ecstatic for... best friend and sister who just got ENGAGED to the love of her live!
Here's to a lifetime filled with every ounce of happiness that both of you deserve.  Love you, sis!

I'm waiting on the edge of my seat for...
...word on whether or not I was chosen for a second interview!
All the changes at my job made for a lot of stress, but for a lot of opportunity as well.

I'm a little angry at... hubby for accidentally stabbing my pea plants to death.
The netted walls were to help support the plants, not be stabbed through them!!!

I wish I was a fly on the wall to...
...see my grandmother camping!!  She decided she needed to experience camping at 75.
I love my nanny to death, but she's as OCD as me and she's about to pee on a bush?  Um, yea right!

I was blind sided by...
...the fact that it's JULY already!   I mean, in 3 weeks I'll be married for a YEAR!
Either I'm having a quarter life crisis or I'm just depressed by how quickly time flies.

I'm crying bittersweet tears for... God son and his family who will be relocating to North Carolina for a job opportunity.
For those who know me, this is like loosing a child in my God son and a best friend in my cousin.

What are your Friday ramblings?