Monday, June 13, 2016

List: Ten thoughtful and inexpensive gift ideas for your father.

Father's day has been a complete circus the past few years.  We have so many rocking dads in our family that we feel the need to acknowledge them all!  We usually do breakfast with my father in law, lunch with my dad, and then dessert with my papa.  Luckily my husband is perfectly fine with sharing the day.  He never complains about sharing the spotlight.  This year will be the same circus act that is every year.  We'll spend the day rushing from place to place taking out our favorite fathers.  Except this year I'll be swapping my cute sandals for my best running shoes!

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Ten thoughtful gift ideas for your father.

Surprise dad with a personalized calendar!  You can mark important dates like his anniversary on the calendar so that he doesn't forget anything and you can put a memorable photo appropriate for each corresponding month.  This gift will have a special place on dad's desk and in his heart.
Can be bought here.

Most men strangely think that bats are real cool.  Fun Fact, bats eat over 7,000 mosquitoes a night.  You'll be giving a special man in your life a natural way to exterminate these dangerous and disgusting bugs!
Can be bought here.

One thing the men in our Sicilian and Cuban family share is their love for espresso.  This espresso maker is a traditional stove top.  It makes the best coffee and is something that an older generation would really appreciate.
Can be bought here.

My husband, father, and FIL, enjoying sitting in the yard puffing on a cigar while drinking some scotch.  This humidor is the perfect gift for them and any dad so that it protects their surprisingly expensive cigars in style.
Can be bought here.

The scent is manly and the message written on the bottle is absolutely perfect.  This thoughtful gift for dad says we want you to smell good and not be as stressed.
Can be bought here.

Your father will feel super manly serving his favorite whiskey from this decanter adorned with his family crest.  You'll love it because it's pretty enough to be displayed for all to see if he so chooses.
Can be bought here.

This gift for dad is perfect for the beer lover's man cave, office, or maybe the garage.  Just not the living room..
Can be bought here.

A t-shirt with the name and number of dad's favorite NFL player will be a definite hit.  After spending a fortune on a jersey only to have the player trader the following year, I vowed to never buy an official jersey again.  A t-shirt will now have to suffice.
Can be bought here.

I have some fond memories playing bocce as a child.  This is a great gift for dad as a way to remember times past and to create new ones.
Can be bought here.

Many people don't know this, but pizza made on the grill can be really delicious if done correctly.  Invest in this set for your father and save on delivery for years to come.  Besides, what dad doesn't like to save money?
Can be bought here.

What are you Father's day gift ideas?


  1. Uhh, I need all the bat houses. Ever. Whatever keeps mosquitoes away. Dads are so hard to shop for

  2. looks like a list of presents I'd never want to get LOL :)))

  3. I never thought of grilling pizza. I bet it's delicious. Franklin and Penelope have ordered a gift for Willy Dunne Wooters. They got him a long basket with dividers so he has a place to keep his phone, keys, and glasses when he visits us. Sometimes he can't find one of those items, which leads to a desperate search when we want to go someplace. Franklin and Penelope love their Daddy Wooters.


  4. Keeping crummy bugs away is a good thing, but all the bat poop may not be lol some good picks indeed. Enjoy running to and fro as you go go go.

  5. But what do I get to eat the bats?

  6. ewww....bats....
    Hey, girl...somewhere along in this land of Blog, I got lost from your, I found you again...hope things are good...xoxo

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