Wednesday, June 22, 2016

List: Ten simple signs that you're getting old.

***I'm away for work the next couple of days so I decided to do a fun re-post.  I'll try my best to stop by my favorite sites.  Just in case I get tied up, have a fabulous weekend!"


I know what you are all thinking.
“You are only 27 years old.  How can you call that old?”
Well, let me tell you about my epiphany.

I find the song “Jealous” by Nick Jonas extremely s e x y.
He is also pretty yummy himself…
After admitting this to myself, I felt a little bit like a cougar.
There is something about being attracted to a Jonas Brother that feels very wrong.

ten signs that you're aging, feeling old
Source - For the love of god, he's beautiful.

Other epiphanies that make you feel old.

1.  The songs you listened to as a child are now “oldies”.
Since when have the Spice Girls been classified as an oldie?  Ug!

2.  You can no longer lose 5 pounds in one week.
I know the not eating diet is very unhealthy, but at least it used to work in emergency situations!

3.  You develop a sudden appreciation for real lipstick.
Goodbye clear lip gloss!  I’m not sure when you became tacky, but you did!

4.  You host dinner parties.
...and you actually cooked…and bought a bottle of wine…and put out real dishes…

5.  Brand name china actually impresses  you.
I mean, I love my Dooney & Burke bag, but is that tea cup Royal Albert?

6.  You actually care about politics a little bit.
Who do I need to vote for to make the taxes coming out of my pay check to decrease?

7.  You have a favorite brand of everything.
Dove sensitive skin bar soap and Clinique foundation make for a zit free Jax!

8.  …and you get really pissed when they discontinue or change your favorite product.
Why did Neutrogena add sunscreen to my favorite facial moisturizer?  Ug!

9.  You are suddenly really aware of your breath.
I’ll save the Cheetos for when I’m walking distance from mouthwash.

10.  Being tired now always wins.
One more episode of Prison Break?  Um, no, unless you want to be real cranky tomorrow.

What made you realize that you’re getting old?


  1. haha tired sure does win out. Enjoy those oldies as you are away for your work foray.

  2. Do not blame yourself for being attracted to Nick Jonas. He like disappeared for a minute and then came back like a Greek God. I think we were all a little taken aback, lol. An dyes, the songs being 'oldies' is SO TRUE.

  3. Nick really is outrageously hot... indeed

  4. when the styles during your college days come back into style again
    when your hair starts turning gray
    when you look in the mirror and can see your mother.


  5. The spice girls certainly haven't been big in a long time

  6. I used to lose ten pounds in a week if I was super busy. Now I gain ten pounds in a minute. I'm 57. I think all the Jonases are pretty damn cute.


  7. I don't find young men attractive anymore. I don't know what happened! But I'll see someone as "sexy" and realize he's, like, 50!!! Young men just look like someone's kid to me. That's all I see! I mean, I can acknowledge they're attractive, but it's in the same way I see a woman as beautiful--not in an "I'm attracted to this person" way...more like admiring a beautiful painting.

  8. Wait until being tired becomes a way of life. Yeah, you'll get there. ;)

  9. I you feel like a cougar, I don't know what I should think of myself :D But um.... why is he holding his sausage? Could it be he's afraid it might get stolen?

    Five pounds in one week... I don't remember ever having been able to pull that one off.

  10. That seems crazy to me that the Spice Girls are considered oldies. YIKES! I just turned 40, so I suppose I'm over the hill. I have lots of grey, and I refuse to dye my hair.


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