Wednesday, June 15, 2016

List: Ten pieces of advice from my grandmother to remember for life.

That good looking couple also happens to be two of my favorite people, my grandparents.  Nanny and Papa are the essence of stability that keeps our family together and our lives in order.  Their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren owe them everything.

That being said, today is my nanny's 75th birthday.
I'd like to wish my grandmother many more years filled with health, happiness, and love.
Happy birthday, Nanny!

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In honor of nanny's milestone birthday, I'd like to prove that I have been listening all of these years.  Here is a list of my grandmother's greatest advice.  As in, I'm about to expose my family's secrets!

grandma's advice for happiness; grandma's advice for a good life

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Ten valuable pieces of advice for life.

1.  If you ever feel like you need to hide something from me, then don't do it.

I can tell my nanny anything, so chances are if I need to hide something, this would be true.  She may have been referring to a love love toy part I threw, but the words couldn't be truer.  When in a bind, ask yourself "Can I tell my grandmother about this?".  If the answer is no, then back away.

2.  A man that knows how to work with his hands will never starve.
When people were hard on me for marrying "below my status", my grandmother was the one supporter.  It's crazy to me how brutal people can be when it comes to income and status.  A blue collar worker is not a bad thing.  You'll always be taken care of.  Then, of course, there's this thing called love..

3.  Don't be afraid of the dead.  Only fear the living.
Growing up I was consumed by a fear of ghosts.  My grandmother would always tell me that you never have to fear the dead.  It's the people that are alive that you should be afraid of.  It couldn't be more true.

4.  Don't ever lay in a bed without checking the sheets.
I'm not sure what she's looking for, but I've witnessed her find bugs and even sometimes crumbs.  My papa endearingly calls her Inspector Clueso, but he knows that he always got clean sheets!

5.  Don't fight with a man.  Use those mistakes to persuade him in the future.
Obviously she means this to avoid a fight over those relatively insignificant things.  Lord knows she'd fight if necessary.  It's funny though that papa don't make many mistakes.

6.  Don't fear the truth.  Whatever it is, you can deal with it.
Every time I have a hypochondriac meltdown she responds to my "what if"s with this nugget.  I find myself saying these words to myself often.  We can't change what happens, but we can react.

7.  Never allow yourself to be addicted to anything.
My grandmother despises anything that can control your life, including any type of addiction.  She even frowns upon a caffeine headache.  The only one who can and should control your life is yourself.

8.  Don't allow something minor to ruin something great.
She'll always revert back to her wedding when the florist brought the wrong flowers.  Her uncle told her, "If this is the worst thing that happens today, you're one lucky lady!".  This piece of advice survived decades.  Now I find myself saying it to my own children.

9.  You have your entire life to do anything.  Do what's important to you now.
Surprisingly, she always tells me this when I stress over my degree.  Maybe she feels that at this point that I don't need it.  I have a career, a family, and a good life.  It's not worth it to stress over a degree that will do nothing for you other then leave you in debt.

10.  When your sauce is watery, turn up the heat.
This is true figuratively and literally.  I mean, who likes a watery sauce?

What piece of advice do you repeat?


  1. Happy birthday to Nanny!
    All my grandparents are dead, but I've never been close to them.

  2. Happy Birthday to your wise, wonderful Nanny.

  3. Hope she has a great 75th birthday. Wise words indeed, you'd think she's break you have your hypochondriac-ness by now lol

  4. Happy birthday to your nanny

  5. Happy birthday Nanny! And the last one, so true!

  6. Happy Birthday, Nanny! (That's what we called my grandma too) She has lots of great pearls of wisdoms to share. Keep 'em coming, Nanny!

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